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Co-Operative Energy Price Updates

Please find all Co-Operative Energy domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 18/07/2017

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff LaunchCo-op Price Protect Sept 202018/07/201718/07/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Price Protect Sept 201918/07/201718/07/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op MSE MSM Fixed July 201827/06/201727/06/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Travel Currency Saver - Only available in areas 14 and 2022/06/201722/06/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Green and Cosy July 202022/06/201722/06/2017
Tariff LaunchMy Co-op Lite Online Sept 201813/06/201713/06/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Green Fixed Sept 201808/06/201708/06/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Price Protect July 202027/04/201727/04/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Price Protect July 201927/04/201727/04/2017
Tariff LaunchMy Co-op Lite Xtra July 201827/04/201727/04/2017
Tariff LaunchMy Co-op Lite July 201827/04/201727/04/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online May 2018 Paper Bills20/04/201720/04/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online May 201820/04/201720/04/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Sunshine and Fix April 2018 v220/04/201720/04/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online Exclusive May 201811/04/201711/04/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fixed July 201811/04/201711/04/2017
Price AmendmentGreen Pioneer23/02/201701/04/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online May 2018 Paper Bills16/02/201716/02/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online May 201816/02/201716/02/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Sunshine and Fix April 2018 v216/02/201716/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Sunshine and Fix April 201816/02/201716/02/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online Exclusive May 201816/02/201716/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online Fix Apr 18 Paper Bills10/02/201710/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online Green April 201810/02/201710/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fix for Longer April 201810/02/201710/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online Paper Bills October 201708/02/201708/02/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online Fix Apr 18 Paper Bills08/02/201708/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online February 201802/02/201702/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online December 201702/02/201702/02/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online Green Feb 2018 v226/01/201726/01/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fix for Longer Feb 2018 v226/01/201726/01/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online Green April 201826/01/201726/01/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fix for Longer April 201826/01/201726/01/2017
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fix & Fly October 2018 V2 - paper and paperless options24/01/201724/01/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Sunshine and Fix April 2018 - Paper and Paperless options24/01/201724/01/2017
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online Green Feb 2018 v229/12/201629/12/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online Green Feb 2018 v229/12/201629/12/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fix For Longer Feb 2018 v229/12/201629/12/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fix For Longer February 201829/12/201629/12/2016
Tariff RemovalFuelGood15/12/201615/12/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online Green February 201813/12/201613/12/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online February 201808/12/201608/12/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Festive Fix December 201705/12/201605/12/2016
Tariff LaunchFuelGood28/11/201628/11/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Festive Fix December 201717/11/201617/11/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online December 2017 - For existing co-operative energy customers only02/11/201602/11/2016
Tariff RemovalPioneer Variable01/11/201601/11/2016
Tariff LaunchGreen Pioneer01/11/201601/11/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online October 2017 V227/10/201627/10/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online October 201727/10/201627/10/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fix for Longer February 201827/10/201627/10/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online October 2017 V212/09/201612/09/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fix & Fly October 2018 V208/09/201608/09/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fixed October 201708/09/201608/09/2016
Price IncreasePioneer Variable01/09/201601/10/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online Paper Bills October 201709/08/201609/08/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fixed October 201709/08/201609/08/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fix for Longer October 201704/08/201604/08/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fix & Fly October 201804/08/201604/08/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online October 201704/08/201604/08/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fix for Longer October 201720/07/201620/07/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online March 2017 (paper bills)18/07/201618/07/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Fix for Longer September 201718/07/201618/07/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fix & Fly October 201830/06/201630/06/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed May 201730/06/201630/06/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op MSE MSM Fixed July 201801/06/201601/06/2016
