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Green Energy UK sources its energy supply from the most eco-friendly sources possible, from wind and solar, to energy generated from growing tomatoes! They have three home energy tariffs available, Tap, Still and Sparkling and we have outlined the below for your perusal.

Tap - Green Energy UK's Tap tariff is one of the most simple home energy tariffs on the market. There is no standing charge, meaning you only pay for the electricity you use via a variable monthly direct debit. There's no contract terms either so you can switch if you decide it's not for you. The Tap tariff mainly utilises CHP (combined heat and power) fuel sources and there are 190g of CO2 emissions per kWh.

Still- The Still tariff features a standing charge, but a lower unit rate than the tap tariff. It's also low-carbon, the amount of emissions from this plan are less than half the national average. Again it utilises mainly CHP as well as other green and renewable sources. There are 190g of CO2 emissions per kWh from the Still tariff.

Sparkling - The energy generated for the Sparking tariff is 100% renewable. Utilising wind, hydro, solar and organic waste material your conscience can be clear! This tariff makes use of waste material, so you're doing the planet a huge favour by using it. It's also priced the same as the standard tariff in your region, so you won't be paying over the odds. There are 0g of CO2 emissions per kWh on this tariff, that's right, ZERO carbon emissions. Feels good, right?

Why Switch My Home to Green Energy?

Green Energy could well be the perfect choice for your home energy needs, especially of you are looking for a smaller supplier that puts the environment first. However, they may not be the most cost effective option. The best way to determine this, is to perform a no-obligation energy price comparison with Love Energy Savings. With just a few details and the click of a button, we can tell you which domestic energy suppliers is the cheapest for you.

Green Energy UK Fuel Mix

If you'd like an eco-friendly, renewable energy tariff then Green Energy might be right for you. They offer a number of options and utilise sustainable and green resources, so you can be sure that you're doing your bit for the environment.

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