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Why Work in the Energy Industry?

Written by Love Energy Savings at 16:04

Working in the energy industry may not have crossed your mind, but with its vast, varied opportunities and fast-paced nature, it very well could be the career you’ve always been looking for. Whether it’s working in the great outdoors or helping energy customers save money, it can be both fulfilling and rewarding, offering a long-term career path and lighting up your future.

Gas, Electricity, Oil, Renewables and Nuclear – all are undergoing great changes as energy security and prices continue to remain pressing issues. There has never been a more exciting time to work in the energy industry.

At Love Energy Savings, we’re dedicated to ensuring home and business energy customers are equipped with all the information they need to make an informed decision regarding their gas and electricity, so we’re obviously already passionate about this thriving industry.

To add in some variety, and to prove that it’s not just us who LOVE our jobs, we spoke to a variety of people working in the energy industry, about their journey, experiences and the benefits of their chosen career path.

Why the Energy Industry?

According to Ofgem’s latest statistics, the energy sector now services around 30 million electricity customers and 22 million gas customers. It transports over 1,029TWh of energy through almost 1.1million kilometres of lines, pipes and cables – enough to go round the world six times!

The sector as a whole contributes around 2.5% to the UK’s GDP, and directly employees about 160,000 people. With increased investment, ever-more challenging carbon emission targets and new suppliers emerging all the time to challenge the incumbent Big Six, there will certainly be no shortage of job opportunities over the next decade or so.


In fact, by 2020, it’s estimated that £80 billion will have been invested in transmission and distribution infrastructure, since the sector privatised in 2013/14.

Working in Energy Industry?

Working in the energy industry has so many benefits. We’ve been speaking to a variety of energy sector workers, all with varied job roles, about why they chose to work in this industry and how they got there.

James Sutton is a Project Manager for EvoEnergy, the experts when it comes to commercial solar panel installation. James is passionate about the work he does and gets real job satisfaction out of knowing he is helping protect the environment.

His favourite project? The time he helped install 200 panels on the summit of London’s ‘Walkie Talkie’ building; “the views over the City were outstanding!”

Daniel Jackson, a Process and Sustainability Consultant for Carbon Architecture, claims his favourite part of the job is working with “a wide variety of clients” from a range of different industries.

From NHS hospitals to breweries he enjoys the problem-solving element; “understanding a client’s problem, assessing their setup and helping them solve the issue to reduce energy use and cost.”

Seeing hundred and thousands of pounds being saved for clients like the NHS “can be very motivating”.

So, it seems there is more to working in the energy sector than just a regular pay-check.

Careers in the Energy Sector

There‘s a vast array of career options in the energy industry, and you don’t even need previous energy sector experience to enjoy the opportunities available. It’s not all about shinning up pylons or saving customers money on their energy bills.

Annamarie Petsis-Jones is the HR Director of Opus Energy, a business energy supplier based in Northampton and Oxford. She maintains that you don’t have to have worked in the energy sector before to pursue it as a career path.

As HR Director, she has seen the company grow and acquire over 80,000 new customers meaning that the need for company resource has shot through the roof:

Just like any other company, there are departments that don’t need you to have an energy background – such as customer service, finance, marketing and IT. It’s always worth checking for vacancies in your area of expertise.”


Paul Campbell, the founder and owner of Greenvision Energy, who provide energy efficiency solutions to both homes and businesses, studied for a catering diploma at college.

“After a stint of working as an assistant restaurant manager in the merchant navy, I went into sales.”

From selling coffee machines, to selling financial packages to energy efficiency companies, it was this which inspired him to found Greenvision in 2011 – providing customer with everything they need to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their bills.

Here at Love Energy Savings, some of our own employees have had an interesting journey into energy. Shaun Schofield, one of our Team Managers, was in the army for 17 years before joining the Love Energy ranks. From his experiences he says:

“It taught me to be a leader of people, working smart and with the right attitude, achieve higher and better myself every day.”

Even our Managing Director – Phil Foster – who eats, sleeps, lives and breathes energy, studied Physical Education at Loughborough University. So, whatever your background, it’s safe to say that the energy sector’s doors are wide open for enthusiastic, ambitious people to join the industry.

Why Should I Work in the Energy Sector?

“Working in an energy company is fast-paced and exciting”, says Annamarie, “compared to other industries, the energy industry will give you a chance to progress rapidly in your career.”

This is certainly true of Lee Rodgers here at Love Energy Savings, who started his career as an energy expert, working at the very heart of the business. Over the last four years he has moved among the different teams, giving him the opportunity to really understand the business and gain a rounded view of the ‘mechanisms behind the magic’.  Having recently been promoted to Customer Retention Manager he is adamant that “there are no limitations” when it comes to progressing in his career here.

Due to the varied nature of roles on offer, you can be certain of gaining new skills. Here are just a few of them which our interviewees have highlighted:


The list goes on and on. These are not just skills which are needed in the energy sector, but skills needed in a variety of careers, setting you on the path for long-term career success.

Are you interested in working with us?

As a rapidly expanding business we have a never-ending list of opportunities available to those of you out there who are looking to expand their horizons and pursue a career you’ll LOVE.

Now we’re not saying we’re the best energy company to work for, but we did win the “Best SME to Work In” at the National SME Awards, and we’re always looking for bright, outgoing and passionate people to join our ever-growing team.

So, why do YOU want to work in the energy industry? Let us know and apply for one of our vacancies today!


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