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Business Phone Systems & Lines

Reliable business lines are essential to delivering great customer service and generating revenue for your business. We have a variety of business phone system packages available so that you never miss a call from your customers. 

With an award-winning customer service team and exclusive deals, we’re here to deliver great service so that you can do the same for your customers.

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  • Award winning customer service team

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Business Phone Systems - Solutions for All Sizes 

Finding the right business line can have a huge impact on the quality and cost of your communications. With the PTSN switch-off fast approaching, all businesses in the UK will need to assess their business phone systems as many of them will stop functioning. 

That’s where VoIP business phone systems bring in the future of communication. With tailored solutions, we can offer great value, reliable service and customer support.

What Do Good Business Phone Systems Offer? 

You just need a phone line that connects you from A to B, right? You could actually be missing out on a whole host of additional features that come with a modern business phone system that could set you apart from your competitors. 

We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s leading communication specialists to deliver exclusive packages to Love customers at great prices. With many added value features included as standard, you can get ahead of the last-minute PSTN switch-off rush. Some additional features include call divert, call waiting, call blocking and much more. Ultimately, this service allows your business to easily manage call traffic.

Our Products

  • ISDN line

    Known as Integrated Services Digital Networks, ISDN lines are known for reliable and crystal-clear calls. With digital capabilities, these lines allow your team to perform multiple tasks at the same time with easy scalability and flexibility. 

    Benefits of ISDN

    • Free installation*
    • High-performance digital transmission
    • Transmits both voice and data for higher productivity
    • Businesses can easily add additional connections at low costs
    • Call re-route disaster recovery in case the unexpected happens

    Why is an ISDN line better than a traditional line?

    ISDN lines offer unlimited internal calls and a more reliable connection during external calls. It’s also much easier to install new lines as a business grows.

  • SIP Trunking

    SIP solutions offer a bridge between traditional phone systems and a fully hosted solution. This is very much an introduction to operating in the cloud. SIP is a low-cost alternative to ISDN.

    Your business can still experience the benefits offered by an ISDN line without removing your old telephone equipment.

    Benefits of SIP Trunking

    • Minimal disruption to your business (no new equipment to be installed)
    • Access to call diverts using our web portal tool
    • Cheaper than ISDN connections
    • Free calls ‘internet calling’
    • No geographical restrictions

How Do Business Sim-Only Plans Work?

A business SIM-only plan offers you data, calls, and texts for a monthly fee. Unlike standard pay-monthly phone deals, you don’t have to pay for the cost of a handset.

SIM-only plans offer businesses excellent variety with different plan options and contract lengths available. With low-cost deals and unlimited data, SIM-only plans can be a great option for businesses that don’t want to be tied down to multiple standard-pay monthly contracts.

Many providers also provide excellent SIM-only deals that provide a cheaper alternative to buying costly handsets for staff.

Why Choose A Business SIM-Only Contract?

SIM-only business plans are a great option for anyone who has a phone they are happy with or would just rather pay outright for their handset.

By selecting a SIM-only deal, you will also benefit from much greater flexibility when it comes to choosing your contract length. As there is no handset to pay off, you won’t be stuck to 24-month plan options.

There is a huge variety of SIM-only deals on the market – to find the most up-to-date deals – compare business SIM-only deals with Love Telecoms Savings. 

Compare Business VoIP Phone Systems

There are several reasons why businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems, including:

  • Small or large businesses - flexible and cheap to set up. VoIP phone systems are great for growing businesses to upscale and install a new line quickly - and your team can make calls from anywhere.
  • The big switch-off (PSTN switch-off) - all analogue phone lines (both household and businesses) will no longer be able to make calls from a traditional phone system soon. We will all switch to a fully digital network by 2025 - avoid the last-minute rush!
  • Features to suit your business - you can customise your cloud-based phone system to help your team become more efficient with conference calls, call insights, virtual receptionists and much more.

Compare VoIP Packages

What Is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a cloud-based phone system. VoIP allows forward-thinking businesses to make calls via an internet connection.

A business VoIP phone system means you are no longer relying on older analogue systems, and you can integrate great features to provide your customers with a great experience. A remote working world requires intuitive features and a VoIP phone system allows your team to make business calls through their laptop or smartphone.

Do I need a hosted PBX?

If your business operates worldwide, a cloud-hosted phone system can be the best solution to keep your employees connected, they can still connect and make contact through the hosted PBX system. This is a great solution for remote workers or employees who travel a lot with work.

Business Phones, Lines, & Calls FAQs

  • What are the installation costs?

    Costs vary depending on the solution you choose. ISDN installation is free on 36-month contracts. To discuss installation costs, give us a call and we will talk you through the charges.

