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Switch Business Water Suppliers and Start Saving on Your Water Rates

It's never been easier to switch water suppliers - compare your current supplier to our rates to find out how much you could save!

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    Save a up to £150 per year, or up to £450 over a three year contract*.

How To Secure a Cheaper Business Water Supply

It is easy to check how much you could save by switching. We have a strong commercial partnership with one of the UK's leading water retailers. This allows us to offer you favourable rates at unbeatable value.

We know that all businesses are different. We work with each business to understand individual needs. This helps us provide the best deals and services for both small and larger businesses.

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Why Switch Business Water Suppliers

Our customers can save up to £450* on their business water bill over a typical three-year contract. Many small businesses are unaware that they can switch water suppliers and are no longer bound by the area they're located in.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for cheaper business water rates, better customer service and simple billing.

Compare Water Suppliers

With Love Energy Savings You Can...

Consolidate Multiple Premises Into One Business Water Bill

If your business has multiple locations in various regions, you will be well aware of the frustration of dealing with more than one water retail supplier.

By switching all of your sites to one water retailer, you can access consolidated billing across your business.

Lets us help you start dealing with just one water supplier and start saving time and money.

Compare Water Prices

Save Money on Commercial Water and Sewerage Costs

It makes sense for all companies operating in England and Scotland to explore the business water supplier available to see how much can be saved.

No matter where in Scotland or England you operate, we can help you find a great deal.

Since the water market opened, we have been helping customers to save up to £450* over the course of a three year contract.

Switch Water Suppliers Quickly & Easily

We can provide you with a quote and arrange for you to switch to a better deal in a matter of minutes, without any need for you to contact your existing or new supplier. We will handle the whole process to ensure there is a smooth transition.

Once we’ve set the switch in motion it will take 28 days for the transfer to go through. This includes a 7 day cooling off period so if for any reason you change your mind you can cancel the switch.

If you require a new water meter, we will arrange an installation date best suited to you. We may ask you to take a meter reading to ensure we're providing you with accurate quotes.

Get a Free Business Water Audit to Reduce Your Costs

A water audit offers a strategic and overall view of how your company uses water. A report will be presented with steps that can be taken to reduce the cost of your water bill by improving water efficiency.

A comprehensive water audit usually includes:

  • Sanitary checks 
  • Usage and consumption efficiency checks 
  • Drainage checks 
  • Return to sewer
  • Ensuring you have an efficient water meter

Find out how to conduct a business water audit here. 

If you spend over £1,000 on your annual business water bill, we will provide this service free of charge when you switch business water with us. 

Switch Business Water

Understanding Your Business Water Rates & the Water Market

The business water market can be confusing, as part of your service continues to be provided by the regional water and wastewater treatment and distribution company or ‘wholesaler’.

You then have a choice of ‘retail provider’ – which is the company that looks after you, your bill and all customer facing services. If you haven’t yet chosen to switch retail provider then you will be with a default provider based on your location.

You can view the default retail providers by wholesale region below.

Wholesale Region Default Water Retail Provider
United Utilities Water Plus
Northumbrian Water Wave
Yorkshire Water Business Stream
Anglian Water Wave
Severn Trent Water Water Plus
Thames Water Castle Water
Southern Water Business Stream
South West Water Source for Business
Wessex Water water2business
Scotland Business Stream

Your water charges combine wholesale rates (which cover the cost of treating and transporting water and wastewater) and retail rates (which cover your service costs). Your wholesale rates are fixed but you can shop around for the best retail rates.

The wholesale rates you pay can change from year to year, but they are subject to regulation by Ofwat in England and the Water Industry Commission in Scotland.

If you don’t shop around for a good deal, your retail charges may still vary.

What if You Have Never Switched Business Water Suppliers?

This is common. Many business owners in the UK are still not aware that they can switch suppliers to save money.

This can leave businesses paying expensive out-of-contract rates with a default supplier.

By switching water supplier, you could save up to £450* during your contract when you agree fixed retail prices for up to 3 years.

How to Set Up Business Water in New Premises

If the previous owner of the premises has not switched water suppliers, it's likely your water will be supplied by the default supplier for your region.

