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Global Warming: 8 Ways Your Business Can Do Its Bit For The Environment

Global warming - it's now a well known phenomenon and one which is taken extremely seriously by the vast majority of governments all over the world, moving increasingly further up the priority list.  

And whilst making your business environmentally friendly may be pretty low down on your list of worries, it really can pay to greenproof your enterprise. Not only will your business be causing less damage to the planet, but you could save a small fortune in the process.

Here are some of our favourite tips to help your company ‘go green’.

Global warming

1) Invest in energy-saving products

Regardless of your company’s budget, there are so many ways to save energy and more importantly, money. It could be something as major and long lasting as installing solar panels on your premises, or as simple as changing your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones.

New innovations are hitting the market all the time and who doesn't love new tech!

2) Get the energy experts in

Think you’re not doing enough to tackle global warming? Feel a little overwhelmed by all the products on offer? It may be time to call in the experts and get yourself an energy audit.

There are a whole host of energy suppliers out there who will visit your business and assess your carbon footprint, recommend what products best suit you and provide advice on how you can save money.

3) Encourage staff to work from home

 Home Office

Now this may be one you hadn’t thought of, actively encouraging staff to not come into the office; but just think of the money it could save each week. Create a rota system, choosing when employees work from home and watch the savings roll in. Thanks to online work tools like Skype, Join Me and Hangout, you can easily communicate and work with staff even when they’re not physically around.

4) Switch to green cleaning products

Global warming

From handwash to air freshener, cleaning fluid to detergent - whatever your business does, we can guarantee you are using cleaning products regularly. But did you know that many of these products are not only harmful to the environment, but also to you and your employees?

Thankfully, there are a wide range of alternatives out there on the market, made using only natural and non-toxic materials. Many of these can be purchased in bulk, so they could be cheaper too.

5) Brainstorm: Involve your staff in energy-saving practices

Brainstorming session

Including staff in the energy-saving process can not only help boost morale and encourage proactivity, but may even provide a further insight into how to save both money and the environment.

Who knows? They may have eco-friendly tips they use at home that could benefit the business or some of them may want to form a social group whose aim is to reduce the office's CO2, taking the responsibility off you. 

6) Cut back on paper

Paper recycling

The statistics on the amount of paper businesses and homeowners go through each year make for startling reading, with the average UK office worker reportedly wasting a huge 6,800 sheets of paper each year. It’s also important to remember the amount of energy and electricity it takes to run the average office printer.

Only print when necessary, switch printers off when not in use and better still, switch to biodegradable paper to really help the environment.

7) Put your computers to sleep

It is widely recognised that desktop computers and laptops are one of the greediest users of energy in any workplace. When they are not in use for extended periods of time, like long meetings and at weekends, switch them off - leaving them on overnight creates enough CO2 to fill a double decker bus over the course of a year!  And by the way, standby mode is no good, it also wastes precious energy.

8) Save in the summer

Cutting back on the air conditioning is just as crucial as turning down the heating. There are some awesome products on the market that can help to keep your premises cool in the warm weather. But it could be as simple as upgrading your window blinds.

So turn off the aircon, keep the windows open and maybe invest in some ice lollies to keep your staff not only cool, but happy too!

So those are our favourite tips to help you and your business stay green and do your bit for Mother Earth. To get the most out of your energy bills, or to simply compare business energy prices, choose Love Energy Savings.