  • Is an ISDN line better than a traditional phone line?

    ISDN offer unlimited internal calls and you can easily add additional lines quickly as your business grows.

  • What if the solutions do not match my businesses requirements?

    Some larger business will require more tailored solutions. Our team can custom build a business phones and lines package for your business.

  • What is a business Sim-only deal?

    A Sim-only deal means paying just for a SIM card and accompanying mobile services. Deals vary, but they include an allowance of calls, minutes and data.

  • What are the benefits of a Sim-only deal?

    If your company runs a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) IT policy with staff, SIM-only deals are the perfect solution to keeping your company’s overheads low. They provide a greater degree of flexibility than many handset deals, offering shorter contracts to businesses.

    However, be aware that if you are considering this policy, you need to consider the cyber security implications of allowing staff to access your company’s data and systems from their own devices.

    For businesses that have staff working away from the office, SIM-only deals can be fantastic. Unlimited calls, texts and even data can help your team to work on the go or from home.

    There are also tax benefits. You are not going to need to do any additional reporting to HMRC by providing SIM cards to staff.

  • What do I need to consider before choosing a business SIM-only deal?

    The first thing to remember is that there are different sizes of SIMs. All smartphones and other devices that provide mobile connectivity require a SIM card to function. However, there are three SIM card sizes in common use – Standard, Micro and Nano. There is also a Combi SIM which is compatible with all three sizes, so you can pop out the size you want.

    Also known as a 3-in-1 SIM, combi SIMs could be a great option if you are unsure which SIM cards are compatible with your employee’s mobile devices.

    The other thing to consider is the package you need. Most of the best-value SIM-only deals run for 12-month contracts. It is also common to be able to access unlimited minutes and texts. However, you will want to consider how much data your staff will need and whether tethering and VOIP services are available.

    5G will give your employees access to the fastest available network speed. 5G allows you to connect more devices and increases the capacity of your mobile connectivity. For this reason, it can be a great choice for staff working remotely or from locations that don’t offer good internet connectivity via broadband or 4G.

    Unlimited data contracts are available, but they tend to cost a bit more than the cheapest deals.

  • How long is a business SIM-Only contract?

    The length of business SIM-Only contracts varies and is much more flexible than standard pay-monthly phone deals.

    In most cases, you can choose between a 12-month plan or a 30-day rolling contract.

  • Can I keep my number with a SIM-only deal?

    To keep your current number when you switch to a SIM-only deal you will need a PAC code from your current supplier.

    Getting hold of your PAC code is now much easier than it was in the past. All you have to do is text ‘PAC’ to 65075 and your network provider is required to send your PAC code in a text reply as soon as possible. In some cases, it may even be sent right away.

    You can then send the PAC code to your new provider, and they will arrange to carry over your current number.

  • Can I switch to a 5G SIM-only deal?

    Most networks offering 5G services will also offer 5G SIM-only deals. 5G has been rolled out in a range of locations around the UK where those with a 5G SIM card and a 5G-compatible phone can access the service.

    However, it’s important to remember that not all locations will have access to 5G as of yet.

  • How much data do I need?

    The amount of data you need will depend on how mobile phones are used within your business. With Love Energy Savings, you can access affordable Sim-Only deals with unlimited data to keep your business connected at all times.

  • What is the difference between SIP Trunking and ISDN?

    SIP Trunking is a newer technology that allows voice and data to be carried on the same channel. SIP Trunks deliver voice and data through a single line via the internet. ISDN uses a traditional copper network.

    If you’re unsure about which business calls and line options are right for your business, our team are more than happy to advise the best solution for your business with no bias.


  • What Is A Hosted Hybrid Phone System?

    Hosted hybrid phone systems require a physical data centre. The data centre is not located on the business premises. In simple terms, hosted hybrid systems are just like premise-based phone systems, except they are located off-premises. Hosted telephony systems like this prove to be a hassle-free alternative to traditional on-site phone systems. The data centre will handle any updates and maintenance tasks.

    Whereas true cloud systems offer pre-set features to small businesses, hosted hybrid systems offer a much larger range of features to businesses of every size. Business owners can add features and applications to their packages as their businesses grow. We recommend this hosted PBX phone system for business owners who want responsive, flexible software.

  • What Is A True Cloud Hosted Phone System?

    True cloud-hosted telephony systems are designed for small businesses. It is a common misconception that true cloud systems allow small business owners to choose features that suit them. There are only a few pre-set features available to organisations that want this type of system. This system offers small businesses communication features that they would only otherwise be able to access through premise-based, traditional phone systems.

    Small and blossoming enterprises might not be able to pay for expensive premise-based systems. In this case, true cloud-hosted telephony systems are ideal.

