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Sainsburys Energy Home Tariffs & Price Updates

Please find all Sainsburys Energy domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 06/07/2018

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff LaunchTemporary Aug 201906/07/201801/08/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary July 2019 - for comparison only31/05/201801/07/2018
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze July 201931/05/201831/05/2018
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise February 202031/05/201831/05/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary June 2019 - for comparison only. new default tariff for customers coming off a fixed term tariff.04/05/201801/06/2018
Price AmendmentStandard - for comparison10/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise February 202010/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise May 201910/04/201810/04/2018
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise May 201903/04/201803/04/2018
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise March 201903/04/201803/04/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary May 2019 - for comparison only, replaces Standard Tariff as the default roll-over tariff at the end of a fixed term contract29/03/201801/05/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary May 2019 - for comparison only, replaces Standard Tariff as the default roll-over tariff at the end of a fixed term contract29/03/201801/05/2018
Tariff LaunchTemporary Apr 201929/03/201801/04/2018
Tariff RemovalStandard29/03/201801/04/2018
Price AmendmentPrice Promise March 201913/03/201813/03/2018
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze February 201928/02/201828/02/2018
Price AmendmentSafeguard - previously known as Standard - Safeguard23/02/201801/04/2018
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise March 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze February 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise February 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze January 201926/01/201826/01/2018
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise February 201928/12/201728/12/2017
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze January 201928/12/201728/12/2017
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze December 201828/12/201728/12/2017
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise December 201828/12/201728/12/2017
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise August 201928/12/201728/12/2017
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze December 201830/11/201730/11/2017
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze November 201830/11/201730/11/2017
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise December 201815/11/201715/11/2017
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze November 201831/10/201731/10/2017
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze October 201831/10/201731/10/2017
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze October 201802/10/201702/10/2017
UpdateRe-pricing of Standard01/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise August 201901/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff RemovalFix & Reward August 201801/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price August 201901/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price August 201801/08/201701/08/2017
Tariff LaunchFixed Until July 201830/06/201730/06/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price June 201830/06/201730/06/2017
Price AmendmentFixed Price June 201813/06/201713/06/2017
UpdateRe-pricing of Fixed Price June 201831/05/201731/05/2017
Tariff LaunchFixed Price June 201826/05/201726/05/2017
Tariff LaunchFix & Reward August 201826/05/201726/05/2017
Tariff RemovalFix & Reward May 201826/05/201726/05/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price May 201826/05/201726/05/2017
UpdateRe-pricing of Fixed Price May 201804/05/201704/05/2017
Tariff LaunchFixed Price August 201928/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff LaunchFixed Price May 201828/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price March 201928/04/201728/04/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price April 201828/04/201728/04/2017
UpdateRe-pricing of Fixed Price April 201804/04/201704/04/2017
Tariff LaunchFixed Price April 201831/03/201731/03/2017
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise March 201831/03/201731/03/2017
Price AmendmentPrice Promise March 201810/03/201710/03/2017
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise March 201828/02/201728/02/2017
Tariff LaunchFix & Reward May 201828/02/201728/02/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price February 201828/02/201728/02/2017
Tariff RemovalFix & Reward February 201828/02/201728/02/2017
Price AmendmentFixed Price February 201808/02/201708/02/2017
Tariff LaunchFixed Price February 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff RemovalFixed Price January 201831/01/201731/01/2017
Tariff LaunchFixed Price January 201829/12/201629/12/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise December 201715/12/201615/12/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price March 201930/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff LaunchFix & Reward February 201830/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise December 201730/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward March 201830/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze November 201730/11/201630/11/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise November 201711/11/201611/11/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price November 201704/11/201604/11/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise October 201728/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward March 201828/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze November 201728/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise November 201728/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price November 201728/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze October 201728/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price October 201728/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise October 201728/10/201628/10/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze October 201730/09/201630/09/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise October 201730/09/201630/09/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price October 201730/09/201630/09/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze September 201730/09/201630/09/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise September 201730/09/201630/09/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price September 201730/09/201630/09/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze September 201731/08/201631/08/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise September 201731/08/201631/08/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price September 201731/08/201631/08/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze August 201731/08/201631/08/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise August 201731/08/201631/08/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price August 201731/08/201631/08/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze July 201729/07/201629/07/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise July 201729/07/201629/07/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price July 201729/07/201629/07/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze August 201729/07/201629/07/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise August 201729/07/201629/07/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price August 201729/07/201629/07/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze July 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise July 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price July 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward September 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise June 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price June 201701/07/201601/07/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price September 201824/05/201624/05/2016
Tariff RemovalFixed Price May 201724/05/201624/05/2016
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise June 201724/05/201624/05/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price June 201724/05/201624/05/2016
Tariff RemovalSE Fixed Price July 201829/04/201629/04/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward April 201729/04/201629/04/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price September 201829/04/201629/04/2016
Tariff LaunchFixed Price May 201729/04/201629/04/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Reward September 2017 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentFix and Reward April 2017 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentSE Fixed Price July 2018 - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Price AmendmentStandard - Gas price decrease16/03/201616/03/2016
