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Love Energy Savings is a business on a mission to help other businesses. As such, we often have a lot to shout about, be it milestones that we’re hitting, exciting new hires, or the recognition we’ve received for our multi-award-winning customer service.

Love Energy Savings Talk gives you VIP access to all the latest happenings at one of the UK’s most celebrated companies. You’ll learn about the latest projects we’ve been working on to save you even more money when you switch your energy tariff or provider. We’ll discuss our industry-leading comparison engine, the new suppliers we’re welcoming aboard, and the businesses we’ve helped along the way.

You’ll also hear from long-standing team members, newcomers and staff from the most senior level, including our CEO Phil Foster. We’ll cover big company developments and major investments from third parties who want to join Love Energy Savings on our exciting journey. Get the latest company news here.

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