    True cloud-hosted PBX phone systems operate entirely over the internet. As with other PBX systems, this is both the biggest advantage and disadvantage. If the internet connection is not secure or strong, the communication features will not work.

  • How Does a Hosted Phone System Work?

    Whereas traditional phone systems depend on physical infrastructure that is located at business premises, hosted PBX phone systems do not require on-site hardware to be fully operational. Most hosted systems reside in the cloud. The term cloud computing refers to online data storage and computing power. The software and services offered by the cloud operate over the internet. Businesses can use clouds to outsource their computing needs.

    Hosted systems operate on either the cloud or off-site data centres. Off-site data centres are secure, physical locations. They are not located on the premises of the businesses that they serve. In this sense, hosted networks that operate from off-site premises are not entirely digital.

    Hosted telephony is a popular option because it is easy to connect to the cloud and off-site data centres. Business owners pay a monthly fee and simply plug in the desk phones that their provider has sent them. The provided desk phones will automatically connect to either the cloud or the off-site data centre. Traditional networks have much longer installation times, which can pose a problem for businesses that need to react quickly to customer demand.

    Hosted PBX Phone System Pros and Cons

    Hosted PBX phone systems are becoming more and more popular. There are lots of benefits to these modern systems. Here are some of the reasons why they have grown in popularity.

    • No upfront costs - Lots of business owners choose hosted telephony because it does not require large upfront costs. In the past, big businesses invested in expensive leased lines for improved networks. Leased lines require weeks if not months to install. Hosted customers only have to pay for initial setup costs for essential items such as compatible handsets, routers, and modems.
    • Incoming calls - Hosted systems are perfect for call centres and busy offices. Employees can answer incoming calls on desk phones, mobile phones, or even applications.
    • Manage international communications - An interface is all that PBX customers need to manage international communications. This feature is perfect for business owners who want to expand their reach.
    • Modern alternative - Hosted PBX phone systems transmit data through a secure internet connection. They are modern alternatives to traditional analogue PSTN networks. By investing in a PBX system now, managers can avoid the disruption that will come with the PSTN switch-off.
    • Range of features - Hosted phone systems come with a range of features. With hosted hybrid systems, business owners can pick and choose the features that suit their organisation. This is ideal for people who want tailored services. Hosted systems are very versatile, and can adapt to meet the needs of any kind of business.
    • The provider manages maintenance - The cloud host or off-site data centre manager will maintain the network. They will complete all the necessary updates to keep the software running smoothly. People who invest in PBX systems never have to worry about expensive maintenance bills.

    The biggest disadvantage of hosted telephony is that it requires a stable internet connection and suitable bandwidth. However, business owners can opt to increase their bandwidth whilst setting up their preferred hosted network.

    It is important to remember that not all hosted systems are the same. True cloud-hosted phone systems and hosted hybrid phone systems are similar, but there are a few significant differences.

  • Which Kind Of Business Would Benefit From A Hosted PBX Service?

    Most companies would benefit from upgrading to hosted PBX systems. By using the cloud PBX, you remove the need for expensive servers, licences and specialised staff. For that reason, they are helpful for small businesses.

    If your business is a start-up, or you need the flexibility to scale up and down quickly without making large-scale hardware investments, a hosted PBX can provide the solution.

    Hosted PBX is extremely common in call centres and customer service centres. Banking, insurance and legal services – which rely on reliable business communications with customers as part of their core business have also adopted hosted PBX in large numbers.

    Finally, working remotely has become more standard in many service sectors. Hosted PBX helps businesses facilitate a more flexible work schedule for employees because they provide a flexible and remotely-accessible communication system. You can log on from home, or even on the move. All this without sacrificing security or quality customer relationship management.

  • What Are the Advantages Of A Hosted PBX Service?

    A hosted PBX has many of the advantages of a traditional PBX but with some additional plus points. Mobile phones are increasingly standard in many businesses, nevertheless, many customers and suppliers still want to be able to reach a traditional landline number.

    A hosted PBX is safe and secure and is generally a much cheaper option than installing a server. A hosted PBX provider eliminates the need for on-site professionals to support the day-to-day operation should anything technically go wrong with your hosted PBX system.

    One of the reasons hosted PBX are popular is because if you run a business with multiple locations, even overseas, they allow call routing internally for free. It offers a much better customer experience if you have an integrated phone system if you have different teams in multiple locations.

    Both hosted and traditional PBX allow you to transfer phone calls and initiate conversation saving; however many providers offer hosted PBX with analytics data to manage functionality and reporting.

    Many growing companies opt for a hosted PBX phone system as they're accessible to upscale when hiring new employees. Your service provider will be able to add a new line to the cloud phone system and all you need is a new handset.

