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It's not just about giving you the best home and business energy quotes here at Love Energy Savings. We are also dedicated to bringing you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your gas and electricity, which is why we set up our money saving and energy news centre.

Crucially, we are completely independent here at Love Energy Savings, which means all of our editorial is impartial and we will rarely look to endorse brands or suppliers. Our articles aim to help you to save your money business money, increase your energy efficiency efforts and inform your decision regarding your gas and electricity. You may also want to take a look at our energy guides, which often take a deeper look some of the themes we cover here.

So, if you want to learn more about the latest price hikes by UK energy suppliers, environmental issues or ways you can save your business much needed cash via your gas and electricity then you are in the right place. You can also perform a free, no-obligation comparison via any of our blogs or guides at the click of a button by using our state of the art engine. Just stick your postcode into the box provided! Add to this the green energy articles we have available and our interactive infographics and you really do have the best location for all your energy news and money saving tips.


energy consumption energy supplier greenproofing smart meter winter energy bills

Big Energy Saving Week: 5 Ways to Lower Your Business Energy Bills this Winter

Winter is around the corner. Find out how you can save substantial sums of money for your business in the fourth quarter of 2015.


Business Energy Energy Dummies Overpaying Suppliers Save Money UK Businesses

Business Energy For Dummies

This business energy for dummies guide is for the UK business owners that still aren't getting the message that it pays to stay on top of your business energy.


Customer Loyalty Customer Survey Love Energy Savings Loyalty Scheme Retention

The difference between business and customer loyalty

Many loyalty schemes fall flat because the company in question didn't do their research. Here's the results of the Love Energy Savings customer loyalty survey entailing how to build the perfect scheme for your business.


Businesses everywhere Customer loyalty Love Energy Savings survey Loyalty scheme Retain customers

How to Build a Great Customer Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty schemes are a great way to improve engagement and reward your customers. We tell you how to build the perfect scheme for your business.


Business expansion Business opportunities Halloween business Halloween market

The business opportunities of Halloween

The Halloween and seasonal markets have captivated the UK for many years now - it's now estimated to be worth in excess of £280M - Find out what your business can do to benefit this Halloween


Business Owner Entrepreneur New Business Successful Business Your Objectives

10 things that every new business owner needs to know

We also work with thousands SMEs throughout the UK in a variety of different sectors. As a result, we’ve put together this list of 10 things that every new business owner needs to know to give you every chance of success.


Best companies Jonathan austin day in the life exclusive interiew motivate employees

A Working Day in the Life of…Jonathan Austin, CEO of Best Companies.

In this exclusive interview, Jonathan speaks from experience and reveals what it takes to become the Best business!


Investment deal NVM SME energy comparison local community

Love Energy Savings bank £4.5m investment deal given by NVM.

As the leading energy price comparison company we’re set to storm the energy market over the upcoming months. Find out how we're expanding here...


Eco-friendly Energy tariff Lower energy bill State funded schools reduce energy consumption

Energy saving tips for schools

The demand on schools in the UK is getting ever higher and the pressure is on to find ways to save money, click here for more info...


combat stress morning motivation morning routine stay motivated your business

How to start your business day motivated

There must be a way to combat stress and get your week off to a motivated start so that you can run your business to the best of your abilities. Actually, there are several!


business business gadgets productive workforce smart technology

Smart Business Gadgets

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace; with tasks that once took hours to complete now being perfected at the click of a button, this is without a doubt, good for business as recent leaps forward in smart technology are increasing productivity and metamorphosing our approach the daily grind.


Customer loyalty Customer survey Love Energy Savings Loyalty scheme Retention

Loyalty Survey: Find Out What Makes Your Customers Stay

Leading energy price comparison website Love Energy Savings has launched an innovative new survey to find out exactly what drives customer loyalty.


Businesses Invest In Green Energy subsidies Renewable energy Renewables Solar Panel

How Can Businesses Invest in Being Green?

Despite government cuts to subsidies, businesses are still investing in renewables. We explore how companies can makes themselves greener.


business electricity solar future solar panel solar plane solar power

Solar Power Taken To New Heights

The future’s looking bright for solar power, as it has gained much public interest and development investments into its technology recently resulting in extraordinary results such as Solar Impulse 2.


business energy compare energy supplier energy suppliers save 40% on business energy switch energy supplier

Five top tips: Save an average of 40%* on your business energy bills

Break up with your supplier's high prices and show your account some LOVE. Here's our top tips on how to save an average of 40%* on your business energy bills


Energy Efficiency Ikea LED Bulbs LED Lighting Save money

Lighting the Way: Will Ikea Start a New Trend?

Ikea have announced that from September 2015 they will only sell efficient LED lightbulbs, so we explore why you too should make the switch.


Code of practice Fair business Fair energy market Fair energy prices TPI

Love Energy Savings TPI Code of Practice

The TPI code of practice sets the standard for fair, transparent, responsible and high quality TPIs acting as intermediaries between energy suppliers and consumers.


Free Webinar Google Marketing Advice SME Advice Webinar Win Business

The Ultimate Introduction: Getting on page one of Google and winning business

Love Energy Savings teamed up with online marketing experts Bring Digital to give you a fantastic opportunity to expand your digital marketing knowledge via a complimentary webinar.


Business Energy Climate Change Eco Friendly Business Environmentally Friendly Reduce Carbon Footprint

How Can Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

The UK’s latest greenhouse gas emission figures have been released but how can businesses go about cutting their carbon footprint?


business electricity business money saving advice business money saving tips compare energy suppliers money saving tips save money

20 Smart Money Saving Tips For Businesses

20 money saving tips for businesses: These tips could help you to reduce your overheads, increase your cost effectiveness and give your business a better chance of growth and success.

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