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With the uncertainty that surrounds the energy sector most of the time, especially regarding prices, the vast majority of Love Energy Savings customers opt for fixed rate business electricity contracts. As such, we have created the following section of our website for SME’s wanting to learn more about commercial electricity and how they can make the biggest savings in the shortest amount of time.

Fixed Price Electricity Contracts for Your SME

As well as being renowned energy experts, we also understand what it takes to run a successful SME. This is why we always recommend that business electricity customers opt for fixed rate contract; not only does this lock your price in and protect your business from any surge in electricity prices but this can help you to budget better for the future. Indeed, if you know exactly how much your SME will need for its commercial electricity for the foreseeable future, you can plan and if you decide to pay by direct debit then your company can save even more cash.

How Do I Find The Best Electricity Prices for My Business?

We will cut the spiel and keep it simple. You really have two choices when it comes to finding the very best electricity rates for your business. These are:

  1. You can spend hours of time and resource finding out which energy suppliers in the UK specialise in commercial electricity. Once you have done this, you will then need to call every single one of these and find out what their prices are given your locale, current supplier and usage. Then comes the negotiation stage, which can take some time and skill depending on how flexible the supplier in question is being. Once you have agreed your electricity tariff with your new supplier, or perhaps you have stayed with your incumbent provider, then you can set about finalising all the paperwork and you should get switched over in a few weeks. As you will see from our ever-growing energy suppliers’ hub, there are new electricity companies popping up all the time, making this option even more of a minefield than ever.

  2. The other option and surely the most prudent one, is to make use of the Love Energy Savings’ business electricity comparison engine. This takes a matter of minutes and once you have found your tariff and supplier of choice, we will take care of all of the aforementioned negotiations and paperwork for you – leaving you to carry on with the more important things to you and your company. All you need to do is put your business postcode into the box above and our state of the art technology will scour every supplier in the UK and bring back your cheapest options. How much do we charge you for this? Nothing, it’s really that simple. Business is all about taking advantage of the no-brainers and getting your SME onto a cheaper electricity deal is surely one of the most resounding ones you will find.

What Are The Other Advantages of Comparing Commercial Electricity Prices?

Although the name of the game for your company is ensuring you’re on the right electricity tariff and ultimately saving money; what are the other benefits of becoming and Love Energy Savings customer and opting for a fixed rate commercial energy deal? These are;

  • Electricity prices are usually cheaper than variable energy deals
  • Your new supplier may be able to offer you a renewable energy option
  • Protection from any wholesale electricity price increases
  • You can make the same savings on your commercial gas bills
  • A dedicated Love Energy Savings account manager will be back in touch at the end of your deal to find you the best deal once again
  • Energy prices are fixed at varying lengths to suit the needs of your SME, this is all clearly shown via your electricity comparison results. To perform a comparison right now, click here.

Can I Compare Variable Electricity Deals with Love Energy Savings?

Absolutely. We compare all the tariffs from every single supplier in the United Kingdom, it is simply our advice to lock yourself into the current energy rates to safeguard your business from future spikes. Of course, there is always that chance that energy prices will plummet, but to be honest that is hardly likely. If you want to see variable rate electricity options then just follow the usual comparison process and the various deals will become visible for you to take a look at.

What Makes Love Energy Savings the Best Choice for My SME’s Electricity?

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You will have no doubt seen many price comparison sites getting some rather bad press over the years but we pride ourselves on being different. At the heart of our ethos is transparency and impartiality, as we know only too well that the energy sector has lost a lot of trust from both domestic and business customers.

Our customer service is second to none, as you can see from our TrustPilot reviews and we will only ever recommend an electricity tariff or supplier to you if it represents the cheapest and most viable option. As you will have seen from Ofgem’s “Be An Energy Shopper” campaign, the government is very keen for everyone to save money via their energy contract and this is just as much the case for commercial customers as it is domestic ones.

Commercial Electricity Comparison You Can Trust

We have created a service you can absolutely trust for your electricity needs here at Love Energy Savings and can’t wait for your organisation to start reaping the benefits. Perform a free electricity comparison today and you could be saving money in next to no time.

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