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Business Phone Systems & Lines

We’ve made it simple to find great business phone line deals to keep you connected. We have a variety of business phone line contracts from leading providers including BT, Vodafone, and Daisy Communications.

Compare the latest prices now to find the best business phone solution for you.

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business phone lines

We compare business deals from trusted UK phone and broadband providers

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Our Bundle Business Phone Line and Broadband Deals

Looking for the latest business phone and line deals? Take a look at our bundle business phone and broadband offers from leading UK providers including BT Broadband.

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BT Essential Standard Fibre 76(Superfast) Bundle

From £32.95 per month

Why Choose BT Essential 76 (Superfast) Business Broadband Bundle:

Up to 76 Mbps Download Speed

Digital Phone Line

Guest WiFi

EE Hotspots

Web Protect Security

Minimum Speed Guarantee



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BT logo white.

BT Enhanced Standard Fibre 76 (Superfast) Bundle

From £42.95 per month

Why Choose BT Enhanced Standard Fibre 76 (Superfast) Business Broadband Bundle:

Up to 76 Mbps Download Speed

Digital Phone Line

Expert Setup

4G Backup

Enhanced IT Support

Guest WiFi

Static IP

Web Protect Security

Minimum Speed Guarantee

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BT logo white.

BT Enhanced Full Fibre 150 Business Broadband Bundle

From £47.95 per month

Why Choose BT Enhanced Full Fibre 150 Business Broadband Bundle:

Up to 900 Mbps Download Speed

Digital Phone Line

Expert Setup

4G Backup

Enhanced IT Support

Guest WiFi

Static IP

Web Protect Security

Minimum Speed Guarantee

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Why Compare Business Phone Lines?

  • Future proof your communications

    Avoid any disruption from the upcoming PSTN switch off by installing a digital phone line with one of our competitive phone and broadband deals.

  • Stay connected on the go

    Review business broadband deals and select the one that offers the best speeds and prices for your business needs.

  • Bundle your phone and broadband

    Find a competitive bundle phone and broadband deal allowing to manage your account with one contract and one monthly price.

Why It’s Important to Switch from Your Traditional Phone Line

The traditional telephone network operated by BT Openreach will be fully switched off by January 2027. This means that businesses who haven’t switched to a digital phone line will be disconnected after the switch off.

All equipment using the PSTN network will stop working if businesses don’t upgrade. This includes landline phones, alarms, door entry systems, CCTV, and EPOS payment systems.

Should You Switch to a Digital Business Phone Line?

Moving from a traditional business phone line to a digital or cloud-based phone line will help you avoid disruptions caused by the PSTN switch off.

Cloud-based phone systems provide a budget-friendly option for small businesses. As long as you have a cloud-compatible handset, you can purchase a licence for each user. As your business grows, you can easily add to this with new licences.

Compare Business VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a cloud-based phone system. VoIP allows forward-thinking businesses to make calls via an internet connection.

A business VoIP phone system means you are no longer relying on older analogue systems, and you can integrate great features to provide your customers with a great experience. A remote working world requires intuitive features and a VoIP phone system allows your team to make business calls through their laptop or smartphone.

There are several reasons why businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems, including:

  • Small or large businesses - flexible and cheap to set up. VoIP phone systems are great for growing businesses to upscale and install a new line quickly - and your team can make calls from anywhere.
  • The big switch-off (PSTN switch-off) - all analogue phone lines (both household and businesses) will no longer be able to make calls from a traditional phone system soon. After being delayed, the PSTN will now be switched off in January 2027.
  • Features to suit your business - you can customise your cloud-based phone system to help your team become more efficient with conference calls, call insights, virtual receptionists and much more.

Compare VoIP Packages

How Do Business Sim-Only Plans Work?

A business SIM-only plan offers you data, calls, and texts for a monthly fee. Unlike standard pay-monthly phone deals, you don’t have to pay for the cost of a handset.

