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npower Energy Price Updates

N Power is one of the Big 6 and is a supplier for both business and domestic consumers alike. N Power offer varied/ fixed price tariffs including other options such as online and offline billing for up to three years. However N Power do have a 60 day notice period for the termination of some contracts so watch out if you’re looking to switch.

At Love Energy Savings we use our buyer power to get SME’s the best rates on a range of suppliers to give you the best and most informed choice in the market and better yet deal with the entire switching process for you. Enter your post code in the comparison box and we will see how much we can save you (even if you want to stay with the same supplier). Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Our average online comparison takes only 1 ½ minutes! 

Please find all npower domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 08/12/2016

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix January 201808/12/201608/12/2016
Tariff RemovalIntelligent Fix October 201808/12/201608/12/2016
Tariff LaunchIntelligent Fix October 2018 v208/12/201608/12/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix December 201730/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix December 201710/11/201610/11/2016
Tariff LaunchFeel Good Fix August 201827/10/201627/10/2016
Tariff RemovalFeel Good Fix May 201827/10/201627/10/2016
Tariff LaunchPre Pay Fix March 201810/10/201610/10/2016
Tariff RemovalPre Pay Fix October 201810/10/201610/10/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Fix November 201710/10/201610/10/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix August 201803/10/201603/10/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix October 201703/10/201603/10/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Flicks October 201703/10/201603/10/2016
Tariff LaunchIntelligent Fix October 201803/10/201603/10/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Fix November 201703/10/201603/10/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix August 201808/09/201608/09/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix August 201808/09/201608/09/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Fix September 201708/09/201608/09/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix October 201708/09/201608/09/2016
Tariff LaunchFix and Flicks October 201708/09/201608/09/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Flicks September 2017 v208/09/201608/09/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Fix September 201722/08/201622/08/2016
Tariff LaunchFix and Flicks September 2017 v222/08/201622/08/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix August 201822/08/201622/08/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix September 201722/08/201622/08/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Flicks September 201722/08/201622/08/2016
Tariff RemovalProtect and Fix April 201822/08/201622/08/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy Online August 201710/08/201610/08/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix September 201710/08/201610/08/2016
Tariff LaunchFix and Flicks September 201710/08/201610/08/2016
Tariff RemovalMSM Collective Fix August 201701/08/201601/08/2016
Tariff LaunchFeel Good Fix May 201828/07/201628/07/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy Online August 201728/07/201628/07/2016
Tariff RemovalFeel Good Fix April 201828/07/201628/07/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix August 201728/07/201628/07/2016
Tariff LaunchMSM Collective Fix August 201718/07/201618/07/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix August 201711/07/201611/07/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix July 201711/07/201611/07/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix July 201704/07/201604/07/2016
Tariff RemovalCollective Price Fix August 201729/06/201629/06/2016
Tariff LaunchFeel Good Fix April 201809/06/201609/06/2016
Tariff RemovalFeel Good Fix June 201809/06/201609/06/2016
Tariff LaunchCollective Price Fix August 201727/05/201627/05/2016
Tariff LaunchPre Pay Fix October 201807/04/201607/04/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Fixed Energy April 201707/04/201607/04/2016
Tariff LaunchFeel Good Fix June 201831/03/201631/03/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix February 201831/03/201631/03/2016
Price DeceaseFeel Good Fix April 2017 - Gas price decrease28/03/201628/03/2016
Price DeceaseFeel Good Fix May 2017 - Gas price decrease28/03/201628/03/2016
Price DeceaseJuice - renewable energy - Gas price decrease28/03/201628/03/2016
Price DeceaseStandard - Gas price decrease24/03/201628/03/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Fixed Energy April 201724/03/201624/03/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Fix April 201724/03/201624/03/2016
Tariff RemovalCollective Price Fix March 201714/03/201614/03/2016
Tariff LaunchProtect and Fix April 201810/03/201610/03/2016
Tariff RemovalProtect and Fix November 201710/03/201610/03/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy Online April 201710/03/201610/03/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Fix April 201710/03/201610/03/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy Online April 201702/03/201602/03/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Fix March 201702/03/201602/03/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Fix March 201724/02/201624/02/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy Online March 201724/02/201624/02/2016