    Additionally, because the system is internet-based, employees can access a hosted PBX remotely, provided they have internet access. This is great in a world where working remotely is the new normal without employees disconnecting from the company telephone system.

  • Are VoIP Systems Suitable for Large Businesses?

    Business VoIP phone systems are suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. These systems are not constrained by the same rules as traditional analogue systems that require copper wiring. In fact, cloud-based phone systems can scale up or down with ease. Business owners can add new phones (or other communication devices) to their contracts as they gain new clients and customers. Business VoIP phone contracts charge customers on each new line. 

    We recommend VoIP for business owners who see growth in their futures. Startup companies love VoIP systems because they can increase or reduce the number of lines that they pay for at any given time.

  • Where can I get a VoIP package?

    If you have decided that VoIP is right for your business, you can switch to a VoIP package with us. Our experts can help you build the perfect package for your business. 

    You should carefully consider your specific requirements and user needs. We offer a variety of specialised VoIP packages to suit every business's needs. You can get a quote here.

  • What Is A VoIP Caller?

    A VoIP caller is someone who is calling you using a VoIP phone system. From 2025, everyone will be using a VoIP phone to communicate as the public switched telephone network is closed.

    Using a VoIP phone system will not be free but it costs much less to make calls than using traditional phone systems.

  • How do I find the right VoIP phone service for my business?

    We have a range of cloud-based VoIP system packages available. You can compare different phone systems here and get ahead of your competition today.

  • What equipment is needed for a VoIP phone system?

    You may want to purchase VoIP phones for your office. However, it is not essential to purchase any specialist VoIP phones as you can link your computer or mobile device to the system. Your current office phone may also be compatable.

    All you need is a good internet connection.

  • When should I switch to a business VoIP system?

    You should switch to a cloud phone system as soon as possible. You will be able to use your traditional phone system until your area is 'switched-off' - BT will have started their gradual switch-off with the aim to be fully digital by 2025.

  • Is VoIP safe to use?

    VoIP is as safe as traditional telephone systems as long as the internal IT infrastructure is secure. Many VoIP providers have added security to ensure calls cannot be intercepted by hackers. All exchanges have strong security as the hosted phone platform is a closed, data-encrypted system.

    According to a report published by Accenture Security, as many as 70% of business leaders are concerned about cyber security. This inevitably means that there are going to be some questions asked about VoIP security. 

    The truth is that VoIP is as secure as your current IT infrastructure. If your business already has strong protections in place, there should not be an issue. 

    In addition, most high-quality VoIP phone system providers have a data-encrypted system to ensure that calls cannot be intercepted by hackers. 

  • How does VoIP work?

    VoIP takes your audio and turns it into digital signals using your broadband connection to send the data. The data is then transferred back to audio for the person on the other end of the phone. The process is as quick and seamless as using traditional telephone systems but with added features.

  • Is VoIP cheaper than traditional phone systems?

    VoIP is much cheaper than traditional telephone systems. This is especially true if a business makes a lot of international calls.

  • How Do I Pick A New Business Line Provider?

    There are several things you will need to take into consideration when switching business landlines. You will want to get a great deal on price, but there are lots of extra features your business could benefit from.

    1. Call price

    Let's get the obvious consideration out of the way. When you set up a business landline, you need to consider two prices. As with domestic landlines, you pay for line rental and call charges. Unlike domestic rates, business landline call charges are often low. This means that if you were using a domestic landline for your business, it is always worth switching. The cost of your line rental can vary significantly. Check that your current supplier is not charging more than their competitors.

    1. Set up price

    The price that you see is not always the only price you pay. When you set up a landline with a new company, check if they will charge you a set-up cost. Business landlines sometimes come with a charge for starting a new account. They can also charge you for fitting your new phones. Find out what kind of phone socket you already have, and whether you need more to be put in. Some business phone supplier charge for this.

    1. Added features.

    Business landline features are important for managing call traffic and customer experience.

    We have partnered with one of the UK's leading communications specialists, Daisy. This allows us to deliver several quality features with the backing of 24/7 customer support. This includes call barring, call divert, call minder, conference calling and much more.

    Each package is tailored to each business's requirements.

    1. Customer service

    If nothing goes wrong with your business phone line, customer service won’t be that important. However, for most businesses, the support they receive matters. We offer a dedicated 24/7 business support line. Whatever supplier you choose, it is important to ensure you can receive support at whatever hour of the day.

    This means that if anything goes wrong, you can sort it out quickly. If avoiding downtime is important to your business, this option matters. Check the reviews that other customers leave for a company’s customer service team. Even if a company advertises a dedicated helpline, check their operational hours.