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What Are the Love Energy Savings Awards?

We're on the hunt to discover the most energy-conscious businesses in the UK, and reward their efforts with a Love Energy Savings Award.

After the success of last year’s Love Energy Savings Awards, we will be launching the event again in 2016. Nominations will open on 5th June to coincide with World Environment Day, which campaigns to promote awareness of environmental issues and encourages people to take any action that they can.

Sponsor a Love Energy Savings Award

This year we would love for you to be involved through award endorsement.

We have only four categories available for supplier sponsorship, details below, therefore endorsement will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis;

SME Saver - £500

Entry criteria - Businesses with fewer than 250 employees who are making an effort to improve energy efficiency.

Super Saver - £600

Entry criteria - Businesses with more than 250 employees or factories/manufacturers who use energy on a large scale.

Innovative Saver - £600

Entry criteria - Businesses that have shown their creativity in order to become greener, or have introduced a single innovative practice to increase energy efficiency.

Stars of the Future - £500

Entry criteria - Public and private sector businesses and organisations who are passionate about saving energy, e.g. community groups, universities, schools etc.

The winner of each category will be awarded a cash prize (specified above) so that they can “switch the lights off an hour early, down tools, and take their team out for the evening”.

2015's Winners

SME Saver - Newlands Adventure Center

Newlands Adventure Center showed, an accumulation of small but significant improvements can make a big difference long term. The adventure centre dramatically improved its recycling rate over a four-year period and also introduced numerous green measures, enabling it to save an impressive £2,635 a year.

Super Saver - Keel Row Shopping Center

As one of only a handful of places in the UK to become 100% LED efficient, Keel Row Shopping Centre was a worthy winner of this award in 2015. They demonstrated that investing in energy-efficient lighting can pay dividends in the long run.

Innovative Saver - Bolton Market

By introducing a cardboard baler, Bolton Market managed to condense unwanted packaging by 60%. When you consider that every loose cardboard bin that the market emptied generated 2.5 pounds of diesel air pollution, the long-term impact of this simple but effective measure was huge.

Bolton Market were so proud of their award they they still wear their winners badge with pride on their .gov website.

Star of the Future - University of Salford

We can’t reverse the effects of climate change overnight - we have to play the long game. Technology and innovations that are being developed today will make all the difference in the future, and we want to reward those whose ongoing hard work will pave the way for greater energy efficiency in many years to come.

That’s why the University of Salford - which created the unique Salford Energy House - scooped last year’s Stars of the Future Award.

How Can I Get Involved?

We would love for you to get involved so if you are interested in hearing more or discussing this fantastic opportunity further, please get in touch with Emily from our Marketing Team at [email protected]  who will talk you though the options and opportunities available.

The dealine for sponsorship application will be Friday 3rd June