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British Gas Home Tariffs & Price Updates

British Gas is the oldest and largest energy supplier in the UK. British Gas offers home and business energy with a wide range of tariffs from fixed/ variable to on and offline at varied lengths of times so they aren’t short on variety to choose from. British gas operates under the title Scottish Gas in Scotland which shows an appreciation for diversity.

At Love Energy Savings we LOVE diversity and believe that is one of the things that make us special as we use our buyer power to get SME’s the best rates and lots of different suppliers to give you the best and most informed choice in the market. Enter your post code in the comparison box and we will see how much we can save you (even if you want to stay with the same supplier). Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Our average online comparison takes only 1 ½ minutes! 

Please find all British Gas domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 06/07/2018

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff LaunchTemporary Aug 201906/07/201801/08/2018
Tariff LaunchEverything Online Green Aug 201906/07/201806/07/2018
Tariff LaunchEverything Online Aug 201906/07/201806/07/2018
Price AmendmentHomeEnergy Tracker Sep 201915/06/201815/06/2018
Tariff RemovalEverything Online Jun 201913/06/201813/06/2018
Tariff RemovalEverything Online Green Jun 201913/06/201813/06/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Secure Jun 202007/06/201807/06/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary July 2019 - for comparison only31/05/201801/07/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix July 201931/05/201831/05/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fix Jun 201931/05/201831/05/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Secure Apr 202031/05/201831/05/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix Jun 201916/05/201816/05/2018
Tariff LaunchEverything Online Green Jun 201916/05/201816/05/2018
Tariff LaunchEverything Online Jun 201916/05/201816/05/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Tracker Sep 201916/05/201816/05/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Plus Cover May 201916/05/201816/05/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Warm and Cosy Jul 2019 - exclusive tariff for comparison purposes only15/05/201816/05/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary June 2019 - for comparison only. new default tariff for customers coming off a fixed term tariff.04/05/201801/06/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary May 2019 - for comparison only, replaces Standard Tariff as the default roll-over tariff at the end of a fixed term contract29/04/201801/05/2018
Price AmendmentStandard - for comparison10/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Secure Apr 202010/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Plus Cover May 201910/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fix Apr 201910/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff RemovalAll Online Apr 201910/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix Apr 201903/04/201803/04/2018
Tariff LaunchAll Online Apr 201903/04/201803/04/2018
Tariff RemovalAll Online Mar 201903/04/201803/04/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fixed Mar 201903/04/201803/04/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Plus Cover Mar 201903/04/201803/04/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary Apr 201929/03/201801/04/2018
Tariff LaunchSafeguard PAYG29/03/201801/04/2018
Tariff RemovalStandard29/03/201801/04/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix Mar 2019 - Added single fuel options for this tariff09/03/201809/03/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Capped Feb 201928/02/201828/02/2018
Price AmendmentSafeguard - previously known as Standard - Safeguard23/02/201801/04/2018
Price AmendmentStandard - prepay customers only23/02/201801/04/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Mar 201921/02/201821/02/2018
Tariff LaunchAll Online Mar 201921/02/201821/02/2018
Tariff RemovalAll Online Feb 201921/02/201821/02/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Plus Cover Mar 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff RemovalEverything Online Jan 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Plus Cover Mar 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Secure May 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix Mar 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff LaunchAll Online Feb 2019 - Now available to both new and existing customers16/01/201816/01/2018
Tariff LaunchEverything Online Jan 2019 - For price comparison websites this is only available to existing customers09/01/201809/01/2018
Tariff LaunchAll Online Feb 2019 - Only available to new customers09/01/201809/01/2018
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Plus Cover Jan 201909/01/201809/01/2018
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Secure Feb 201928/12/201728/12/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Secure Aug 201928/12/201728/12/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Jan 201930/11/201730/11/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Feb 201930/11/201730/11/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Plus Cover Jan 201930/11/201730/11/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Capped Feb 201930/11/201730/11/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Capped Nov 201830/11/201730/11/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix Oct 201915/11/201715/11/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix Nov 201831/10/201731/10/2017
Tariff LaunchAll Online Jan 201931/10/201731/10/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Plus Cover Nov 201813/10/201713/10/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Secure Dec 201813/10/201713/10/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Oct 201801/10/201701/10/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Nov 201801/10/201701/10/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Plus Cover Oct 201815/09/201715/09/2017
Price AmendmentStandard - Prepayment only22/08/201701/10/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Sep 201801/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fix Jul 201801/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Protect Jul 201801/08/201701/08/2017
UpdateRe-pricing of Standard01/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Secure Aug 201901/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Capped Nov 201801/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fixed Aug 201901/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Capped Aug 201801/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Aug 201830/06/201730/06/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fixed Jun 201830/06/201730/06/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Secure Aug 201813/06/201713/06/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix Jul 201813/06/201713/06/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fix May 201831/05/201731/05/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Protect May 201831/05/201731/05/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Protect Jul 201826/05/201726/05/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Capped May 201826/05/201726/05/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Capped Aug 201826/05/201726/05/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sun) May 201803/05/201703/05/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sat) May 201803/05/201703/05/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Exclusive Apr 201830/04/201730/04/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Jun 201828/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fix May 201828/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Protect May 201828/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fixed Apr 201828/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Exclusive Apr 201828/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Aug 201928/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fixed Mar 201928/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Apr 201831/03/201731/03/2017
