Windfarm Project to Create Up to 900 Green Jobs in Yorkshire & Humberside

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has announced that up to 900 green jobs will be created through the construction of a brand new wind farm in Yorkshire and Humberside. The facility will be offshore and will also result in a multi-million pound boost for the area’s economy.

The project, named Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A and B, will involve 400 wind turbines which will be erected approximately 130km off the coast of East Riding, Yorkshire. The maximum capacity of the facility will be 24000MW, which is enough energy to power around 2 million UK households.

World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Project

Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Davey, was unsurprisingly buoyed by the news and had the following to say of the venture;

“This is another great boost for Yorkshire and Humberside. This development has the potential to support hundreds of green jobs and power up to 2 million homes.

“Making the most of Britain’s home grown energy is creating jobs and businesses in the UK, getting the best deal for consumers and reducing our reliance on foreign imports. Wind power is vital to this plan, with £14.5 billion invested since 2010 into an industry which supports 35,400 jobs.”

Boost for UK Businesses

As a specialist business energy service, Love Energy Savings is not only delighted at the boost this will give the renewable energy sector, but also local enterprise. Nearly half of the costs involved with wind farms are associated with acquiring services from UK businesses. Therefore, a great deal of jobs will be created and cash injected into businesses; particularly in the Yorkshire area.

Companies of the ilk of Siemens and ABP have already confirmed that they will be investing more than £310 million into turbine production and installation in Hull, making Yorkshire somewhat of a growing energy hub at present.

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