Meet the winners! The University of Reading named as ‘Star of the Future’ in the 2016 Love Energy Savings Awards

After much deliberation and some hard decisions on the part of the judges, the winners of the 2016 Love Energy Savings Awards have been revealed.

The Stars of the Future category was established to celebrate the efforts of public and private sector organisations across the country who have demonstrated their passion and commitment to saving energy. And the University of Reading certainly fit that description, receiving the award in recognition of their efforts to significantly reduce energy consumption on campus.

Dan Fernbank, Energy and Sustainability Manager at the University, commented on their achievement:

“The University is delighted to be presented with a Love Energy Savings Award, recognising the hard work [that has been done] to improve the efficiency of our fume cupboards. The project, which has been undertaken over the last two years, has delivered significant carbon savings as well as a safer, more comfortable working environment for University students and researchers.”

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What did they do?

In 2014, the University announced that they had completed their largest efficiency project ever: a complete redesign of the ventilation systems in the teaching laboratories of the chemistry department, along with 44 fume cupboard controls. They achieved this through a number of measures, including…

- Installing new high-efficiency ventilation extractor fans in the fume cupboard, which are thought to be 32% more efficient than their predecessors

- Adding 'intelligent' VAV (variable air volume) controls which adjusts the input and extraction rates of the ventilation system based on demand

- Re-designing the ventilatioin in the chemistry storage cupboards, allowing them to be switched off when not in use

- Less hot air being extracted from the laboratories, resulting in large heat savings

Through the project, the University is expected to save as much as £88,000 each year, and reduce their annual carbon footprint by 343 tonnes of carbon dioxide. 

What does the future hold?

The University aren’t stopping there. In fact they are dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint across six different areas: energy-efficient lighting; heating, cooling and insulation; building management; energy-efficiency equipment; behaviour and awareness and efficient building design. 

Dan Fernbank hinted at the University’s ideas for future development:

“There are ambitious plans in place to ensure the University further reduces its impact on the environment. These include expanding our district heating network, improving our heating and ventilation systems and working across the University community to enable students and staff to make a difference now and in the future.”

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While this year’s Awards have celebrated the achievements of four extraordinary organisations, here at Love Energy Savings we always want to focus on helping businesses of all shapes and sizes cut their carbon footprint. Whether that’s through helping entrepreneurs find the best business energy deal possible or advising them to change the little things, we can help you save money and go greener.

Check out some of our energy guides for more information on how you can transform your workplace and become more efficient. 

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