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Get a no-nonsense energy comparison within seconds

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We Love Creating a A Big Difference By Making Life Easier

With energy prices in the UK showing little sign of going down anytime soon, it makes sense to be on the cheapest tariffs possible. Here at Love Energy Savings we not only find the cheapest gas and electricity rates, but also take pride in making a big difference by making your life easier. Our impartial energy comparison service is built on simplicity and saving you time, so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Being specialists with vast experience of comparing energy prices, we can provide you with instant quotes for your home or business but with a difference. Many energy comparison sites can do just that but we have built a service which takes the hassle out of the whole process for you. We will not inundate you with salesy calls and emails and simply get on with switching you to a cheaper energy supplier or tariff; leaving you to get on with running your business or family.

Our state of the art comparison engine finds the cheapest gas and electricity prices available and our team of experts then find the tariff which suits your particular needs and requirements. We have come to realise that energy comparison is more than just throwing prices at people, we provide a service which allows you to relax with a great peace of mind and we will even contact you when your renewal comes up, to get you on the cheapest energy prices time after time.

As well as offering a versatile energy comparison service, we are also thought leaders here at Love Energy Savings and have all sorts of energy resources available help you make an informed decision about your energy prices. From energy efficiency and fracking to the latest energy suppliers and electricity prices, we will have it covered via our thriving news centre and energy guides. This means that as well as ultimately saving you serious cash, you can rely the Love Energy Savings site to give you all the information you need regarding the energy sector.

What Makes Love Energy Savings Different?

Through our 45,000 plus energy switches, we have saved UK energy customers over £65 million and counting. We haven’t done this purely through energy comparison, but through exemplary levels of customer service and the fact that our average saving for you is currently an astonishing 40.1%. The aforementioned dedication to you, the customer, means that energy prices are something you can relax about, safe in the knowledge that you have the industry’s best energy comparison site fighting your corner. We don’t need endless reams of information from you, we don’t even need your time as that’s where we come in. Love Energy Savings will put all the leg work in for you so that energy comparison and switching energy suppliers is not something you need to worry about.

Rest assured we are the specialists when it comes to comparing energy, so whether you want to compare business electricity prices, take a look at the latest business gas tariffs, or just review the current dual fuel rates for your home, we've got you covered. Just stick your postcode into any of the search boxes, select type of of comparison, answer a few simple questions, and start saving today!

What Will You Do With Your Savings?

With businesses and households across the UK savings thousands of pounds through energy comparison, this frees up extra funds to put back into things such as strategy, resources or even holidays. What will you do with your extra cash?

With the UK still coming out of the recession, the money saved via energy comparison could be extremely useful. By reducing your monthly outgoings by comparing energy prices online and ensuring that you will stay on the cheapest energy tariff for years to come, you can free up regular chunks of extra cash to put into your business or private life. By performing an energy comparison with Love Energy Savings, you are choosing a fair and dedicated service which offers more than just numbers, we are the full service site that doesn’t charge you a single penny.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the very best electricity and gas prices without demanding all sorts of information from you. Many sites will ask for reams of data from you but all we need to provide your initial energy quote is your postcode and current supplier. If and when you decide to proceed with your switch, then we will contact you for any additional information at a time that suits you and without hounding you on the phone. Remember, our mission is to make a big difference in the energy industry by making your life easier.

Utterly Impartial Energy Comparison

Our energy tariff comparison is complimentry as our goal is to make sure that you do not pay over the odds for your energy. We are completely impartial, therefore, we don't promote one supplier over another and will not add any fees or hidden charges when you are looking for the best gas and electricity deals.

Different business and domestic energy providers are better for different people and we will simply find the tariff that best fits your needs and requirements. Like all other energy brokers and intermediaries, we receive a referral fee from the energy companies but this does not affect your tariffs and prices. What we do is provide you with the best energy prices from the entire energy market.

If you wish to speak with someone about your commercial or home energy account before you decide to make use of our great comparison engine, please give us a call on 0800 9888 375.

We have a team of home and business energy experts ready and waiting to take your call and remember, we won’t ever ask you for a single penny. We're just interested in getting you the cheapest energy prices possible and adding some transparency and fairness to what has become a broken market over the years.

You can be certain that we have your best interests at heart as it is our amibtion to get all businesses switching, preventing them from spending an average of £1772* more than they have to just from failing to make the switch.

If you want to learn more about the domestic or business energy markets, you can even check out our energy news centre and also our home and business energy help centre, which is full of guides that can help you to make an informed decision when it comes to your gas and electricity tariffs. The quickest way for you to get the ball rolling is to stick your postcode into the box at the top of this page.

All Major UK Energy Suppliers

With more and more energy suppliers popping up all the time, particularly the smaller independents which have been giving the Big Six a run for their money of late, it is important that you use a comparison site you can trust. Our advanced technology ensures that all the most affordable suppliers are compared, meaning you get only the best gas and electricity prices for your home and business. How do we do this?

  • We compare energy prices and calculate exactly what savings you can make
  • Our energy comparison experts then take care of the whole switching process for you
  • Our in house team of energy specialists keep you informed of industry goings on via our energy news centre and energy guides
  • If you are in a contract, we remind you when you have opportunity to switch to a better deal and look after your renewals as well

Also crucial to the Love Energy Savings ethos is the fact that we only build relationships with trusted UK energy suppliers, so you do not have to worry about being left buying your gas and electricity from cowboys or tiny providers who could go out of business. All energy suppliers on the Love Energy panel have been carefully vetted to ensure they will continue to provide the best gas and electricity prices. Our energy comparison engine is more advanced that even some of the UK’s biggest comparison sites, which puts our service head and shoulders above the rest.

We have been setting up direct relationships with the UK’s energy suppliers since 2007 and this is really emphasised by the fantastic energy prices that you can find here at Love Energy Savings.

Test out our business energy pricing tool yourself, it only take an 90 seconds on average. You will get the accuracy you require, and remember that you get no annoying call backs, just the gas and electricity prices you are after! All we need to perform an energy comparison today, is the postcode and the name of your current supplier. If you've got a copy of your most recent energy bill then great! If not you can still get an energy quote as our team will work relentlessly to find you the best energy solution. Let Love Energy Savings do the leg work whilst you get on with the more important things in life.

*£1,772 based on the average saving across all customers over the previous 12 months (2013-2014)