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Economy Energy Price Updates

Please find all Economy Energy domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 27/07/2017

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff Launch2 Year Saver27/07/201727/07/2017
Tariff LaunchEvergreen Direct Saver27/07/201720/07/2017
Tariff LaunchDirect Saver (Fixed) v1.003/07/201703/07/2017
Tariff LaunchOnline Saver03/07/201703/07/2017
Tariff LaunchSmart Saver03/07/201703/07/2017
Tariff RemovalDirect Saver 2017 (v2)21/06/201721/06/2017
Tariff RemovalDirect Saver 2017 (v3)13/04/201713/04/2017
Tariff LaunchMonthly Saver - Not available for sale - standard tariff for receipt of bill16/03/201716/03/2017
Tariff RemovalEvergreen28/02/201701/04/2017
Tariff LaunchEvergreen Capped (Eco7)28/02/201701/04/2017
Tariff LaunchEvergreen Capped28/02/201701/04/2017
Tariff RemovalValue (Pay as You Go)28/02/201728/02/2017
Tariff RemovalSmartpay28/02/201728/02/2017
Tariff LaunchSmartpay 2017 (v1)28/02/201728/02/2017
Tariff RemovalDirect Saver 2017 (v2)15/02/201715/02/2017
Tariff LaunchDirect Saver 2017 (v3)15/02/201715/02/2017
Tariff LaunchDirect Saver 2017 (v2)25/11/201625/11/2016
Tariff RemovalDirect Saver 201725/11/201625/11/2016
Tariff LaunchDirect Saver 201722/09/201622/09/2016
Tariff RemovalDirect Saver22/09/201622/09/2016
Tariff RemovalEconomy01/08/201601/08/2016
Tariff LaunchValue (Pay as You Go)01/08/201601/08/2016
Price AmendmentDirect Saver11/05/201611/05/2016
Tariff LaunchSmartpay20/04/201620/04/2016
Tariff LaunchDirect Saver - New Supplier12/11/201512/11/2015
Tariff LaunchEvergreen - New Supplier12/11/201512/11/2015
Tariff LaunchEconomy - New Supplier12/11/201512/11/2015
Tariff LaunchEconomy12/11/201511/11/2015
Tariff LaunchDirect Saver Variable31/10/201531/10/2015