Meet the winners! Élan Hair Design is awarded SME Saver at the 2016 Love Energy Savings Awards

The winners of the 2016 Love Energy Savings Awards have been announced. Now in their second year, the Awards have really grown in stature - earning recognition from a host of leading business energy suppliers.

One of this year’s winners was Élan Hair Design, who earned the title of SME Saver, living up to their reputation for being the most eco-friendly hair salon in the UK.

Élan Hair Design made headlines a few years back when they reported a 14% boost to their turnover following a huge refurbishment of their premises, all undertaken with the aim of becoming more energy efficient.

Thanks to this work, coupled with their ongoing efforts to improve, Élan Hair Design have earned recognition by winning the SME Saver prize in the 2016 Love Energy Savings Awards.

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Lorna Milton, a director at the Inverurie-based hair salon, commented on the business’ recent achievement:

“We’re delighted to have won the SME Saver honour at the Love Energy Savings Awards. To be recognised for our commitment to the environment is something that we are immensely proud of.

“We set out on our green journey back in 2012 by renovating our salon premises with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and improving the commercial performance of our business through savings in heat, water and power.

“The results to date have been astounding as we have cut our carbon emissions by 95% and made huge cost savings which have boosted our business financially.”

So what did they do?

Their journey towards becoming arguably the most eco-friendly salon in the UK started way back in 2012, when the owners invested £250,000 into a complete refurbishment of the premises. 


The project transformed the business, giving it a complete green makeover, which included:

- Replacing the company car with a plug-in vehicle, which is believed to have cut emissions by 3.14 tonnes

- Switching energy suppliers so that the salon is provided with 100% renewable electricity

- Installing an air-source heat pump and radiators to provide heating, thought to make an annual saving of 7,000 kWh

- Installing a solar PV array onto the salon's roof, which generates 2,556 kWh of electricity

- Adding LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption by 80%

- Fitting carbon-neutral floor tiles and furniture made from 40% reconstituted materials

What did they achieve?

Over the past four years, Élan Hair Design have experienced a consistent reduction in their carbon emissions. In 2013 they saw a 52% reduction; in 2014 that number shot up to 90%; and in 2015 it increased further still to 94%.

And that’s not all. They also managed to reduce their electricity expenditure from £6,100 to £625 per year just by switching to more energy-efficient technologies. Their water consumption has also decreased by 82%, which has saved them £1,168 each year.

The salon has been able to divert 95% of its waste away from landfill by implementing a number of innovative green processes, which included:

- Separating clean recycling materials from general waste

- Composting clients' hair clippings, and other organic waste, on local farmers' fields

- Responsibly disposing of paper, plastic, glass, aluminium, cardboard, batteries and WEEE products

- Weighing the salon's monthly waste, recording how much in each category has been produced, and using the results to identify new areas of waste minimisation

Back to basics for the future

Every organisation that has won a 2016 Love Energy Savings Award will be going on to bigger and better things. But Élan Hair Design actually have their sights set on smaller and better things. For the year ahead the team at Élan are going back to basics and focusing on the little things that they can do to become even more energy-efficient.


Lorna Milton added:

“Looking forward to 2017, we will continue working hard to make efficiency savings. Simple processes such as turning off the taps in between shampoos, switching off lights and taking weekly meter readings allows the business to continue minimising our output. 

“Our team works tremendously hard, and we will always be looking at new ways to maximise our efficiency savings, strengthening our claim to being the UK’s most eco-friendly hair salon.” 

Here at Love Energy Savings it is not just our goal to help you find the best business energy prices available. Through the annual Love Energy Savings Awards, we want to help companies large and small across the UK use their energy more sensibly, helping to save them money and do their bit for the environment.

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