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The winners at this year's Love Energy Savings' round table event

In 2014 Love Energy Savings ran the first Best of Britain Awards and following on from its success it’s become an annual recurrence. The awards have grown in awareness year on year, 2018 being the most entries they’ve ever had. These awards are very important in the Love Energy calendar, they get to celebrate businesses up and down the country for their achievements. This year’s winners were:

- Scotland: SESH Hairdressing
- North of England: Fleetwood Market
- Midlands: Larkfleet Homes
- South of England:  Harley Therapy Platform ltd
- Wales:  The Penllergare Trust

However, this year was a first for Love energy Savings, as they hosted a roundtable event to not only celebrating the 2018 winners but to discuss with them and other industry professionals’ hot topics in their respective industries.

The above companies, all from different industry sectors, stood out in their regions. Both Harley Street Therapy and Fleetwood market were present at the roundtable representing the 2018 winners, other attendees included attendees from: Bring Digital, Marco Richards, EDF, Opus, British Gas and Love Energy Savings themselves.


The Harley Therapy Group winning Love Energy Savings' 'Best of Britain; award

Through the duration of the day many topics around business and energy were discussed between the group led by Johnny Greane from Marco Richards, the whole group found the session educational both for the suppliers present and the winners, both sides had the opportunity to hear about the problems when it comes to energy and businesses in general, from the consumer and the suppliers point of view.

Sam Lawrie from British Gas comments on the problems she faces day to day,

“Energy needs to start being perceived as shopping for car insurance. It really is no different in our minds. If the consumer is happy to shop around for car insurance quotes, surely they should shop around for the best energy. I do think there’s still needs to be an education process around what is actually in a gas or electric bill; when they come through the door, they can be so long with so many pages.“

Other topics discussed were importance of saving money on energy from a consumer point of view, Julia Robinson of Fleetwood Market spoke about the changes she’s made when it comes to energy and the effects.

 “What we have done ourselves is replace the old fashion lights with LED lights and it made massive savings, which we do then pass on to the traders. Even for the first time last year, we put Christmas lights up but made sure they were LED and low energy. We’re very transparent with the traders about costs of bills so they can see why they’re getting charged what they are, as trust is very important to us. “

The roundtable did not solely cover energy however, with Phil Bridges the Harley Therapy Group representative discussed the goals of the businesses in the next 5 years:

“I do see us being able to popularise therapy, normalising the culture more around therapy as a preventative measure. We’re also looking to break into corporate more,  trying to get businesses to sign up so the staff have access to the therapists who are on hand. It would almost be a scenario where staff would opt out rather than opt in. To sum up, I’d hope we’re not too far away from breaking into businesses and helping people in a professional environment, which so many companies currently lack.”

Mike Edwards Head of People at Love Energy Savings saw the roundtable as a real success:

“We do the Best of Britain Awards because we get it. We recognise the hard work, dedication and commitment that goes into a business creating a brand and we really want to reward that! I really enjoyed the day, its great for us at Love Energy to hear first hand from our winners the great work they do.”

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