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Utility Warehouse Home Tariffs & Price Updates

Please find all Utility Warehouse domestic price updates in the table below.

Prices Last Updated on: 15/01/2018

Change Type Tariff Change Detail Date Updated Tariff Type Affected Date Effective
Electricity Gas Dual Fuel
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1715/01/201815/01/2018
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 1615/01/201815/01/2018
Price AmendmentValue - New prices for prepayment only.01/10/201701/10/2017
Price AmendmentDouble Gold08/08/201710/09/2017
Price AmendmentGold08/08/201710/09/2017
Price AmendmentValue08/08/201710/09/2017
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1603/08/201703/08/2017
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 1503/08/201703/08/2017
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1504/05/201704/05/2017
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 1404/05/201704/05/2017
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1403/04/201703/04/2017
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 1303/04/201703/04/2017
Price AmendmentValue14/03/201715/04/2017
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 1201/03/201701/03/2017
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1301/03/201701/03/2017
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 1101/02/201701/02/2017
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1201/02/201701/02/2017
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 1005/01/201705/01/2017
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1105/01/201705/01/2017
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 901/12/201601/12/2016
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 1001/12/201601/12/2016
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 901/11/201601/11/2016
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 801/11/201601/11/2016
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 808/08/201608/08/2016
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 707/08/201607/08/2016
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 707/07/201607/08/2016
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 606/07/201606/07/2016
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 609/05/201609/05/2016
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 509/05/201609/05/2016
Price DecreaseValue - Gas price decrease01/04/201601/04/2016
Price DecreaseGold - Gas price decrease01/04/201601/04/2016
Price DecreaseGold - Gas price decrease01/04/201601/04/2016
Price DecreaseDouble Gold - Gas price decrease01/04/201601/04/2016
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed 406/12/201506/12/2015
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 506/12/201506/12/2015
Price AmendmentDouble Gold05/11/201501/11/2015
Price AmendmentGold05/11/201501/11/2015
Price AmendmentValue05/11/201501/11/2015
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed Price v322/07/201522/07/2015
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed 422/07/201522/07/2015
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed Price v301/04/201501/04/2015
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed Price v201/04/201501/04/2015
Price AmendmentDouble Gold02/03/201501/03/2015
Price AmendmentGold02/03/201501/03/2015
Price AmendmentValue02/03/201501/03/2015
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed Price v231/10/201431/10/2014
Tariff RemovalDouble Gold Fixed Price v131/10/201431/10/2014
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold Fixed Price v103/02/201403/02/2014
Price DecreaseFixed Price v113/01/201401/02/2014
Price DecreaseDouble Gold13/01/201401/02/2014
Price DecreaseGold13/01/201401/02/2014
Price DecreaseValue13/01/201401/02/2014
Tariff RemovalPrepayment08/11/201308/12/2013
Tariff RemovalDual Fuel - Medium User08/11/201308/12/2013
Tariff RemovalDual Fuel - Low User08/11/201308/12/2013
Tariff RemovalDual Fuel - High User08/11/201308/12/2013
Tariff LaunchDouble Gold08/11/201308/12/2013
Tariff LaunchGold08/11/201308/12/2013
Tariff LaunchValue08/11/201308/12/2013
Price AmendmentLow User/Medium User/High User13/02/201301/04/2013
Price Amendmentstandard and prepayment06/11/201229/10/2012
Price Amendmentall tariffs29/10/201201/12/2012
UpdateVarious reductions across all tariffs in certain areas to maintain their triple value gaurantee27/09/201127/09/2011
UpdateUpdate of prepayment tariff prices09/09/201109/09/2011
UpdateUpdate of all gas and electricity tariffs15/08/201115/08/2011
Tariff Launchnew prices23/03/201101/04/2011
Tariff Launchnew electricity and gas prices01/02/201101/02/2011
UpdateTelecom Plus - all gas rates updated01/12/201001/12/2010
UpdateUpdate of gas prices across all tariffs.01/04/201001/04/2010
Tariff Launchrevised pre-payment proces04/02/201004/02/2010
Price AmendmentDual Fuel - High User01/04/200901/04/2009