SIM-only plans offer businesses excellent variety with different plan options and contract lengths available. With low-cost deals and unlimited data, SIM-only plans can be a great option for businesses that don’t want to be tied down to multiple standard-pay monthly contracts.

Why Choose A Business SIM-Only Contract?

SIM-only business plans are a great option for anyone who has a phone they are happy with or would just rather pay outright for their handset.

By selecting a SIM-only deal, you will also benefit from much greater flexibility when it comes to choosing your contract length. As there is no handset to pay off, you won’t be stuck to 24-month plan options.

Many providers also offer excellent SIM-only deals that deliver a cheaper alternative to buying costly handsets for staff.

Should You Bundle Your Business Phone and Broadband?

Many providers will offer business phone and broadband deals as a bundle.

These deals are often worth considering as they can be more convenient and cost-effective than finding separate deals for your phone line and internet connections.

You will only have one connectivity bill, making it much easier to keep track of your monthly costs and find support in managing your connections.

Compare Phone & Broadband Deals

Business Phones, Lines, & Calls FAQs

  • How Does VoIP Work?

    VoIP takes your audio and turns it into digital signals using your broadband connection to send the data. The data is then transferred back to audio for the person on the other end of the phone. The process is as quick and seamless as using traditional telephone systems but with added features.

    Business VoIP phone systems are suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. These systems are not constrained by the same rules as traditional analogue systems that require copper wiring.

    In fact, cloud-based phone systems can scale up or down with ease. Business owners can add new phones (or other communication devices) to their contracts as they gain new clients and customers. Business VoIP phone contracts charge customers on each new line. 

  • What Equipment is Needed for a VoIP Phone System?

    You may want to purchase VoIP phones for your office. However, it is not essential to purchase any specialist VoIP phones as you can link your computer or mobile device to the system. Your current office phone may also be compatible.

  • Can I Keep the Same Telephone Number When Switching to VoIP?

    Yes, you can keep your original telephone number when switching to a VoIP phone system. In the majority of cases, it is easy to port your phone number to your VoIP provider when you make the switch.

  • What Is the Difference Between Hosted and Non-Hosted VoIP?

    A hosted VoIP system offers communications solutions using hardware located outside of your premises.

    This means that a third party will cover the costs and management of building servers, hardware and software required to manage your connection. All your business needs is VoIP-enabled phones and a licence to get connected.

    With non-hosted VoIP, your business would invest in servers and hardware located at your premises. You would be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep needed to keep your business connected.

    This is an option that could suit large businesses with the space and budget to cover the costs of the investment.

  • Is an ISDN Line Better Than a Traditional Phone Line?

    Known as Integrated Services Digital Networks, ISDN lines are known for reliable and crystal-clear calls. With digital capabilities, these lines allow your team to perform multiple tasks at the same time with easy scalability and flexibility. 

    ISDN lines offer unlimited internal calls and a more reliable connection during external calls. It’s also much easier to install new lines as a business grows.

  • How Does SIP Trunking Work?

    SIP solutions offer a bridge between traditional phone systems and a fully hosted solution. This is very much an introduction to operating in the cloud. SIP is a low-cost alternative to ISDN.

    Your business can still experience the benefits offered by an ISDN line without removing your old telephone equipment.

  • Do I Need a Hosted PBX System?

    If your business operates worldwide, a cloud-hosted phone system can be the best solution to keep your employees connected, they can still connect and make contact through the hosted PBX system. This is a great solution for remote workers or employees who travel a lot with work.

    One of the reasons hosted PBX are popular is because if you run a business with multiple locations, even overseas, they allow call routing internally for free. It offers a much better customer experience if you have an integrated phone system if you have different teams in multiple locations.

    Additionally, because the system is internet-based, employees can access a hosted PBX remotely, provided they have internet access. This is great in a world where working remotely is the new normal without employees disconnecting from the company telephone system.