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Asbestos Waste Collection 

Any business operating out of an older building could need asbestos removal at any time. Asbestos was commonly used in the construction industry until the 80s when it was declared unsafe. 

If you find any asbestos in your building, you should get a professional waste management company to safely assess and remove the asbestos waste. 

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What Is Asbestos Waste? 

Asbestos is a natural mineral and was used in construction until it was found unsafe. It was useful for its resistance to heat and corrosion before links to fatal diseases became apparent. 

Asbestos waste can be found in different materials typically used in old construction methods. It is considered hazardous waste as it can have a health impact on humans. 

Common places where asbestos waste can be found are: 

  • Inside walls and ceilings 
  • Underneath tiling 
  • Old insulation boards

Asbestos waste can go undetected so it is important to seek a professional waste disposal company to assess if it is a hazardous substance. 

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How To Dispose Of Asbestos Waste? 

Asbestos removal is considered dangerous and should be removed safely by hazardous waste specialists. We can provide you with a local business waste quote from a qualified specialist that will handle the asbestos safely. 

Waste management experts will wear protective clothing and seal the area off to ensure the asbestos waste does not contaminate other areas. The asbestos will then be carefully removed and double-bagged for safety. 

When moving into new business premises and you find asbestos waste, either on your property or bagged, you should not move it. Disturbed asbestos waste can cause fibres to travel through the air into the lungs of anyone close by. 

What Happens To Asbestos Waste? 

The Environment Agency has outlined a process that must be followed for the safe removal of asbestos. As hazardous waste, it must be double bagged and securely wrapped before being taken to a recycling centre that can handle asbestos removal safely. 

Some specialist recycling centres will have asbestos skips that are secure lockable containers. These containers will then be taken away from the landfill site to avoid contamination to a licenced landfill sites for safe disposal. 

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