Tariff LaunchCollective Price Fix March 201715/02/201615/02/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy Online March 201705/02/201605/02/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix March 201705/02/201605/02/2016
Tariff LaunchProtect and Fix November 201725/01/201625/01/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix March 201725/01/201625/01/2016
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix February 201725/01/201625/01/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix March 201725/01/201625/01/2016
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix February 201713/01/201613/01/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy Online January 201713/01/201613/01/2016
Tariff RemovalHome Safe Fix March 201723/12/201523/12/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix March 2017 - Tariff re-launched.23/12/201523/12/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix March 201730/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix Dec 201630/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix January 201730/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix February 201830/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix Dec 201618/11/201518/11/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy Online Dec 201618/11/201518/11/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy Online Dec 201622/10/201522/10/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix November 201622/10/201522/10/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix November 201605/10/201505/10/2015
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix November 201605/10/201505/10/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy Online October 201621/09/201521/09/2015
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix November 201621/09/201521/09/2015
Tariff RemovalHome Safe Fix April 201702/09/201502/09/2015
Tariff LaunchHome Safe Fix March 201702/09/201502/09/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix June 201702/09/201502/09/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix March 201702/09/201502/09/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix June 201703/08/201503/08/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy Online October 201603/08/201503/08/2015
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix October 201603/08/201503/08/2015
Tariff RemovalFeel Good Fix April 201703/08/201503/08/2015
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix October 201613/07/201513/07/2015
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix August 201613/07/201513/07/2015
Tariff RemovalPre Pay Fix Feb 201722/06/201522/06/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix March 201922/06/201522/06/2015
Tariff LaunchHome Safe Fix April 201722/06/201522/06/2015
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix August 201618/05/201518/05/2015
Tariff LaunchFeel Good Fix April 201718/05/201518/05/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix March 201918/05/201518/05/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix July 201618/05/201518/05/2015
Tariff RemovalFeel Good Fix May 201718/05/201518/05/2015
Tariff RemovalIn Control March 201718/05/201518/05/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy June 201613/04/201513/04/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix July 201613/04/201513/04/2015
Tariff LaunchPre Pay Fix Feb 201713/04/201513/04/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy June 201605/03/201505/03/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix May 201605/03/201505/03/2015
Tariff LaunchFeel Good Fix May 201716/02/201516/02/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix April 201716/02/201516/02/2015
Price DeceaseStandard02/02/201516/02/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix May 201602/02/201502/02/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy Online April 201602/02/201502/02/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix April 201712/01/201512/01/2015
Tariff LaunchIn Control March 201712/01/201512/01/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix February 201712/01/201512/01/2015
Tariff RemovalIntelligent Control October 201612/01/201512/01/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy Online April 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix January 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix November 201510/11/201410/11/2014
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix January 201610/11/201410/11/2014
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix January 201610/11/201410/11/2014
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix November 201520/10/201420/10/2014
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix May 201620/10/201420/10/2014
Tariff LaunchIntelligent Control October 201625/09/201425/09/2014
Tariff RemovalIntelligent Fix April 201725/09/201425/09/2014
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix May 201610/09/201410/09/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix February 201710/09/201410/09/2014
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix October 201510/09/201410/09/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix June 201610/09/201410/09/2014