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward April 201729/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward March 201729/01/201629/01/2016
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise December 201630/12/201530/12/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price December 201630/12/201530/12/2015
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward September 201730/12/201530/12/2015
Tariff LaunchSE Fixed Price July 201830/12/201530/12/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise December 201630/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price December 201630/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise November 201630/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price November 201630/11/201530/11/2015
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward March 201730/10/201530/10/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price November 201630/10/201530/10/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise November 201630/10/201530/10/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise October 201630/10/201530/10/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze October 201630/10/201530/10/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price October 201630/10/201530/10/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price October 201630/09/201530/09/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price September 201630/09/201530/09/2015
Price DecreaseStandard - Gas price reduction27/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise August 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff RemovalSE Price Freeze August 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff RemovalSE Fixed Price August 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise October 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze October 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price September 201627/08/201527/08/2015
Tariff LaunchSE Fixed Price August 201622/07/201522/07/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price July 201622/07/201522/07/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise June 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze June 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price June 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise August 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff LaunchSE Price Freeze August 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price July 201630/06/201530/06/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise May 201629/05/201529/05/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze May 201629/05/201529/05/2015
Tariff RemovalSE Fixed Price May 201629/05/201529/05/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise June 201629/05/201529/05/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze June 201629/05/201529/05/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price June 201629/05/201529/05/2015
Tariff LaunchSE Fixed Price May 201630/04/201530/04/2015
Tariff RemovalSE Fixed Price April 201630/04/201530/04/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise May 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze May 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Tariff LaunchSE Fixed Price April 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward April 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze March 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price March 201631/03/201531/03/2015
Price DecreaseStandard - Gas price reduction27/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze February 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price February 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze March 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price March 201627/02/201527/02/2015
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze February 201630/01/201530/01/2015
Tariff LaunchFixed Price February 201630/01/201530/01/2015
Tariff RemovalPrice Freeze January 201630/01/201530/01/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price January 201630/01/201530/01/2015
Tariff RemovalFixed Price December 201501/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price November 201501/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff LaunchPrice Freeze January 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price January 201601/12/201401/12/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward March 201631/10/201431/10/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price October 201531/10/201431/10/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price November 201531/10/201431/10/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward April 201631/10/201431/10/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price December 201501/09/201401/09/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price October 201501/09/201401/09/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward March 201601/09/201401/09/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price April 201631/08/201431/08/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward August 201531/08/201431/08/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price August 201531/08/201431/08/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Reward May 201530/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price March 201830/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price May 201530/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward August 201530/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price April 201630/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price August 201530/05/201430/05/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price May 201528/02/201428/02/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price February 201528/02/201428/02/2014
Tariff RemovalFix and Nectar May 201516/01/201416/01/2014
Tariff LaunchFixed Price March 201816/01/201416/01/2014
Price AmendmentFixed Price February 201509/01/201409/01/2014
UpdateAll tariffs reduced in cost bu 3.2% in direct response to the Government's announcement05/12/201301/01/2014
Tariff RemovalFixed Price March 201523/11/201323/11/2013
Tariff LaunchFixed Price February 201523/11/201323/11/2013
Tariff LaunchFix and Nectar May 201523/11/201323/11/2013
Tariff LaunchFix and Reward May 201523/11/201323/11/2013
UpdateUpdated prices17/10/201323/11/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise July 201517/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline October 201417/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff RemovalClear and Simple17/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff LaunchStandard17/10/201317/10/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise July 2015.30/08/201330/08/2013
Tariff RemovalFixed Price October 201430/08/201330/08/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline October 201412/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline July 201412/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff LaunchFixed Price October 201412/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Check July 201412/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Promise July 201412/07/201312/07/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Check July 2014 and Online July 201430/04/201330/04/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Check April 2014 and Online April 201430/04/201330/04/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Promise July 201422/02/201322/02/2013
Tariff LaunchPrice Check April 201431/01/201331/01/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Check January 201431/01/201331/01/2013
Tariff LaunchOnline April 201431/01/201331/01/2013
Tariff RemovalOnline January 201431/01/201331/01/2013
UpdateReturning for sale of Price Check January 201414/01/201308/01/2013
Price AmendmentPrice Check January 2014 and Price Check September 201312/01/201308/01/2013
Tariff RemovalPrice Check January 201420/12/201220/12/2012
Tariff RemovalPrice Pledge November 201328/11/201227/11/2012
Tariff LaunchPrice Pledge November 201312/10/201216/11/2012
UpdateAll variable price tariffs updated.12/10/201216/11/2012
Tariff RemovalPrice Check September 2013 and Online Variable September 2013 28/09/201228/09/2012
Tariff LaunchPrice Check Jan 2014 and Online January 201428/09/201228/09/2012
UpdateAmend to Online Variable Sept 2013 tariff is areas East Midlands, London and SWALEC30/07/201230/07/2012
Tariff LaunchOnline Variable September 201302/07/201230/06/2012
Tariff RemovalOnline Price Freeze June 2013 30/06/201230/06/2012
Tariff LaunchOnline Price Freeze June 201321/02/201221/02/2012
Tariff LaunchOrange tariff09/02/201109/02/2011
Tariff LaunchOnline Saver v716/08/201016/08/2010
Tariff LaunchEnergy Discount Plan v305/07/201005/07/2010
Tariff LaunchAnnual Fix v305/07/201005/07/2010
Price DecreaseReduction in gas prices for the tariffs: Standard; Energy Discount Plan v1 and v2; Online Saver v2; 11/03/201011/03/2010
Updateaunch of Energy Discount Plan Version 2 and Energy Discount Plan removed from the market to new customers.18/01/201018/01/2010
Tariff LaunchAnnual Fix Version 1 and Annual Fix Version 4 removed from the market to new customers.18/01/201018/01/2010
Tariff LaunchOnline [email protected] Version 420/11/200920/11/2009