Here, you can find a quick checklist for managing your business water supply when moving premises:

  • Provide notice to your current business water supplier that you’re moving (at least 1 month before is good practice).
  • On your final day, it is a good idea to take your own meter reading - water meters tend to be harder to locate and can usually be found outside the premises. Only take a meter reading if it is safe to do so.
  • Inform your water supplier of the final meter readings and the address of the new premises for the final bill.
  • Take meter readings as soon as you get the keys to the new premises - this ensures you’re not paying for water that you haven’t used.
  • You want to do your own mini water audit to ensure there are no leaking taps or leaks - it’s much more efficient to do this when the building is empty.
  • Find out who supplies your water - if you’re unsure who your current business water supplier is you can contact Ofwat at 0121 644 7500.
  • Shop around for great deals on your business water.

How Do I Access Better Business Water Rates? 

We’ll provide you with an exclusive business water quote in as little as 30 seconds using our engine. All you need is some basic business information:

  • Business name 
  • Company address
  • SPID number (Supply Point Identification Number) 
  • Contact details 

Your SPID number is usually on all your business water bills. 

Switch Water Suppliers

Who Is The Best Business Water Supplier? 

Since the water market opened allowing businesses to switch from their default water retailer, many water suppliers have entered the market. This has created a lot of competition in the market which means better service and prices for UK businesses. 

It is difficult to give the crown of the best business water supplier as there are many factors to consider including customer service, price and other important credentials. 

There is a range of water retail providers offering services in Scotland and England. We recommend one particular water retailer, Everflow, which is not connected to any of the monopoly wholesale water companies but has grown its customer base entirely through winning new customers. They offer great value with good customer service at a competitive price.

Which Business Water Suppliers Can I Switch To?

Businesses are no longer tied to their regional water provider. If you have sites operating in England and/or Scotland you are free to choose which water retail provider looks after your water and wastewater services.

In England, Open Water provides advice to businesses on the retail water market. Businesses in Scotland can find similar information by visiting Scotland On Tap.

Here’s a handy list of the main options (not including self suppliers or the smallest retail companies).

Wholesale Retail Provider Origins USPs Customer Switching Record
Water Plus Created out of United Utilities & Severn Trent with most of its customers being served by default. Largest in the UK. Net customer loss
Castle Water Started as an independent new company in Scotland. Castle acquired the business customers served by Thames Water when the English water market opened. Independent origins. Net customer loss
Wave Created out of Northumbrian Water & Anglian Water with most of its customers being served by default. Sustainability focus, market influence. Gains and losses
Business Stream Formed out of Scottish Water, Business Stream is the default provider for Scottish customers and also for business customers in the Yorkshire and Southern wholesale areas. Longest standing water retail company. Gains and losses
Source for Business Source for Business is part of Pennon Water Services and formed out of South West Water. The majority of its customers are served by default. One of the ‘big 5’ providers. Gains and losses
Water2Business Formed out of Wessex Water and Bristol Water, the majority if its customers are served by default. High performer on customer service measures. Winning customers
Everflow Everflow started as an independent retailer in Scotland before launching in the English market. It has switched more customers than any other retail provider. SME focus, sustainability focus, multi-utility provider. Winning customers
SES Business Water Formed out of Sutton & East Surrey wholesale water only company, the majority of its customers are served by default.   Gains and losses
Clear Business Water Independent water retail company operating in England and Scotland. It has won its customers through switching. Long standing retailer, multi-utility provider. Winning customers
First Business Water First Business Water is a small independent water retail provider. It has won its customers through switching. Schools & colleges expertise, high performer on customer service measures. Winning customers
Smarta Water Smarta Water is a small independent water retail provider. It has won its customers through switching. Sustainability focus. Winning customers

*Saving figure of £450 amounts to an average saving of up to £150 per year over a 3 year contract with Everflow.

Still Not Sure About Switching Business Water Supplier?

Join over 400,000 happy customers who saved on their business utility bills

Business Water FAQs

  • How Long Does It Take To Switch Business Water?

    It takes about 28 days to switch water provider. This includes a ‘cooling off’ period from your previous retailer. It may take a little longer if your business requires a new water meter. You should take a meter reading before switching supplier to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  • What Water Company Services My Address?

    If you have never switched water before, your supplier will be the default provider in the area. You can find out here

    If you have switched, you will be able to find out based on a recent business water bill. 

  • Will My Water Supply Cut Off Whilst Switching?

    No. You’re only switching the retailer who manages your billing. The supply at your business address and the pipes will remain the same.

  • Does It Cost to Switch Business Water Supplier?

    Switching your business water supplier is free. You may have to pay an early exit fee to your current supplier if your contract is not ending.

