Partners Do Earn More with Love Energy Savings

Why not utilise LES Partner Privileges, we offer so much more than your average partnership. Let us prove it.

Become a Love Energy Savings partner and have the ability to offer your customers a 60 second money saving service. Get the most out of your partnership experience by using your bespoke partner portal to instantly compare 156 tariffs from 21 suppliers offering the best possible solution to your customers.

Want a partnership that doesn’t swallow up all of your business time with laborious admin? Being a Love Energy Savings Partner, you will benefit from a revenue share of up to 85% and are supported by some of the best live rates in the industry. We are confident that we will have your sales converted from receipt to submission to the supplier in a market leading timescale.

Our Partner team can manage each customer journey as if it was their own, from the initial sale to actual go live. Our leading and expert partner Service Centre of Excellence team will handle all of your enquiries to ensure that they can be processed without a delay. We also safe guard your customers, making sure that they have received all of the information that they need to enter into their new agreement, which protects both yourself and the customer.

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Our World Class Leading Technology Platform

We will provide you with free access to Love Energy Saving’s unique partner platform which has been developed with you in mind. It instantly allows you to compare market leading tariffs from over 20 energy suppliers. In real time, you will be able to compare the market and instantly submit contracts at the touch of a button. This then allows you to keep connected with us and right on the pulse with your own performance dashboard designed to make life easier. We are proud to offer some fantastic benefits:

  • Boost your sales by comparing over 150 products from over 20 energy suppliers
  • Stay in control and upto speed with contract status and associated revenues
  • Keep connected with your online interface direct to your dedicated Account Manager
  • Stay compliant with real time updates on regulatory and supplier processes
  • Utilise our on-line portal ticketing priority system which keeps you in control at the touch of a button

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Service Centre

At Love Energy Savings, we take to delighting our partners very seriously and therefore we’ve developed a service centre of excellence committed to meeting your needs, ensuring that your business runs smoothly, efficiently and profitably. These are our key commitments to you.

  • You should never wait to be answered - We commit to answering all of your calls in under 15 seconds. That’s a promise.
  • Welcoming approach – You will always receive a warm and friendly approach. We are here to help you and it is important to us that we do this with a smile on our face.
  • Get it right first time – Our highly trained teams are committed to a one call resolution approach. This ensures that we make both our partners and customer’s journey efficient and reliable. You will agree, we all like that personal touch.
  • Accuracy of information – It is important that we provide you with the correct information. We pride ourselves in ensuring that quality is key to each transaction and that our standards are never compromised.
  • Stand out from the crowd - We Love creating a big difference by making life easier. That’s why we stand out from the crowd. Take our word for it.
  • Feedback – We at Love Energy Savings are always striving to improve our service to our Partners, that’s why we would love to hear your feedback. It is important that we listen.

As you can see, we are very committed to our service centre of excellence. We invest heavily to ensure we lead the way in our industry. It’s now down to you to experience it. At Love Energy Savings, we love creating a big difference by making life easier.

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Competitive Commercials

Since 2008, Love Energy Savings has developed strategic partnerships with over 20 suppliers commanding exceptional tariffs and favourable terms for our partners. We absolutely understand the cashflow pressures being faced and our no nonsense approach to commercials is designed to ensure you stay ahead allowing for seamless financial transactions. We are confident that you benefit from our leading market proposition. We are confident that you will:

  • Stay profitable with upto 85% of revenue paid back to our partners
  • Efficient payment transactions due to our no nonsense attitude to commercial terms
  • More bang for your buck due to our exceptional live rates and slick processes

At Love Energy Savings, we love creating a big difference by making life easier. Give us the opportunity to prove this. We’re looking forward to it.

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Contact Wayne Heap

Head of Partner Networks

  • British Gas
  • CNG UK
  • Crown Gas & Power
  • Dual Energy
  • Scottish Power
  • E.ON UK
  • Ovo Energy
  • Hudson Energy
  • Npower UK
  • OPUS Energy
  • EDF UK
  • SSE UK
  • Extra Energy
  • Yorkshire Gas & Power