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New Study Reveals That 80% of British Employees Go to Work When They’re Sick

A new study has found that 80% of British employees work when ill. Here are the reasons why they do, why they shouldn’t and what managers can do about it. more

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How to free yourself from business energy debts

A major challenge to UK businesses that isn’t often discussed is the problem of energy debt. Here’s what you can do to get your company back into the black. more

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INTERACTIVE: How to network based on your personality type

What aspect of networking do you struggle most with? Use our interactive tool to discover how you can use your personality type to easily connect with others here. more

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Go Sober for October: Alternatives to a Staff Night Out

You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Our list of fantastic days out will keep your staff engaged and entertained during Go Sober for October. more

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The 10 easiest ways to save energy at the office

Reducing the amount you spend on energy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 10 easy changes your office can start implementing today. more

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Why Work in the Energy Industry?

The energy sector services more customers and contributes more to the UK economy than ever before. See if working in the energy industry could be your next career path. more

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Does networking actually work? We look at the stats

Networking gets a bad rep, but are you hurting your business by shunning it? We look at the data to find out how much impact networking might actually have. more

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20% of Bosses Are Doing it Wrong

A study by Love Energy Savings found that 20% of UK employees found their manager’s performance to be inadequate. What are they doing wrong? more

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Discover which region is the most expensive for business energy

The cost of energy is one thing businesses need to consider when setting up in a new area. We looked at our data to find out which region is most expensive and why. more

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The UK’s fastest-growing sectors: Where to work in 2019

Tech innovation, the rise of e-commerce and significant government funding has led to rapid growth in some of the UK’s top sectors. Find out where you should be working in 2019. more

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The Top 10 Ways to Inspire Your Staff

Keeping your employees motivated is the key to success. We’ve created a list of the top 10 ways to inspire your staff to help your business reach new heights. more

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8 ways to break your addiction to work

Whether it’s to catch up on work or to get a headstart on a new project, we’ve all found ourselves glued to our desks a little longer than necessary at some point. But pushing yourself too hard and neglecting your work-life balance is the quickest way to burnout. more

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Are you addicted to work? Nearly 1 in 10 UK employees work more than 20 extra hours a week

A study conducted by Love Energy Savings discovered that over 35% of British employees work more hours than they are contracted to, with nearly 1 in 10 working over 20 hours extra each week. more

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8 foolproof ways to save money on business gas and water bills

Keep your gas and water bills as low as possible by following these 8 simple rules Switch your business energy today with Love Energy Savings. more

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5 things SMEs are wasting money on (according to business leaders)

Love Energy Savings spoke to business leaders to learn what small businesses are wasting their money on — and what they can do to change that. more

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How businesses can motivate their staff on Blue Monday

Blue Monday is the time of year when we’re feeling at our most low, so make sure your staff don’t lose steam with these fun and motivational tips. more

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UPDATE: Love Energy Savings and ScottishPower work together to help Extra Energy business customers

Since Extra Energy has ceased trading, ScottishPower will be working together with Love Energy Savings to make sure Extra Energy customers never pay over the odds for their energy. Find out how here. more

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Should targets be taboo? Here’s what business leaders think

Love Energy Savings asks business leaders whether the practice of setting targets is obsolete. Should goals be scrapped, or is there value in them yet? more

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8 fun alternatives to Secret Santa

‘Tis the season for that workplace favourite – the annual round of Secret Santa. While it’s one of the most popular Christmas office games, it can fill some people with worry. What if we spend too much? Or too little? What if the gift gets misinterpreted? How do we buy for a colleague we barely know? more

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Relationship building: How it can grow your business

Building strong relationships is the key to successful networking and is crucial to help your business grow. Here are our top tips for business networking. more

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New Study Reveals That 80% of British Employees Go to Work When They’re Sick Read more

How to free yourself from business energy debts Read more

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