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How have you been spending International Happiness Day 2014? We have been doing quite a bit here at Love Energy Savings HQ, with fantastic home and business energy quotes being the order of the day. In addition to this and in the real spirit of the day, we are delighted to announce that we will be donating £10 from every single home energy switch to Bolton Lads & Girls Club!

Support for BLGC...

That’s right, a cool tenner will be passed to one of our favourite local organisations every time someone saves a fortune on their household bills following an enquiry with Love Energy Savings. Bolton Lads & Girls Club is the biggest youth centre in the whole of the UK and was founded over 120 years ago by local Bolton businessmen, as a place for young mill workers to get together.

It is still going strong today and allows youngsters to get up to all sorts, such as football and rowing. We are very happy to be associated with one of Bolton’s brightest initiatives and lend financial support every time a home energy customer switches with us.

So, aside from working with the community and reducing home and business utility bills, what else have we been doing to celebrate International Happiness Day here at Love Energy Savings? All sorts, but take a look below at our top ten tips for making the most of the happiest day of the year.

Be Curious – This is said to be the antidote to judging ourselves and others and opens us up to everyday sources of happiness.

Be Kind to Yourself – As the great Dalai Lama once said; "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

Be Grateful – Research has shown that being grateful can result in lasting positive effects one one’s life

Take In The Good – Take some time to appreciate something really positive, at least a minute or so

Sleep – Once you have taken in all your happiness today,  hit the hay. A good sleep can be the key to ensuring tomorrow is even better than today

Read – Reading is the best way to digest some information, so read one of your favourite poems or jokes and get smiling

Do One Thing at a Time – Multitasking can dilute everything you are doing. Just focus on one thing and make sure you enjoy it as much as possible

Laugh – Its an obvious one but laughing releases endorphins which maintain our happiness, so be sure to have a good giggle this International Happiness Day

Breathe – Reduce stress levels by practising some slow breathing, just doing this for a minute or so can calm you down and help  you to appreciate the good things

Connect With Someone – Take some time out to listen to a friend or help someone out. Goodwill can be the key to your happiness and other peoples

Follow these steps and you could well have an International Happiness Day to remember. If you are looking for an extra way to put a smile on your face, why not save your household or business some serious money by taking advantage of our free comparison service? If you want to talk to anyone regarding how much you are paying for your domestic or business energy, just give Love Energy Savings a call on 0800 9888 375 for some free, impartial guidance.

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