UpdateRe-pricing of Standard31/03/201731/03/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Apr 201830/03/201730/03/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Apr 201830/03/201730/03/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sun) May 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sat) May 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Capped May 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sun) Mar 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sat) Mar 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Capped Feb 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Mar 201930/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Capped Feb 201830/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Connected Kit Jan 201830/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fixed Nov 201830/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Capped Nov 201730/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff RemovalCollective Fix October 201703/10/201603/10/2016
Tariff LaunchCollective Fix October 201713/09/201613/09/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Connected Kit Jan 201831/08/201631/08/2016
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Reward Nov 201715/07/201615/07/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sun) Mar 201801/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy FreeTime (Sat) Mar 201801/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Capped Nov 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Reward Nov 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Nov 201801/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Reward Jun 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Capped Jun 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff RemovalHomeEnergy Fixed Sep 201801/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Exclusive Jun 201727/05/201617/06/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price July 201829/04/201629/04/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Fixed Sep 201829/04/201629/04/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Fall March 2016 Plus - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Fall March 2016 Extra - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Fall March 2016 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Fall June 2016 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Fall January 2017 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Fall November 2016 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentHomeEnergy Reward Jun 2017 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentHomeEnergy Capped Jun 2017 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentFixed Price July 2018 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentStandard - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Tariff LaunchCollective Fix February 201702/02/201602/02/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Reward Jun 201729/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff LaunchHomeEnergy Capped Jun 201729/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward January 201729/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall January 201729/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price March 201815/12/201515/12/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price July 201815/12/201515/12/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall November 2016 - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall June 2016 - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall March 2016 Plus - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall March 2016 Extra - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall March 2016 - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall January 2017 - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Price DecreaseStandard - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward September 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price August 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward January 201727/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price March 201827/08/201527/08/2015
Price AmendmentFix and Reward September 201615/07/201515/07/2015
Tariff LaunchFix and Fall January 201715/07/201515/07/2015
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall November 201615/07/201515/07/2015
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward June 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall June 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward September 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff LaunchFix and Fall November 201630/06/201530/06/2015
UpdateRe-pricing of Fixed Price August 201605/06/201505/06/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price August 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Protection March 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall March 2016 Plus27/02/201527/02/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall March 2016 Extra - Gas price reduction27/02/201527/02/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall March 2016 - Gas price reduction27/02/201527/02/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall June 2016 - Gas price reduction27/02/201527/02/2015
Price DecreaseFix and Fall February 2015 - Gas price reduction27/02/201527/02/2015
Price DecreaseStandard - Gas price reduction27/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward February 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise February 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward June 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Protection March 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise February 201630/01/201530/01/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price December 201730/01/201530/01/2015
