Will Ovo’s Community Energy Initiative Start a Local Power Revolution?

Yesterday’s announcement regarding Ovo Energy Supplier's local power challenge has raised the issue of locally produced energy here at Love Energy Savings, so we thought fit to let you know exactly how it works and the methods by which Ovo are looking to really make Community Energy work as an alternative.

What Is Community Energy?

Community Energy is basically a self-supply of locally produced energy. Germany and Denmark have already implemented such schemes with good levels of success, which is why Ovo have launched the scheme here in the UK. With customer dissatisfaction with energy companies (particularly the Big Six) being far from a secret in this country, this initiative seems to be a gilt edged chance for consumers to take some much sought after control. If Community Energy proves to be a success, it could allow energy customers to tackle things such as confusing tariffs, bad customer service and even spiralling gas and electricity prices.

How Will it Be Implemented?

Community Energy from Ovo will look to give more people direct control over how and where their energy is sourced thus giving communities a great opportunity to bring people together for their mutual benefit. It is also hoped that in the process, attitudes will be changed surrounding an industry that has long been about the individual, rather than the collective. It is obviously a very unique angle and whether other domestic and business energy suppliers follow suit, time will only tell but Ovo Energy should be applauded for having the vision and bravery to try and implement such a scheme.

Energy companies would work with local authorities, housing associations, community benefit societies and other organisations with a similar ethos to develop a community-specific tariff. As you can see, this ties in brilliantly with the supplier’s recent challenge to the Big Six energy suppliers. Indeed, a well-designed and implemented community energy scheme could well help energy customers to achieve the holy trinity of lower prices, lower emissions and better service and ultimately avoid all of the pitfalls involved with the larger energy companies, as they continue to suffer the wrath of Ofgem and the CMA.

Power Back To The Consumer...

In addition to this, schemes such as Community Energy mean that energy consumers can finally feel comfortable knowing exactly where their energy is coming from and also take pride knowing that everything possible is being done for their environment.

Ovo Community Energy

As with any important business or domestic energy issue, Love Energy Savings will be keeping a close eye Community Energy and how it develops. In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on our energy news centre for all of your updates.

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