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix October 201504/08/201404/08/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix June 201604/08/201404/08/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix August 201504/08/201404/08/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Energy July 201604/08/201404/08/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Energy July 201607/07/201407/07/2014
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix April 201607/07/201407/07/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix August 2015 - Relaunched tariff24/06/201424/06/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector September 201624/06/201424/06/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector March 201815/05/201415/05/2014
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix April 201615/05/201415/05/2014
Tariff LaunchIntelligent Fix April 201715/05/201415/05/2014
UpdateVarious tariffs changed to have discounts incorporated into the standing charge07/04/201407/04/2014
UpdateRe-launch of tariff.24/03/201424/03/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix March 201624/03/201424/03/2014
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix June 201517/03/201417/03/2014
Price AmendmentStandard28/02/201428/02/2014
Price AmendmentEnergy Online April 201428/02/201428/02/2014
Price AmendmentEnergy Online August 201428/02/201428/02/2014
Price AmendmentEnergy Online May 201428/02/201428/02/2014
Price AmendmentJuice - renewable energy28/02/201428/02/2014
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix June 201525/02/201425/02/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Protector March 201825/02/201425/02/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector December 201725/02/201425/02/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix May 201525/02/201425/02/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix May 201521/01/201421/01/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix March 201621/01/201421/01/2014
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix August 201521/01/201421/01/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix August 201517/12/201317/12/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix April 201517/12/201317/12/2013
Price IncreaseStandard21/10/201301/12/2013
Price Amendmentvariable tariffs21/10/201301/12/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Protector March 201721/10/201321/10/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix November 201421/10/201321/10/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector March 201721/10/201321/10/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix April 201508/10/201308/10/2013
Tariff RemovalFix December 201508/10/201308/10/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix November 201409/09/201309/09/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Protector March 201709/09/201309/09/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix October 201409/09/201309/09/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector September 201609/09/201309/09/2013
Tariff RemovalEnergy Online October 201409/09/201309/09/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix December 201508/08/201308/08/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix February 201508/08/201308/08/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Fix September 201608/08/201308/08/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix October 201408/08/201308/08/2013
Tariff LaunchFix December 201508/08/201308/08/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Protector September 201608/08/201308/08/2013
Price AmendmentStandard22/07/201322/07/2013
Tariff RemovalGo Save01/07/201301/07/2013
Tariff RemovalJuice01/07/201301/07/2013
Tariff LaunchEnergy Online October 201421/06/201321/06/2013
Tariff RemovalEnergy Online August 201421/06/201321/06/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix August 201410/06/201310/06/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix February 201510/06/201310/06/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix December 201423/05/201323/05/2013
Price AmendmentEnergy Online January 201415/05/201301/07/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix August 2014 10/05/201310/05/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix September 201610/05/201310/05/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix June 2014 from sale10/05/201310/05/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Fix May 201415/04/201315/04/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix June 201415/04/201315/04/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix December 201415/04/201315/04/2013
UpdateNew pricing structure for all tariffs15/03/201301/05/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Fix May 201415/03/201315/03/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix December 201515/03/201315/03/2013
Tariff RemovalGo Fix April 2014 from sale15/03/201315/03/2013
Tariff RemovalEnergy Online May 2014 from sale15/03/201315/03/2013
Tariff LaunchEnergy Online May 2014 for comparison only08/03/201308/03/2013
Tariff RemovalFootball 4507/03/201307/03/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector March 201421/02/201321/02/2013
Price AmendmentEnergy Online October 201315/02/201315/02/2013
