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LoCO2 Energy Home Tariffs & Price Updates

Please find all LoCO2 Energy domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 02/05/2017

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed Direct 2 - Re-branded to Solarplicity Energy Ltd02/05/201702/05/2017
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed 9 - Re-branded as Solarplicity Energy Ltd02/05/201702/05/2017
Tariff RemovalPlanet - Re-branded as Solarplicity Energy Ltd02/05/201702/05/2017
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed Direct 228/02/201728/02/2017
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 923/02/201723/02/2017
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed Direct23/02/201723/02/2017
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed 823/02/201723/02/2017
Price AmendmentPlanet25/11/201601/01/2017
Tariff RemovalPocket25/11/201601/01/2017
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed Direct26/10/201626/10/2016
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 826/10/201626/10/2016
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed Summer20/10/201620/10/2016
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 720/10/201620/10/2016
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 709/08/201609/08/2016
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed Summer09/08/201609/08/2016
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed Spring 1609/08/201609/08/2016
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed 609/08/201609/08/2016
Price AmendmentPocket Fixed Spring 1619/07/201619/07/2016
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed Spring 16 - Tariff relaunched20/06/201620/06/2016
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed Spring 1625/05/201625/05/2016
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed Spring 1625/04/201625/04/2016
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 1225/04/201625/04/2016
Price DecreasePocket - Gas price decrease01/04/201601/04/2016
Price DecreasePlanet - Gas price decrease01/04/201601/04/2016
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed 529/03/201629/03/2016
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed Winter29/03/201629/03/2016
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 629/03/201629/03/2016
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed 1229/03/201629/03/2016
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed Winter04/12/201504/12/2015
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed Fall04/12/201504/12/2015
Tariff RemovalPocket - This tariff is no longer available for Gas only customers.04/09/201504/09/2015
Tariff RemovalPlanet - This tariff is no longer available for Gas only customers04/09/201504/09/2015
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed Spring04/09/201504/09/2015
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed Fall04/09/201504/09/2015
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 504/09/201504/09/2015
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed 404/09/201504/09/2015
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed Spring20/04/201520/04/2015
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 1120/04/201520/04/2015
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 4 - Dual Fuel and Gas only version of this tariff01/04/201501/04/2015
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed 11 - Dual Fuel and Gas only version of this tariff01/04/201501/04/2015
Tariff LaunchPocket - Dual Fuel and Gas only version of this tariff01/04/201501/04/2015
Tariff LaunchPlanet - Dual Fuel and Gas only version of this tariff01/04/201501/04/2015
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed March 201719/01/201519/01/2015
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 1019/01/201519/01/2015
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 419/01/201519/01/2015
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed 1119/01/201519/01/2015
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 911/06/201411/06/2014
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed 1011/06/201411/06/2014
Price DecreasePlanet11/03/201411/03/2014
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed 919/02/201419/02/2014
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 819/02/201419/02/2014
Tariff RemovalPocket+16/12/201316/12/2013
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed 306/11/201306/11/2013
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed March 201706/11/201306/11/2013
UpdatePrice changes for "Standard" rate on Pocket, Pocket+ and Planet01/10/201301/10/2013
UpdateChange of prices for Pocket, Pocket Plus and Planet tariffs02/09/201302/09/2013
Tariff LaunchPlanet Fixed 301/07/201301/07/2013
Tariff RemovalPlanet Fixed 201/07/201301/07/2013
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed 801/07/201301/07/2013
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 701/07/201301/07/2013
Tariff LaunchPocket Fixed 701/05/201301/05/2013
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed 6 01/05/201301/05/2013
UpdateNew Pocket Fixed 6 to replace Pocket Fixed 503/12/201203/12/2012
UpdateNew Planet Fixed 2 to replace Planet Fixed03/12/201230/11/2012
Price Amendmentall tariffs17/11/201216/11/2012
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed from sale02/10/201202/10/2012
Tariff Launchnew prices for Pocket, Pocket+ and Planet tariffs.19/08/201119/08/2011
Tariff RemovalPocket Fixed tariff17/03/201117/03/2011
UpdateUpdate of all prices and launch of Pocket Fixed tariff15/12/201001/01/2011
UpdateAll tariff prices updated.29/10/201001/01/2010
Tariff RemovalPocket Saver Fixed Tariff from the market29/04/201029/04/2010
Tariff LaunchPocket+16/12/200916/12/2009
Tariff LaunchPocket16/12/200916/12/2009
Tariff LaunchPlanet16/12/200916/12/2009