Tariff LaunchEneco's Mearns Wind - June 2017 - Only available for certain postcodes in area 1719/05/201619/05/2016
Tariff LaunchEneco's Highland Wind - June 2017 - Only available for certain postcodes in area 1719/05/201619/05/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online March 201707/04/201607/04/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Fix for Longer September 201707/04/201607/04/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed May 201707/04/201607/04/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed April 201707/04/201607/04/2016
Price DeceasePioneer Variable - Gas price decrease21/03/201621/03/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online March 2017 (paper bills)16/02/201616/02/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online February 201709/02/201609/02/2016
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online December 201609/02/201609/02/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed April 201709/02/201609/02/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online March 201709/02/201609/02/2016
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online February 201709/12/201509/12/2015
Tariff RemovalCo-op Online January 201704/12/201504/12/2015
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online January 201703/12/201503/12/2015
Tariff LaunchCo-op Online December 201610/11/201510/11/2015
Tariff RemovalFair & Square October 201610/11/201510/11/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed August 201610/11/201510/11/2015
Tariff RemovalFair & Square May 201610/08/201510/08/2015
Tariff LaunchFair & Square October 201610/08/201510/08/2015
Price AmendmentPioneer Variable - Revised prepayment prices.30/07/201530/07/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed April 2016 v227/05/201527/05/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed August 201627/05/201527/05/2015
Tariff RemovalFair & Square March 2016 v205/02/201505/02/2015
Tariff LaunchFair & Square May 201605/02/201505/02/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed April 201620/01/201520/01/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed April 2016 v220/01/201520/01/2015
Tariff LaunchFair & Square March 2016 v216/01/201516/01/2015
Tariff RemovalFair & Square March 201615/01/201515/01/2015
Tariff LaunchFair & Square March 201629/12/201429/12/2014
Tariff RemovalFair & Square February 201629/12/201429/12/2014
Tariff LaunchFair & Square February 201616/12/201416/12/2014
Tariff RemovalFair & Square January 201616/12/201416/12/2014
Tariff LaunchFair & Square January 201627/11/201427/11/2014
Tariff RemovalFair & Square December 201527/11/201427/11/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed April 2016 - Removal from sale for electricity only. Still availabe to DF14/11/201414/11/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed April 201607/11/201407/11/2014
Price AmendmentFair & Square December 2015 - Price reduction for regions 10,11,14,16 and 2030/10/201430/10/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed to May 201629/10/201429/10/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed to March 201729/10/201429/10/2014
Tariff RemovalFair & Square October 201523/10/201423/10/2014
Tariff LaunchFair & Square December 201523/10/201423/10/2014
Tariff RemovalFair & Square September 201515/08/201415/08/2014
Tariff LaunchFair & Square October 201515/08/201415/08/2014
Tariff LaunchFair & Square September 201517/07/201417/07/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed to May 201525/04/201425/04/2014
Price IncreasePioneer Variable23/04/201423/04/2014
Price AmendmentFixed May 2015 - Updated pricing in 3 regions04/03/201404/03/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed May 201604/03/201404/03/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed May 201504/03/201404/03/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed March 201604/03/201404/03/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price July 201504/03/201404/03/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed March 201725/01/201425/01/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed March 201625/01/201425/01/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price July 201525/01/201425/01/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price July 201523/12/201323/12/2013
Tariff RemovalFixed March 201523/12/201323/12/2013
Tariff LaunchFixed March 201629/11/201329/11/2013
Tariff LaunchFixed March 201529/11/201329/11/2013
Tariff LaunchFixed March 201715/11/201315/11/2013
Tariff LaunchPioneer v5.114/11/201314/11/2013
Tariff RemovalPioneer v5.014/11/201314/11/2013
Price AmendmentPioneer v5.0 - Change of standing charge for West Midlands.30/10/201330/10/2013
Tariff LaunchPioneer v5.021/10/201321/10/2013
Tariff RemovalPioneer v4.021/10/201321/10/2013
UpdateTariff for comparison purposes only - Fixed April 201402/08/201302/08/2013
Price Amendmentexisting customers09/04/201309/05/2013
Tariff LaunchPioneer v4.012/02/201312/02/2013
Tariff RemovalPioneer v3.012/02/201312/02/2013
Updateupdate of Pioneer v3 and removal of Pioneer v4 and v517/11/201220/12/2012
Tariff LaunchPioneer v5 and removal of Pioneer v402/08/201202/08/2012
Tariff LaunchCash/Cheque versions of Pioneer tariffs01/02/201201/02/2012
UpdateReduction in energy prices19/12/201119/12/2011
Tariff Launchnew gas and electricity prices (v3.0)29/09/201129/09/2011
UpdateUpdate on the Pioneer tariff.27/05/201127/05/2011
UpdateUpdate of Pioneer tariff prices across all areas.13/04/201113/04/2011