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SMEs are losing billions by failing to switch

Written by Love Energy Savings at 15:45

Failure to switch to cheaper energy suppliers has cost the UK’s SMEs a staggering £2.4 billion over the past five years, according to our latest research.

In a comprehensive study of the business energy market, we’ve found that that a shocking 30 per cent of the nation’s 5.4 million small and medium-sized businesses have not switched electricity or gas supplier for half a decade!


Not only that, but if they had changed to a cheaper tariff, they could have saved almost £1,500 each.

According to our findings, only 47 percent of businesses have looked into the possibility of switching to another energy supplier or a different tariff in the last 12 months which means that many business owners are missing out on substantial savings.

Since 2007, we have found that changing supplier and switching to a better deal gives businesses the chance to save an average of 40 per cent on their gas and electricity bills.

That is money which could make a real difference to a company’s future. It is cash that could be invested into growth, employment and employee engagement, instead of going out of the business unnecessarily.

It seems to us that many businesses are still either unaware of the potential for savings or find the process difficult to understand and that’s why we’re committed to making it easier for businesses to see how they can cut their energy bills, doing all the hard work for you so you can just enjoy the savings.

It’s so easy to see how much you could be saving; you just need to take a quick look online. Just enter your postcode here, fill in a few more details, and in less than 60 seconds you can compare the latest deals with your existing tariff. You may be surprised at how much you could save!

We understand that not everybody is up for renewal right now. Some business owners may be on two, three or even four year contracts, but we are here to help when the time comes.

Comparing more than 150 business energy products from 18 different suppliers, we’ve already managed over 93,000 switches preventing organisations from spending more than they need to.

Not only that, but our knowledge of the energy market I clearly valued by our current customers with 86 per cent continuing to use our service year after year.


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