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Which Green Energy Plan Is For You?

As you may well be aware, renewable and green energy are on the rise around the world now contribute to a record 22% of global electricity supply. As such, more and more energy suppliers now provide green options or have even made environmentally friendly energy the core ethos of their business. But, with all of these suppliers, packages and tariffs it can be a bit of a minefield for energy customers looking for the best and of course, the cheapest. It is hard enough just finding the cheapest energy deal, let alone the best green one but true to form, Love Energy Savings are on hand to help you work out the best green energy plan for your home.

Advantages of Green Energy

Wind Turbines

Green energy deals are obviously dual purpose in that they help the environment and can also turn out to be very cost effective. Business energy customers can also benefit from such energy packages as they can look extremely good to customers who like to see companies doing their bit for the planet. All said and done, renewable energy is only going to get more and more important as fossil fuels run out and we look to get our power from more sustainable sources.

All energy suppliers in the UK get at least some of their electricity from renewable sources and there is obviously no way to get sustainable gas, but these firms vary greatly when it comes to their levels of support. Green energy may not always be the cheapest form of power but the long term benefits are plain for all to see and you can even generate your own electricity and sell it back to National Grid. For more information on this, refer to our Guide to Feed-In Tariffs.

Fuel Mix

If you are curious as to just where each supplier gets their energy from, you can refer to what is known as their fuel mix. You can refer to our energy suppliers hub to find this information and it will also be available on their own respective website as well. Some suppliers are putting their heart and soul into this, others are more concerned with competitive pricing or providing mass amounts of gas and electricity.

The Big Six and Green Energy

Unfortunately, if you currently get your energy from one of the Big Six then you are not likely to be offered a green tariff. This is because since the summer of 2013, EDF, E.ON, SSE, Scottish Power and npower all decided to terminate their green offerings. This was due to the campaign by Ofgem for “Simpler, Clearer and Fairer Energy” which stipulated that suppliers should have no more than four products available. Unfortunately, the green energy deals were the ones to go meaning that the number of plans vetted by the Green Energy Certification Scheme fell pretty sharply.

This could be another reason for the rise of the independent energy supplier, as more and more domestic and business energy customers realise that they could actually get the services they require from the independents. With better customers service and green, bespoke energy deals on offer from these less recognised brands, could the era of dominance by the Big Six be coming to an end?

Ofgem and Green Energy Options

As with most other areas of the energy sector, Ofgem has thrown its two pennies worth in regarding the issue of green alternatives. In June 2014 the regulator stated publicly that it was concerned that the deals being labelled at “green” were not officially certified. As such, it has demanded that all energy providers are far more transparent as to exactly how green their contracts are.

Green Energy Providers at Love Energy Savings

We have plenty of suppliers on our panel here at Love Energy Savings which offer green energy and you can find out more by visiting our dedicated pages for Ovo Energy, Ecotricity, Woodland Trust Energy, Good Energy and Green Energy. Alternatively, you can go to our full list of UK Energy Suppliers to find out more and perform a free energy comparison.

How To Find Out If Your Energy Is Green

Finally, if you are desperate to find out if the current energy plan your home or business is currently on is green, then you can always refer to the GECS. This is the Green Energy Certification Scheme which assesses the deal you are on and gives you a stamp of approval if it is satisfactory.  This is an impartial service, so you can rest assured this site will help you to make the best decision regarding your green energy deal.

Remember, you can always speak to a member of the Love Energy Savings team regarding any aspect of your home or commercial gas and electricity needs. We are utterly impartial and can find you the best deal with the minimum amount of hassle due to our cutting edge technology and committed energy experts. What’s more, we will never charge you a penny!