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As previously reported, Extra Energy has ceased trading and Ofgem has appointed ScottishPower to take over control of their contracts.

To help make this transition process as painless as possible, ScottishPower will be working together with Love Energy Savings to make sure Extra Energy customers never pay over the odds for their energy.

Here are some key details you should know about the change.

1. Love Energy Savings will contact Extra Energy customers

On behalf of ScottishPower, we’ll be contacting our current Extra Energy customers to take meter readings, offer advice and compare the business energy market.

We’ll put your business front and centre during the entire process to ensure you get the very best deal.

2. Business customers’ outstanding debt will be honoured by ScottishPower

Not only is ScottishPower offering Extra Energy’s customers a competitive new tariff but they’ll also honour all outstanding credit balances, and that’s for both business and domestic customers.

Any money owed can be used to offset against future bills.

3. Extra Energy customers will be moved to a variable tariff

Following Extra Energy’s cessation of trading, any contracts with Extra Energy are now defunct. Instead, customers with Extra Energy contracts will be moved to a ScottishPower variable tariff for the interim.

Thankfully, your supply will not be affected so there will be no disruption to your business.

4. ScottishPower will back-date prices for new sign-ups

The good news? ScottishPower will back-date any prices paid if you sign up for a new contract with them. That way you can guarantee you don’t pay over the odds.

Next steps

Don’t worry about anything. The switch will happen automatically and either ourselves or ScottishPower will be in contact to discuss your new contract. All we would ask is that you don’t try and switch energy providers, at least during this handover period, as this could protract the process.

An extra safety measure would be to take an up to date metre reading, to ensure you aren’t charged twice for the same usage.

Apart from that its business as usual.