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New Patrons Of Bolton Lads And Girls ClubManaging Director of Love Energy Savings, Phil Foster has become a new patron of Bolton Lads and Girls Club.

The business gas and electricity utility brokerage is passionate about job creation and opportunity.

Bolton Lads and Girls Club is one of the oldest registered youth charities in the UK that works with and for children. It is also the largest youth centre charity of its kind.

Along with other local prominent business and public leaders Phil welcomed the change - "I believe in the power of the community and this is where we focus on our youth; yes unemployment and lack of opportunity right now is endemic across the UK but we must look to empowering those closest to our reach". Jon Lomas, a business enterprise manager from the local college also became patron.

The Mayor of Bolton Cllr Colin Shaw attended a sponsored local event, urging other local businesses to get involved with the club’s wide range of activities acknowledging that the club's financial contributions remain crucial.

Mr Shaw asked managers who are already active, to encourage their staff to get involved for the benefit of individual employees, businesses and young people.

He said: “Be creative about your patronage. You can develop business leaders of tomorrow by helping the citizens of tomorrow. It’s a win-win-win situation for your firm, staff and Bolton’s young people. “

This is what drives Phil Foster in supporting the young populace of Bolton because he sees a future that will be prosperous if everyone chips in, works hard, and contributes for the common good.

*Source: theboltonnews.co.uk

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