  • Will I Get a Discount for Paying My Water Bill via Direct Debit?

    Some business water retail services may offer a discount for direct debit payments.

  • Can I Switch Business Water Suppliers if I’m Still in Contract?

    You may need to pay an early exit fee if you switch business water suppliers when in a contract. However, you can still compare business water rates to see if the savings outweigh the exit fees. 

    Business water rates are less volatile than other utility markets so locking in your business water rates in advance of your contract end date is often a good idea.

  • What Is the Difference Between Business Water and Domestic?

    Despite being connected to the same regional water network, the business water market operates differently to the household market. Business customers in Scotland and England can choose between a range of water retail suppliers to get a better deal while household customers are not yet able to access the competitive retail market.

    There are no immediate plans to give household customers a choice of water retail provider in either Scotland or England.

  • Who Are Ofwat?

    Ofwat is the regulatory body for the water sector. They monitor and control the privatised water and sewage industry in England and Wales.

    The Water Services Regulation Authority is an independent regulator that was first founded in 1988. They operate in a similar way to other regulatory bodies you may have heard of, like Ofsted, Ofcom, and Ofgem. They are set up as a part of the government's strategic priorities to create better value for business utilities.

    Ofwat is a non-ministerial department. This means that it is a department in its own right but does not have a minister that governs it.

    Specifically, they are an economic regulator. It is responsible for monitoring prices, setting limits, protecting consumers, and emphasising the importance of investment in the water industry.

  • What Is a Supply Point Identification Number?

    A SPID number is a ten-digit code that helps locate your business water supply. This is used universally by all water suppliers to identify your business and its location. 

    This number will always be the same even when you switch business water suppliers. This ensures you're paying for your water supply and nobody else's. You can find your SPID on your water bill. 

  • Why Is Water Efficiency Important?

    When thinking about the benefits of reducing the amount of water we use in our homes, we often only consider the impact that it will have on our water bills. However, using water efficiently can also help to lower your energy bills. Around 28% of the average property’s heating bill is spent on heating water — that equates to around £125 per year. Efficient water use can help to lower these costs.

    Additionally, energy is used to treat, pump and heat the water that we use in our homes and this contributes to the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions. By being more efficient with your water use, you can help to tackle climate change.

  • How Can I Increase Water Efficiency In My Home?

    There are plenty of quick and easy measures that can help you increase your household’s water efficiency. These include:

    • Replacing baths with showers — By sticking to showers instead of baths, you could save up to £10 a year on your utility bills [2]. Additionally, by reducing the time you spend in the shower by just one minute, you could save up to £8 a year.

    • Stop the drips – According to the Energy Saving Trust, a dripping tap can waste over 5,000 litres of water on a yearly basis. Prevent this by ensuring that all your taps are closed properly [4].
    • Say no to running taps — A fair few of us have a habit of leaving the taps running whilst we shave, brush our teeth and wash our face. Kicking this habit and turning the tap off can help us save a significant amount of water.
    • Fully load your washing machine and dishwasher – By filling these appliances up as much as possible, you are making the most out of the water that is used. You should also try to select the settings and cycles that are the most water-efficient.

    • Use a bowl – Using a bowl to wash your dishes instead of running water will help to increase your water efficiency.

    • Reduce your temperatures – Use cold water or a lower temperature when hot water isn’t needed. This can help to reduce energy usage from your heating system.
    • Insulate your hot water cylinder – Lagging your water pipes will help to keep water warm for longer periods, which means less work and energy usage from your heating system. Visit our Heating efficiency guide to find out more about how you can reduce energy usage when heating your home.

    There are also a number of products that you can buy to help you reduce your water usage. Such as:

    • Water meters - Water meters help you keep track of your water usage and provide you with more accurate water bills; similar to the way that smart meters help to measure energy use. Contact your water company to find out if you are eligible to have a water meter installed.
    • Efficient shower heads – Fitting a shower head that delivers water efficiently can save you up to £38 a year on energy used to heat water [3].
    • Low flush & dual flush toilets – These flush functions will help to regulate the amount of water that your toilets use.
    • Tap aerators – These tools can be fitted to the end of your taps or applied inside of the spout. They mix in air with the water flow to reduce the amount of water that is supplied without affecting the pressure.
  • How Is Your Business Water Bill Calculated?

    We’ve established what charges are involved in your business water bill, and now here’s the breakdown of the charges.

