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Flow Energy Price Updates

Please find all Flow Energy domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 17/10/2016

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff RemovalConnect 10 (Fixed November 17)17/10/201617/10/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 10 (Fixed October 2017)17/10/201617/10/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect 9 (Fixed October 17)13/10/201613/10/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 10 (Fixed November 17)13/10/201613/10/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 11 (Fixed April 2018)13/10/201613/10/2016
Tariff LaunchWinter Warmer (Fixed April 2017)03/10/201603/10/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect 8 (Fixed October 2017)30/08/201630/08/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 9 (Fixed October 17)30/08/201630/08/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect 606/07/201606/07/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect 7 (Fixed October 2017)06/07/201606/07/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 8 (Fixed October 2017)06/07/201606/07/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 7 (Fixed October 2017)20/05/201620/05/2016
Tariff LaunchFirst Variable (Prepayment)01/04/201601/04/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 617/02/201617/02/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect 517/02/201617/02/2016
Price AmendmentConnect 505/02/201605/02/2016
Tariff LaunchConnect 501/02/201601/02/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect29/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect 429/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff RemovalConnect 324/11/201524/11/2015
Tariff LaunchConnect 424/11/201524/11/2015
Tariff LaunchConnect 321/10/201521/10/2015
Tariff RemovalConnect 221/10/201521/10/2015
Tariff LaunchConnect 225/09/201525/09/2015
Price AmendmentFlow Variable - Also name changed from Thames Variable.01/07/201501/07/2015
Tariff RemovalTogether23/06/201523/06/2015
Tariff LaunchConnect07/04/201507/04/2015
Tariff LaunchThames Tariff09/03/201509/03/2015
Tariff LaunchTogether02/03/201502/03/2015
Tariff RemovalThames Online Fixed September 201501/09/201401/09/2014
Tariff LaunchThames Online Fixed September 201502/04/201402/04/2014
Tariff RemovalThames Fixed Online September 201408/08/201308/08/2013
Tariff Launchnew supplier and new tariff Thames Fixed Online Sept 201402/04/201302/04/2013