Tariff LaunchGo Fix April 201413/02/201313/02/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector March 201413/02/201313/02/2013
UpdateSupplier re-instated Price Protector March 2014 for sale13/02/201313/02/2013
Tariff RemovalEnergy Online April 201407/01/201307/01/2013
Tariff LaunchEnergy Online August 201407/01/201307/01/2013
Tariff RemovalEnergy Online January 2014 from sale16/11/201216/11/2012
UpdateIncrease in gas and electricity costs across all variable tariffs12/10/201226/11/2012
Tariff LaunchPrice Protector March 201412/10/201212/10/2012
Tariff LaunchEnergy Online April 201412/10/201212/10/2012
Tariff LaunchEnergy Online January 2014 and removal of Energy Online October 2013.12/09/201212/09/2012
Tariff LaunchGo Fix January 2014.12/09/201212/09/2012
Tariff RemovalNational Trust Green Energy05/09/201205/09/2012
Tariff RemovalEnergy Discount December 2013 from sale28/08/201228/08/2012
Tariff RemovalEnergycare from sale07/08/201207/08/2012
UpdateReinstatement of Energy Online October 2013 on sale03/08/201203/08/2012
Tariff LaunchBill Saver November 201330/07/201230/07/2012
Tariff LaunchEnergycare30/07/201230/07/2012
Tariff RemovalEnergy Online October 2013 from sale30/07/201230/07/2012
Tariff LaunchElectricity Online November 2013; Energy Online October 201327/06/201227/06/2012
Tariff LaunchGo-Fix 1223/04/201223/04/2012
Tariff LaunchBill Saver August 2013 and removal of Bill Saver May 201323/04/201223/04/2012
UpdateSign Online 26 removed from sale28/03/201228/03/2012
UpdateSign Online 26 launched and Sign Online 25 removed from sale20/02/201220/02/2012
UpdateGo-Fix 11 launched and Go-Fix 10 removed from sale20/02/201220/02/2012
UpdateNew reduced gas prices for standard, capped and prepayment tariffs23/01/201201/02/2012
Tariff LaunchBill Saver May 201323/01/201223/01/2012
Tariff LaunchEnergy Discount December 201323/01/201223/01/2012
Tariff RemovalFlex Saver Feb. 2013 from sale23/01/201223/01/2012
Tariff LaunchGo-Fix 10 and removal of Go-Fix 8 from sale28/12/201128/12/2011
UpdateRemoval Football Online 23/12/201123/12/2011
Tariff LaunchSign Online 2519/12/201119/12/2011
Tariff LaunchFootball Online tariff19/10/201119/10/2011
UpdateBill Saver tariff removed from sale17/10/201117/10/2011
Tariff LaunchFlex Saver Feb 201317/10/201117/10/2011
Tariff LaunchGo-Fix 8 and removal of Go-Fix 7 from sale26/09/201126/09/2011
Tariff LaunchSignOnline 24 and removal of SignOnline 2326/09/201126/09/2011
UpdateVariable gas prices increased by 15.7% and electricity by 7.2%16/08/201116/08/2011
Tariff LaunchWinter Fix16/08/201116/08/2011
Tariff LaunchGo-Fix 708/08/201108/08/2011
Tariff LaunchSignOnline 2304/07/201104/07/2011
Tariff LaunchPrice Fix 201304/07/201104/07/2011
UpdatePrice Protector extended to cap prices to end of Aug 2012 and removal of cancellation fees29/06/201129/06/2011
Tariff LaunchFootball 45 tariff.13/06/201113/06/2011
Tariff LaunchBill Saver tariff.13/06/201113/06/2011
UpdateRe-launch of Price Protector tariff10/06/201110/06/2011
UpdateRe-launch of National Trust product to be available as Dual fuel with Green Energy Bonus and also available as Single fuel electricity 10/06/201110/06/2011
Tariff LaunchGo-Fix 6 and removal of Go-Fix 5 from sale09/05/201109/05/2011
Tariff LaunchSign Online 22 (SOL22)11/04/201111/04/2011
Tariff RemovalSign Online 2101/04/201101/04/2011
Tariff RemovalTRIO tariff01/04/201101/04/2011
Tariff LaunchPrice Protector07/03/201107/03/2011
Tariff LaunchGo-Fix 528/02/201128/02/2011
Tariff LaunchTrio Tariff31/01/201131/01/2011
Tariff LaunchFootball Saver v3 and removal of Football Saver v2 from sale31/01/201131/01/2011
Tariff LaunchSign Online 21 and removal of Sign Online 2004/01/201104/01/2011
UpdateGas and Electricity Prices increased by an average of 5.89%10/12/201004/01/2011
Tariff RemovalGo-Fix 3 from sale08/11/201008/11/2010
Tariff RemovalSign Online 19 and launch of Sign Online 2018/10/201018/10/2010
Tariff LaunchFootball Saver 2 and Price Fix 2012. Removal of Price Guarantee and Football Saver27/09/201027/09/2010
Tariff LaunchGo-Fix 3 16/08/201016/08/2010
Tariff RemovalGoFix 2 for any new customers09/08/201009/08/2010
Tariff LaunchSign Online 19 and removal of Sign Online 1805/07/201005/07/2010
Tariff LaunchFootball Saver17/06/201017/06/2010
Tariff LaunchGo Fix 204/05/201004/05/2010
Tariff RemovalSOL17 and launch of SOL1806/04/201006/04/2010
Tariff LaunchPrice Guarantee tariff06/04/201006/04/2010
UpdateReduction in gas prices on standard tariffs (including Juice and National Trust),SOL4, 5, 6 and 7 tariffs and Go Save tariffs.09/03/201009/03/2010
Tariff RemovalGo Fix Tariffs for new customers.01/02/201001/02/2010
Tariff LaunchSign Online 1714/12/200914/12/2009
Tariff LaunchWeb v.1714/12/200914/12/2009
Tariff LaunchGo Save04/12/200904/12/2009
Tariff LaunchGo Fix19/10/200919/10/2009
Tariff LaunchGo Fix XL19/10/200919/10/2009
Tariff LaunchSign Online 1620/07/200920/07/2009
Tariff RemovalSign Online 1520/07/200920/07/2009
Tariff LaunchWeb v.1620/07/200920/07/2009
Tariff RemovalWeb v.1520/07/200920/07/2009
Tariff LaunchSign Online 1506/03/200906/03/2009
Tariff LaunchWeb v.1506/03/200906/03/2009
Tariff RemovalSign Online 1406/03/200906/03/2009
Tariff RemovalWeb v.14.0306/03/200906/03/2009
Tariff RemovalPrice Protector31/01/200931/01/2009
Tariff RemovalSign Online 1303/11/200803/11/2008
Tariff LaunchSign Online 1403/11/200803/11/2008
Tariff LaunchWeb v.14.0303/11/200803/11/2008
UpdateAll tariffs updated29/08/200829/08/2008