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The Unique thing about Love Energy Savings is that we do complete gas and electricity comparison for SME's. Unfortunately, business energy is an industry widely misunderstood. Why?

We want to bring some openess and regulation to the business industry, and we can do it with the UK's SME's. There are a number of reasons why the business energy market is different to the consumer market - business tariffs are more expensive, contracts are longer term, and there are energy contracts in which you can be 'locked-in' for substantial periods. If you are a new business owner, or entrepreneur, or you've been in a business for a long time - we can help you all. love energy savings tick How can we help you? QUICKLY. CONCISELY. CONVENIENTLY.

After all, we have access to the whole UK energy market. All you need do is visit our comparison engine, leave a few details and you'll see a complete list of energy suppliers - The Big Six and other providers offering different products and tariffs.

What do we do?

We provide you with a business energy quote for gas, electricity or for your dual energy. LES helps business make the right choice for the next energy supplier based on price and service.
Understanding the Business Electricity market is not easy. You will read about industry changes almost everyday.

However, it is not convenient for most SME's to keep abreast of legal changes and developments to supplier markets - in fact many small business do not have the resource nor will understand these industry energy changes.

Sometimes these changes are positive, other times they may not be - but the point is, the market is volatile and misunderstood.

This is why our dedicated account managers keep you informed if you switch business gas with us - we're always at hand, email, phone, online, letter.

How do we do it?

We compare all UK suppliers using unique comparison technology.

We handle the entire switch from end to end. We continually review future tariffs through our customer engagement strategy.

We don't charge you fees.

Why do we do it?

We want to give UK SME's opportunity to save money, because the business gas market is as transparent aslike the consumer one. At the end of the day, a healthy UK economy is driven by the SME market; exactly what we are trying to do, support a healthy economy.

We have spent several years building up our systems and technology, so that now we have an optmised online business energy comparison tool, we are confident in our service to deliver. Our comparison engine will present to you the best prices suited to your individual business needs.

It is your business that is important to us - every UK SME trading across the country: Shop, Office, Warehouse, Factory, Hotel, B&B, Pub, Bar, Restaurant, Workshop requires a means to identify opportunities for saving money. We can provide that means, because our market research, knowledge, and experience have been built up especially with UK SMEs in mind.

LES is one of the most trusted and respected business energy specialists in the UK, today rated both by its customers, suppliers and partners.

We are committed to our online presence so you, the customer are able to obtain the value you came here looking for.
You can trust us to deliver you the best business energy prices for gas and electricity.

How is that possible? We offer independent advice, and we are not affiliated to any one company. You will often find many business energy brokers being subsidiaries of other energy companies or having board level connections to energy suppliers. We have none.

We’re not linked to any business supplier nor provider - we work independently with electricity and gas companies from across the UK market.

We have been building strong business relationships with gas and electricity suppliers for several years and have always retained our independence. We have been able to remain impartial because our comparison engine is unique and our data is unique - we need not rely on the 'Big Six' energy companies to deliver you the best gas prices or duel fuel prices.

What we do, we do with confidence.