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Since we were formed in 2008, Love Energy Savings has gone on to become the most trusted business energy price comparison specialist in the UK. We’re here to save you time and money, and to share our vast knowledge of the energy market. It’s no wonder that 86% of our customers continue to use our service year after year.



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Everyone can cut their business energy costs

Whether you run a burgeoning start-up enterprise with fewer than ten staff or you’re the CEO at a multinational corporation, there’s really no need to pay over the odds for your commercial energy. As a business energy comparison site, Love Energy Savings strive to bring you the best in energy prices across the UK.

Our technology makes finding the cheapest prices a quick and easy task, and we have helped over 52,000 UK companies save an average of 40.1% on their bills, equating to over £68 million to date, and counting.

The fact remains that only 60% of the nation’s businesses have ever changed their energy provider and it’s far too easy for firms to sleepwalk into an awful rollover tariff. If you’ve failed to stay on top of things, it’s highly unlikely that you’re currently receiving the most favourable energy prices.

In short, don’t be afraid to switch business energy deals. It's actually easier than you think, and with new rules recently introduced it's never been simpler to switch. One final tip - don't assume that you can only use the 'Big Six'. While E.ON, npower, British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE and EDF Energy account for the lion's share of the UK's energy market, there are now many smaller suppliers out there that are offering fantastic rates.

Your easy three-step guide to switching business energy suppliers

As already stated, Love Energy Savings makes it easy to compare cheap business energy deals. We’ve broken down the process into three easy-to-follow steps:

Stage One

First things first, we’ll need some information from you. Don’t worry, we endeavour to keep this to a minimum - we understand you’re busy people! While it’s true that the more details you provide the better, we can find cheap business energy deals on your behalf just by entering your postcode and current energy supplier. We don’t even need to know your name or the name of your company in order to compare the best business energy rates for you.

Click here to begin the process.

Stage Two

It’s time to sit back, relax and let us do all of the legwork for you. We told you it was easy, didn’t we! Our state-of-the-art comparison engine will now work its magic, generating all of the best commercial gas and electricity tariffs from suppliers in your area in a matter of seconds. You can now sift through the results to see which deals best suit your business.

Stage Three

Once you’ve found an energy tariff that you’re happy with, our expert advisors will take care of the negotiations between your existing supplier and your new provider. They’ve been doing this for years, and will ensure that your switchover is completed as quickly as possible.

We always keep things simple and transparent. You won’t be baffled by industry jargon and you’ll be kept in the loop at all times. We want you to save lots of money without you having to put any effort in.

To offer customers a more transparent service, customers can now view their switching process via our Track My Switch page. See for yourself!

What sets Love Energy Savings apart?

Finding the best business energy tariffs is only one part of our job - albeit an extremely important part. We make a point of maintaining a strong relationship with our customers long after they’ve made use of our price comparison tools.

Our mantra is to “Create a Big Difference By Making Life Easier”, and we go the extra mile to ensure we’re there for our customers when they need us. After you’ve compared the best business energy quotes, we’ll make sure that every aspect of the switchover is taken care of for you. Additionally, you’ll have access to your own personal account manager and you can also benefit from our extensive onsite resources section.

Here you’ll find our Energy Suppliers Table, Customer Case Studies and our News & Views section, which is regularly updated with useful energy price guides, as well as a host of blog posts that cover everything from renewable energy legislation reforms to the latest announcements from the UK’s business energy suppliers.

Finding cheap business energy deals is easier than you think

It’s a common misconception that switching commercial energy suppliers is a time-consuming and complex process. It really isn’t. New rules were recently introduced that further reduced the amount of time it takes to switch business energy tariffs, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try. You could end up making substantial savings.

Don’t assume that you can only use ‘The Big Six’. While E.ON, npower, British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE and EDF Energy account for the lion’s share of the UK’s energy market, there are now many smaller suppliers out there that are offering fantastic rates. You could argue that there’s never been a greater amount of competition within the UK’s energy industry, which is obviously superb news for companies looking to make significant business energy savings.

Don’t take our word for 


Read the Love Energy Savings customer reviews on Trustpilot

We could bang on about how good our services are forever, but it means much more when this comes from our happy customers. The reviews we have garnered via TrustPilot speak for themselves and we hope this demonstrates that everything we’ve told you thus far is true.

We genuinely care about our customers, which is why we’ve made it so quick and easy to compare business energy prices. We’ve built up a strong relationship with various commercial energy suppliers over the years and we’ve always got our finger on the pulse. If there’s a sudden fluctuation in global oil prices, we’re here to explain how this will impact your gas and electricity bills.

Aside from saving businesses an average of £1,772 at a time, we’re also keen to help companies to improve their carbon footprints. On our blog, you’ll find all manner of practical energy-saving tips, which are designed to aid your attempts to become more energy efficient.

It’s this kind of service that sets us apart from the rest, so why not find out how much of a difference we can make for your business?