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Save money by comparing energy prices

Business energy prices are always going up, yet nearly 50% of all companies accept their supplier’s renewal contract prices and allow themselves to roll over into the new contract instead of getting an energy comparison.

While this seems like an obvious decision, what the supplier’s don’t tell you is they expect you to be apathetic, so the prices they initially offer you are far above the market average, sometimes by up to 40%.

We’ve put an infographic together with all the facts and figures to prove to you how easy an energy comparison is with Love Energy Savings, and why you’re doing your business a disservice by accepting your supplier’s renewal prices.

Scroll down or click on the image above and have a look.

When talking to new customers, there was a resounding reason why had always simply accepted their supplier’s renewal electricity prices:

“The amount of effort I’d have to put in far outweighs the benefit to my business”

If you’re going to try and source cheaper prices yourself, this is definitely the case for most small to medium sized businesses in the UK. Ringing round 5 or 6 suppliers to get an energy comparison and then having to deal with them all calling you back and calculating your savings is just totally unfeasible considering most people’s existing workload.

An Online Energy Comparison

We can save you all that hassle, because you can compare energy prices online. Many other sites promise you an online energy comparison and take your details, but actually just give you a message along the lines of ‘one of our agents will call you shortly’.

At Love Energy Savings we don’t deceive you, we tell you exactly how much you stand to save right there and then on our website. No nonsense, just the figures, so you can make an informed decision that will really save you money.

Alternatively, one phone call to us will eliminate all the stress of saving money. We find prices there and then on the phone and we can finish the whole process in 10 minutes, so you can sit back and relax.

Call Or Click To Book

Love Energy Savings does the work for you. From providing impartial advice, finding the cheapest prices, making sure your contract goes live, and reminding you before your next contract runs out, we cover all the bases.

All you have to do is grab an energy bill and compare online or give us a call - it’s as simple as that!

business energy comparison infographic