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If you are looking for commercial gas prices from a comparison site you can trust, then you have most certainly come to the right place in Love Energy Savings. Our no-fuss, transparent and jargon-free approach to business gas means that you can save serious time and money almost instantly, leaving you to carry on with the tasks that are more important to your company.

Although they are harder to predict than business electricity prices, the team here at Love Energy Savings are absolute authorities in their field and both through their expertise and our cutting edge comparison engine, we can find you the cheapest gas prices in a matter of minutes.

Why Are Gas Prices More Volatile Than Electricity Prices?

Although both fuels are subject to change at any time, electricity prices are a lot easier to predict due to the nature of the wholesale market. For instance, the crisis in Ukraine back in 2014 meant that it was a lot harder for many gas suppliers to get their fuels where they were required. This led to an increase in wholesale gas and may well have adversely affected how much you were paying for your gas. This sort of occurrence is almost impossible to predict and very rarely happens in the electricity sector, this is why gas prices can be a lot more turbulent. However, with Love Energy Savings, you are able to find the lowest gas prices for your SME today and you can lock these prices in by opting for a fixed rate gas contract.

Why Should I Compare Commercial Gas Prices with Love Energy Savings?

Without wanting to give you the hard sell, there are two ways you can guarantee the best gas rates for your SME. One of them is far more prudent and we have outlines them for you just below. They are:

  1. Although it is far from ideal, one business energy solution would be for someone from your SME to research every single commercial gas provider in the UK. The number of smaller, independent business energy suppliers in this country is growing all the time and this would be a pretty arduous task – but tonnes of time and resource would get you there. Then, the next stage would be for your business to contact every single one of these suppliers and find the best gas prices given your locale, usage and current contract; you could then be able to negotiate prices if you have been offered cheaper rates elsewhere. Finally, once you have the gas prices you want, comes the paperwork and you should then see your new deal come into effect within six weeks.

  2. The second option and the one that more and more businesses across the UK are seeing as the more cost-effective one; is to use the free gas comparison tools we have available here at Love Energy Savings. The whole process takes a matter of minutes and our team of highly trained energy specialists will take care of all of the above for you. Our gas comparison engine, scours the whole market and brings you back a number of choices for your needs and we will always give you the very cheapest rates possible. All of this is part of our no-obligation, impartial and fair service, we will even look after your renewals once your new, cheaper contract comes to an end.

Why Use Love Energy Savings Over Other Energy Comparison Sites?

As you will no doubt be aware, energy price comparison sites have come under a lot of fire of late for doing naughty things such as hiding the best prices. We have always been a company which prides itself on having trustworthiness, impartiality and transparency at the heart of our ethos so you can rest assured that when switching your gas supplier with us, you will get the very best deal possible.

Not only do we keep a close eye on bodies such as Ofgem, The Carbon Trust and the CMA but we also keep our customers abreast of the latest goings on from the energy industry via our blog and energy guides section. These can be a great way for SME’s to ensure they are making an informed decision regarding their business gas needs.

If you want to see some fantastic reviews from hundreds of happy Love Energy Savings customers then you can visit our TrustPilot page. Alternatively, you can take the first steps to cheaper gas for your business immediately by putting your business postcode into the box at the top of the page or by clicking here.

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