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Green Energy Price Updates

Please find all Green Energy UK domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 31/03/2017

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff RemovalStill31/03/201731/03/2017
Price AmendmentSparkling28/03/201701/05/2017
Price AmendmentStill28/03/201701/05/2017
Price AmendmentTap28/03/201701/05/2017
Price AmendmentStill01/03/201601/04/2016
Price AmendmentSparkling01/03/201601/04/2016
Price AmendmentTap01/03/201601/04/2016
Price DecreaseSparkling15/10/201415/10/2014
Price DecreaseStill15/10/201415/10/2014
Tariff LaunchStill - Launched dual fuel prices for Still21/07/201421/07/2014
Tariff LaunchSparkling - Launched dual fuel prices for Sparkling.21/07/201421/07/2014
Price AmendmentSparkling07/01/201407/01/2014
Price AmendmentStill07/01/201407/01/2014
Price AmendmentTap07/01/201407/01/2014
UpdateRenamed Deep Green as Sparkling26/07/201326/07/2013
UpdateRenamed Pale Green as Still26/07/201326/07/2013
Tariff Launchnew tariff Tap26/07/201326/07/2013
UpdateUpdate of all electricity prices19/10/201119/10/2011
UpdateUpdate of all electricity prices19/10/201119/10/2011
UpdatePrices updated across all areas.01/05/201101/05/2011