    Volume Charge - this is a charge based on the amount of water that has been used by the business. The charge per cubic meter is determined by two things; the location of your business premises and the charges applied by your water supplier.

    Fixed/ Standing Charge - you will be charged a standard fee by your supplier to cover the costs of reading and maintaining your commercial water meter.

    The calculation for your water charge is as follows: standing charge + (volume of water used x volume rate) = your water charge.

  • How Is Your Wastewater Bill Calculated?

    There’s often some confusion around this charge. There are a couple more elements to be considered in this calculation. We’ll break it down below.

    Volume Charge - as you have probably guessed, you will be charged for the amount of water you have returned to the sewerage system. This charge is estimated based on the amount of water that originally entered the premises.

    Fixed/ Standing Charge - there’s a charge associated with maintaining the pipes that connect your premises to the local sewerage system. The costs are usually calculated based on the size of the building.

    Return To Sewerage Charge - finally there’s an estimated charge of how much water has been removed as wastewater. The factor is assumed at 100% by most water suppliers (what goes in, must come out!).

    The calculation for your wastewater charge is as follows: standing charge + (volume of water used x volume rate x return to sewerage charge) = wastewater charge.

  • What Other Information Is Included In My Water Bill?

    Depending on how your water bill is set up, you could receive separate bills for your water usage and your wastewater. However, in most cases, your commercial water bill will include the following:

    • Basic business information - name, address, reference number
    • Supply point ID/ waste supply ID - a unique number to help identify your building supply
    • Account charges - you’ll get a summary of charges including outstanding payments and any adjustments made
    • Charge breakdown - you should receive a full charge breakdown in detail. This is made up of fixed charges to cover maintenance, volume usage charges and any other charges.
  • Am I Required to Pay VAT on Business Water Bills?

    Some businesses in the UK have to pay water VAT. You can find out whether or not you need to pay business water VAT from your Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code. If your business falls under one of the first five divisions set out by the UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities of 1980, you will have to pay for business water VAT.

    • Division 1 - Energy and water supply industries
    • Division 2 - Extraction of minerals and ores other than fuels; manufacture of metals, mineral products and chemicals
    • Division 3 - Metal goods, engineering and vehicles industries
    • Division 4 -Other manufacturing industries
    • Division 5 - Construction

    Most businesses that pay VAT on water bills are part of the following industries.

    • Textiles
    • Mining
    • Manufacturing
    • Engineering
    • Utilities
    • Chemicals
    • Construction

    Organisations that fall under the following divisions do not have to pay VAT on business water bills.

    • Division 0 - Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
    • Division 6 - Distribution, hotels, catering, and repairs
    • Division 7 - Transport and communication
    • Division 8 - Banking, finance, insurance, business services, and leasing
    • Division 9 - Other services such as education and public services
    • Division 000 - Diplomatic representation and international organisation

    The government decides how much VAT to impose on business water bills. Any business that falls under the correct divisions will pay 20% VAT on their water usage. 

  • What If Your Commercial Water Contract Ends?

    Similar to the business energy market, once your contract ends, your business water supplier will place you on a deemed rate contract. These are often the most expensive commercial water rates the supplier offers.

    You should make note of your contract end date in a digital calendar so you can switch business water suppliers when you’re approaching the end of your contract.

  • Who Controls The Commercial Water Market?

    You may be wondering how the price of your water is calculated from the beginning, and who controls the market. Even with deregulation, a regulator has been placed to ensure that businesses continue to get a fair deal on their water rates.

    The market in the UK is controlled by three organisations:

    Ofwat - the most recognisable name out of the three, they are the economic regulator and licencing authority.

    Defra - stands for the Department for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs.

    MOSL - is the market operator and ensures the market remains easy to understand and efficient.

    For Scotland, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) manages the market.

  • Where Do I Buy My Water From?

    Businesses purchase water from retailers licensed by Ofwat and WICS. These retailers purchase water and wastewater services from wholesalers who are responsible for owning and operating the network pipes, mains, and treatment works. Your wholesaler is dependent on the region your business operates in.

    You can switch business water retailers who are responsible for your billing, obtaining meter readings, and providing customer service. This is similar to the energy market.

  • What Is Rateable Value?

    Rateable value is a charge calculated on the value, size and location of the business premises. The rateable value is used by commercial water suppliers to estimate the consumption of an unmetered business.