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall March 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward March 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price January 201701/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price December 201701/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward February 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Fall June 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price November 201530/09/201430/09/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Fall March 201630/09/201430/09/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward March 201601/09/201401/09/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price November 201501/09/201401/09/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price August 201531/08/201431/08/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward September 201531/08/201431/08/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward September 201530/06/201430/06/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward August 201530/06/201430/06/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price May 201530/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price March 201630/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price August 201530/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price January 201730/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Control August 201530/04/201430/04/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward August 201530/04/201430/04/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Control August 201528/02/201428/02/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price May 201528/02/201428/02/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Gift Card May 201528/02/201428/02/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price February 201528/02/201428/02/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price February 201516/01/201416/01/2014
UpdateRe-pricing of Fix and Gift Card May 201516/01/201416/01/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall February 201516/01/201416/01/2014
UpdateAll tariffs reduced in cost by 3.2% in direct response to the Government's announcement05/12/201301/01/2014
Tariff RemovalSustainable Energy November 201423/11/201323/11/2013
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall November 2014 Prepay23/11/201323/11/2013
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall November 201423/11/201323/11/2013
Tariff LaunchFix and Gift Card May 201523/11/201323/11/2013
Tariff LaunchFix & Fall February 201523/11/201323/11/2013
UpdatePrice updates17/10/201323/11/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise July 201517/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff RemovalFixed Price October 201417/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff RemovalClear and Simple17/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff LaunchFixed Price March 201617/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff LaunchFix and Fall November 201417/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff LaunchStandard17/10/201317/10/2013
UpdateRe-priced Fixed Price October 2014 and now only available as dual fuel.30/08/201330/08/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise July 2015.30/08/201330/08/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Variable August 201430/08/201330/08/2013
Tariff LaunchFixed Price October 201412/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise July 201412/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise April 201512/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Variable August 201430/05/201330/05/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Variable May 201430/05/201330/05/2013
Tariff RemovalFix & Fall March 2014 22/02/201322/02/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Variable February 2014 22/02/201322/02/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise April 201522/02/201322/02/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise July 201422/02/201322/02/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Variable May 201422/02/201322/02/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Variable February 201428/11/201227/11/2012
Tariff RemovalOnline Variable November 201328/11/201227/11/2012
Tariff RemovalFix and Fall November 2013 from sale15/11/201216/11/2012
Tariff LaunchFix & Fall March 2014, Fix and Fall November 201312/10/201216/11/2012
UpdateAll variable price tariffs updated.12/10/201216/11/2012
Tariff RemovalStandard, Online Energy, Fixed Price 2013 and Energyshare from sale and launch of new simplified tariffs22/06/201222/06/2012
Tariff LaunchClear and Simple: Fixed Price May 2014; Online Variable August 2013; Discount Variable August 201322/06/201222/06/2012
Tariff RemovalFixed Price June 201331/05/201201/06/2012
Price DecreaseReduction in electricity prices across all 'standard' type products.12/01/201212/01/2012
Tariff LaunchEnergy Online17/11/201117/11/2011
Tariff RemovalWebSaver13 from the market.03/11/201103/11/2011
Tariff LaunchOnline Fixed20/09/201120/09/2011
Tariff LaunchOnline Saver 4 and Online Saver 520/09/201120/09/2011
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 13 and removal of Websaver 1220/09/201120/09/2011
UpdatePrice Promise March 2013 removed from sale24/08/201124/08/2011
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise March 201308/07/201108/07/2011
UpdateGas prices increased by an average of 18% and electricity by an average of 16% on these tariffs WebSaver 8, 9, 10 , 11 and 12;Online Saver 2, 3 and 4;Standard;Standard Pay As You Go;Future Energy;EnergyShare;4% Discount Tracker;Essentials;Market Monitor;Discount Saver 201208/07/201108/07/2011
Tariff LaunchEnergyshare tariff25/05/201125/05/2011
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 12 and removal of WebSaver 1119/05/201119/05/2011
Tariff LaunchOnlineSaver 4 and removal of OnlineSaver 310/05/201110/05/2011
UpdateUpdate of standard electricity prices across areas 12, 13 and 1825/03/201125/03/2011
Updateupdate of standard electricity prices in regions regions 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 for Standard, Online Saver, Online Saver 2, Online Saver 3, Future Energy and Future Energy Plus tariffs. 23/02/201123/02/2011
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise October 201223/02/201123/02/2011
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 11 and removal of WebSaver 1023/02/201123/02/2011
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise April 2014 from sale13/02/201113/02/2011
UpdateGas and electricity prices increased by circa. 7% : Standard tariff, Future Energy tariff, Future Energy Plus tariff, WebSaver 10 tariff and Online Saver 3 tariff12/11/201012/11/2010
Tariff LaunchWebSaver10 and removal of WebSaver911/10/201011/10/2010
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 9 and removal of WebSaver 8 from the market.20/08/201020/08/2010
Tariff LaunchWebSaver8 and removal of WebSaver717/06/201017/06/2010
Tariff RemovalOnline Saver and launch of Online Saver 209/04/201009/04/2010
Tariff RemovalWebSaver 6 and launch of WebSaver 709/04/201009/04/2010
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise June 2010 from the market11/02/201011/02/2010
UpdateStandard Gas tariffs reduced by up to 7% across the UK04/02/201004/02/2010
Tariff RemovalTrack and Save 2011 from the market04/02/201004/02/2010
Tariff RemovalWebSaver 5 and Launch of Websaver Saver 6.04/02/201004/02/2010
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 507/12/200907/12/2009
Price AmendmentOnlineSaver12/11/200912/11/2009
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 420/08/200920/08/2009
Tariff RemovalWebSaver 320/08/200920/08/2009
Tariff LaunchTrack and Save 201112/08/200912/08/2009
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise June 201014/05/200914/05/2009
Tariff RemovalWebSaver 207/05/200907/05/2009
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 307/05/200907/05/2009
Tariff RemovalPrice Guarantee 201006/04/200906/04/2009
Price AmendmentWebSaver 203/04/200903/04/2009
Price AmendmentWebSaver 224/03/200924/03/2009
Tariff LaunchPrice Guarantee 201019/02/200919/02/2009
Tariff RemovalWebSaver 119/02/200919/02/2009
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 219/02/200919/02/2009
Tariff LaunchWebSaver 118/12/200818/12/2008
Tariff RemovalClick Energy 618/12/200818/12/2008
Tariff LaunchFixed Price 201218/09/200818/09/2008
Tariff RemovalFixed Price 201118/09/200818/09/2008