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What Is Ofgem's 'Be an Energy Shopper' Campaign?

Does the sound of your gas or electricity bill hitting the mat fill you with dread? If so, you're by no means alone. Research conducted by energy regulator Ofgem has revealed that 33 percent of us worry about our energy bills, although only a fraction of us take any action to find out what we can to to switch to a cheaper tariff with our existing energy provider, or switch to a better deal with a different provider.

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Historically, shopping around for the best possible energy tariff has been fraught with complexity and in the past, even if they looked around on energy comparison websites for better deals, the complications of tiered tariffs have dissuaded many people from shopping around for a better deal on their energy bills.

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Price comparison is no longer the headache it once was, thanks to the introduction of the RMR (retail market review) in April 2014. The RMR put an end to tiered tariffs, making it easier for visitors to energy comparison sites to see at a glance exactly what they will be paying. Another valuable outcome of the RMR is that energy providers are now obliged to tell their customers if they are not on their cheapest tariff.

However, perceptions that shopping around for a better tariff is complicated continue to haunt the energy market, which is why Ofgem has launched its 'Be an Energy Shopper' campaign. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to ask whether they're paying too much on their energy bills, to investigate their different option - for example on energy comparison sites - and to make the switch to another supplier if they offer a better tariff.

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The goal of Ofgem's 'Be an Energy Shopper' campaign is to get the message out to bill payers that switching to a different energy provider is no longer the complicated procedure that it once was. This is an important message in the light of the fact that, even though sixteen percent of Brits feel that they spend more on their energy bills than they would if they shopped around, a startling 43 percent of us don't bother to look into the different tariffs available to us. Reasons given for this inertia range from the belief that any saving we made would be insignificant to the feeling that sifting through the information available on energy comparison sites is simply too much trouble.

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However, the savings as a result of switching to a different tariff could be significant, as Dermot Nolan, Chief Executive at Ofgem points out: “We shop and compare prices for many things in life, yet we often don’t think to do the same when it comes to our energy bills, even when we could be saving around £200." Other estimates indicate that savings on energy bills could be even more significant than that, depending on the tariff the customer is already on.

To make things easier for energy customers who are sceptical about the benefits of shopping around, Ofgem has created a straightforward guide to help them know what to look for when comparing energy tariffs. This can be found at

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