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EDF Energy Home Tariffs & Price Updates

EDF is the UK’s largest producer of low carbon electricity. They produce 20% of the nation’s electricity and are therefore the largest electricity supplier by volume. EDF is actually two different businesses: one generates electricity, the other supplies it. They do not produce gas but can supply it. Whenever EDF buy energy they pay the market price - even if it’s from their own generation business.

Residential customers of EDF have two tariff options available: fixed & variable. Fixed tariffs guarantee that the energy price won’t change for the length of the deal. With a variable tariff, prices can go up or down at any time.

EDF’s business customers are separated into two categories: small and medium-sized enterprises, and larger businesses. SME customers have a choice of tariffs and contracts, whereas large business customers usually negotiate their contracts on an individual basis.

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Please find all EDF Energy domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 31/12/2018

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Jan2031/12/201831/12/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Exclusive Jan2021/12/201821/12/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Renewal Mar2021/12/201821/12/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Renewal Feb2021/12/201821/12/2018
Price AmendmentDeemed13/12/201801/01/2019
Price AmendmentStandard (Variable)13/12/201801/01/2019
Tariff LaunchEnergy+BoilerCare Feb21 - For comparison only11/12/201811/12/2018
Tariff LaunchBlue+Price Freeze Feb2111/12/201811/12/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Dec19v206/12/201806/12/2018
UpdateRe-pricing of Safeguard Assist Deemed26/11/201801/01/2019
UpdateRe-pricing of Safeguard Assist Capped26/11/201801/01/2019
Tariff RemovalSimply Fixed Dec1926/11/201826/11/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Dec1926/11/201826/11/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Nov19v515/11/201815/11/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Exclusive Dec19 - Exclusive15/11/201815/11/2018
Tariff LaunchSimply Fixed Dec19 - Exclusive15/11/201815/11/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Nov19v409/11/201809/11/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Exclusive Nov19v509/11/201809/11/2018
Tariff LaunchSimply Fixed Jan2007/11/201807/11/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Exclusive Nov19v431/10/201831/10/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Nov19v331/10/201831/10/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Nov1931/10/201831/10/2018
Tariff RemovalDualFuel Saver Oct1931/10/201831/10/2018
Tariff RemovalBlue+Fixed Prepay October 201931/10/201831/10/2018
Tariff LaunchBlue+Fixed Prepay September 202030/10/201830/10/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Exclusive Nov19v326/10/201826/10/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Renewal Oct1926/10/201826/10/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Nov1926/10/201826/10/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Oct19v419/10/201819/10/2018
Tariff RemovalSimply Fixed Jun2018/10/201818/10/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Exclusive Oct19v415/10/201815/10/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Exclusive Oct19v315/10/201815/10/2018
Tariff LaunchEasy Online Exclusive Oct19v311/10/201811/10/2018
Tariff LaunchEnergy+Heating Control Nov2009/10/201809/10/2018
Tariff RemovalEnergy+BoilerCare Oct1909/10/201809/10/2018
Tariff LaunchEnergy+BoilerCare Nov2009/10/201809/10/2018
Tariff RemovalEasy Online Collective Oct1909/10/201809/10/2018
Tariff RemovalBlue+Price Protection Oct19v209/10/201809/10/2018
Tariff LaunchBlue+Price Protection Nov1909/10/201809/10/2018
Tariff RemovalConnect+Control Amazon Echo Mar2104/10/201804/10/2018