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Since we were formed in 2008, Love Energy Savings has gone on to become the most trusted business energy price comparison specialist in the UK. We’re here to save you time and money, and to share our vast knowledge of the energy market. It’s no wonder that 86% of our customers continue to use our service year after year.



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Are you paying over the odds for commercial gas?

Company owners are busy people - we appreciate that. However, regardless of how your daily to-do list is shaping up, you can still find time to cut down your business gas prices.

There are many ways to improve your cash flow and finding cheap business gas rates is a good place to start. Around 60% of the UK’s companies have managed to find cheaper business gas suppliers, but there is still a sizeable chunk that have never considered switching. This is a real shame, as this money could be put to much better use.

Once you compare business gas prices with Love Energy Savings, you will soon see just how much you have been overpaying. Many firms end up on a rollover deal and it’s highly unlikely that this will be the cheapest business gas tariff available. It takes a matter of seconds to save your firm a sizeable sum of money, so why not give it a whirl?

Why are business gas prices so hard to predict?

There are variables that make it harder to predict gas price changes. Global events - such as economic fluctuations caused by international conflicts - can have a knock-on effect in the energy markets, and gas suppliers will usually react to this by adjusting their prices. Damages to the worth of the pound can also affect the price of business gas.

Fortunately, Love Energy Savings has made the process of finding cheap business gas prices as quick and easy as possible.

Take a look at some of the this that affect gas prices below.

1. Where the gas is stored

If, for example, a gas storage facility is closed (for whatever reason) then prices will likely spike due to increased demand. Maybe a facility will close to allow for refurbishment, or staff training. Either way, closure or even a capping of the energy supplied will mean increased demand across the network.  

2. What the weather is like

When the weather begins to heat up, standing by the radiator in the mornings will seem far less appealing. Warmer weather means less need for a heat supply, which in turn will cause the price of gas to decrease.

On the other hand, when the temperature is expected to drop the price of gas will likely increase.

3. Gas flow availability

With the purchase, sale and transportation of gas happening in vast quantities across large areas, it is difficult to be certain how much is readily available. This can affect the wholesale gas price.

For example, when gas supply into the UK outweighs the demand then business gas buyers have the advantage. If demand is lessened but a plentiful supply remains, prices will often ease up. This is a lesson in Economics 101, basically. The more oil, the cheaper it is.

We have a team of highly-experienced energy market experts who will be able to explain any movements in commercial gas prices. 

We like to keep things simple and transparent, so we won't baffle you with industry jargon. Because we're so on the ball, we can ensure that when you compare business gas prices with us, you will be presented with not only the cheapest deals, but also the most up-to-date commercial gas tariffs.

How to compare commercial gas rates in three simple steps

At Love Energy Savings, we want you to be able to make a commercial gas comparison with minimal fuss and effort. Why manually sift through all of the individual prices offered by the UK’s suppliers - painstakingly inputting your details every single time - when you can let us do all the legwork for you?

Our advanced business gas price comparison engine will compile all of the results and deliver them to your screen in a matter of seconds. Here we’ve outlined just how easy this process is.

Stage One

In order to find the best business gas tariffs on your behalf, we’ll need to get some information from you. Don’t panic, we don’t want your life story! In fact we can generate a list of cheap business gas rates just from having your postcode and name of your current supplier.

You can begin the process here.

Stage Two

As far as you’re concerned, it’s time to put your feet up and relax. Once we have some information from you, we’ll do the rest. Within seconds of you submitting your details, we’ll have presented you with a multitude of cheap commercial gas options. It’s always nice to have a choice, so you can have a look at each deal before making a decision.

Stage Three

Contrary to popular belief, it couldn’t be easier to switch business gas suppliers. New regulations have been put in place to ensure the process is completed quickly and Love Energy Savings ensures that you won’t have to worry about a thing. Our experienced experts will take care of all of the negotiations between your old and new business gas supplier, allowing you to get on with what you do best - running your company.

We told you it was easy to compare commercial gas prices. With minimal effort you can make substantial savings on your bills.

Love Energy Savings now offer a Track My Switch  page, providing details of the process as you switch energy providers. 

Why else should I trust Love Energy Savings to find me a business gas quote?

First and foremost, take a look at the customer reviews we have received on our TrustPilot page. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service possible and these reviews show that we are delivering on our promises.

At Love Energy Savings, it’s not just about finding the cheapest business gas supplier for our customers (although this is our bread and butter). We also like to maintain a relationship with our customers, ensuring that their switchover goes smoothly and that any of their questions are answered. As mentioned, our team have a vast collective knowledge of the global energy industries and they are only too keen to share this wisdom with everybody.

In our Resources section, you’ll find all manner of useful material that you can access for free. From blog posts that discuss a wide range of topics - from the latest events affecting business gas rates to handy tips on how companies can lower their commercial gas consumption - to an Energy Suppliers Table and a host of in-depth Energy Guides, you’ll find everything you need in this section.

With so much information and expertise at your disposal, coupled with the promise of a quick, stress-free and transparent service, it makes perfect sense to allow Love Energy Savings to lower your commercial gas bills. It’s safe to say that making a business gas comparison has never been so easy.