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Go Effortless Energy Price Updates

Please find all Go Effortless Energy domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 20/07/2016

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff RemovalJune 2016 v320/07/201620/07/2016
Tariff LaunchJuly 2016 v120/07/201620/07/2016
Tariff RemovalJune 2016 v230/06/201630/06/2016
Tariff LaunchJune 2016 v330/06/201630/06/2016
Tariff RemovalJune 2016 v115/06/201615/06/2016
Tariff LaunchJune 2016 v215/06/201615/06/2016
Tariff LaunchJune 2016 v1 - Now also available in areas 10, 12, 19, 20 and 2202/06/201602/06/2016
Tariff RemovalApril 2016 v102/06/201602/06/2016
Tariff LaunchApril 2016 v129/04/201629/04/2016
Tariff RemovalJanuary 2016 v129/04/201629/04/2016
Tariff LaunchJanuary 2016 v120/01/201620/01/2016
Tariff RemovalDecember 2015 v120/01/201620/01/2016
Tariff RemovalNovember 2015 v202/12/201502/12/2015
Tariff LaunchDecember 2015 v102/12/201502/12/2015
Tariff RemovalNovember 2015 v124/11/201524/11/2015
Tariff LaunchNovember 2015 v224/11/201524/11/2015
Tariff RemovalOctober 2015 v204/11/201504/11/2015
Tariff LaunchNovember 2015 v104/11/201504/11/2015
Tariff LaunchOctober 2015 v217/10/201517/10/2015
Tariff RemovalOctober 2015 v117/10/201517/10/2015
Tariff LaunchOctober 2015 v113/10/201513/10/2015
Tariff RemovalSeptember 2015 v113/10/201513/10/2015
Tariff RemovalAugust 2015 v130/09/201530/09/2015
Tariff LaunchSeptember 2015 v130/09/201530/09/2015
Tariff LaunchAugust 2015 v106/08/201506/08/2015
Tariff RemovalJuly 2015 v306/08/201506/08/2015
Tariff LaunchJuly 2015 v3 - Go Effortless Energy are a new supplier to the market.29/07/201529/07/2015