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Scottish Power Vows to Clean Up ActEnergy talk

Scottish Power Vows to Resolve Issues Following Ofgem Sales Ban Threat

Scottish Power have vowed to fix their customer service issues amid the threat of a sales ban from the energy regulator, Ofgem. The supplier have taken the criticism on the chin and accepted that current standards are not acceptable and in a refreshing move, have promised that remedying the situation is at the top of its agenda. more

energy efficiency businessEnergy talk

Will You Get More Business If You Are Energy Efficient?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a phrase that you often hear bandied about in business meetings these days - but is there a positive relationship between customer engagement and sustainability? more

Love Energy Applaud SSEEnergy talk

Love Energy Savings Applaud SSEs Transparency Regarding Customer Complaints

If you are a regular reader here at Love Energy Savings, then you will already be aware of how seriously we take transparency with energy customers. Whether this is from ourselves or the many energy suppliers we work with, it is our goal to ensure that gas and electricity customers start to get a fair deal. more

halloween horrorEnergy talk

How To Avoid a Halloween Energy Bill Horror Story

Halloween is upon us and here at Love Energy Savings we can’t think of anything more terrifying than a monstrously large energy bill rampaging its way into your home or business. more

energy suppliers halving timesEnergy talk

Calling All Renters! Have You Switched Your Energy Supplier?

Households across the UK have been on a crusade to save money by switching energy suppliers this winter, but it seems many people in rented accommodation didn’t get the memo. more

energy savingEnergy talk

How Will You Save Energy When The Clocks Go Back?

Love Energy Savings discusses ways that households can save energy during the extra hour of darkness once the clocks go back on October 26th more

Business Gas And ElectricityEnergy talk

Comparison Sites Under Fire for Hiding the Cheapest Energy Deals

With the news this week that energy comparison sites may not have been offering the cheapest deals to customers, the team here at Love Energy Savings has been keen to clarify that we will always provide you with the cheapest energy prices available. more

the big energy saving weekEnergy talk

Big Energy Savings Week: 20-24 October 2014

Today heralds the start of Big Energy Saving Week 2014, which is obviously a pretty big deal for everyone here at Love Energy Savings. more

energy brokersEnergy talk

Why Love Energy Savings Would Welcome a Review of Energy Brokers

With the energy rumour mill currently suggesting that a review of the UK’s energy brokers could be imminent, we explain why would welcome such a move. Love Energy Savings has always been an energy comparison site that has promoted transparency and fairness and as such, we think this latest move by Ofgem could see many of the cowboys removed from our industry. more

save money in curry weekEnergy talk

Saving You Money During National Curry Week

It’s National Curry Week and Love Energy Savings is on hand to discuss the best ways to prepare a spicy dish in an energy-efficient way. more

Big Freeze Energy BillsEnergy talk

5 Practical Ways to Keep the Cold Out of Your Home

Looking out of the window this bleak October day, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a lot later in the year than it actually is. With pitch black mornings, blustering winds and frosty commutes to work; winter is well and truly upon us. more

energy efficiency targetsEnergy talk

Could More Ambitious Energy Efficiency Targets Boost the UK Economy?

Energy efficiency is something we care about a great deal here at Love Energy Savings, which makes today’s energy news of particular interest. Environmentalists have suggested that more ambitious energy efficiency targets could boost the economy to the tune of around £62 billion and have based this on EU figures. more

shutters for energy efficiencyEnergy talk

10 Ways That New Shutters Can Boost Energy Efficiency

Love Energy Savings recently assisted shutter specialists Premier Shutters with some research, as they came up with 10 reasons why you need shutters in your home. Check out this great infographic more

businesses to use own powerEnergy talk

UK Businesses To Be Paid to Use Less Energy By National Grid

The much coveted fears over potential shutdowns of the UK’s power plants have led to deals between the National Grid and a host of UK businesses. The agreements will ensure that companies across the country which use mass amounts of power, will refrain from doing so at peak times of the day. more

uk energy switching surveyEnergy talk

The Big UK Energy Switching Survey, The Results

Here at Love Energy Savings, we are not just interested in taking your details and generating energy prices you could just go and find yourself. As well as having a state of the art comparison engine, which can find you the lowest energy prices in the UK at the click of a button, we are also thought leaders in what has become a somewhat tumultuous industry. more

NpowerEnergy talk

npower Remains The UKs Worst Energy Supplier for Customer Service

The energy sector is ever changing, with fracking developments, fines from Ofgem and new suppliers emerging onto the market all the time making it one of the most tumultuous industries in the UK. Something that doesn’t change however, seems to be the energy companies offering the worst levels of customer service. more

future of british wrestlingEnergy talk

Generate Some Christmas Readies By Switching Energy Supplier!

It may not seem like the time of year to be getting your home and business energy in order, but in actual fact there could not be a better time. Although we are enjoying somewhat of an Indian summer with temperatures well into the twenties, it won’t be long before the nights draw in and the frosty weather descends. more

big six refund energy customersEnergy talk

Are You One of Three Million Home Energy Customers Due a Refund?

If you are a home energy customer scrambling around for a bit of extra cash, then you may well be in luck as three million households are set to get a refund from their energy supplier. more

future of british wrestlingLove Energy Savings talk

"The Future of British Wrestling" - Love Energy Savings Catch Up with George Ramm!

As you may be well aware George Ramm, British Commonwealth Games Athlete, is Love Energy Savings ambassador. The young wrestler has experienced a fantastic summer of sport, which he updated us on when we caught up recently... more

opus energyLove Energy Savings talk

5 Reasons For Working In The Energy Sector

opus guide to energy sectorWorking in the energy industry probably hasn’t crossed the minds of a lot of people, but deciding to do so could be one of the best career decisions you could make. It can lead to a rewarding and enriching experience, and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. I work as the HR Director, for Opus Energy – a business energy supplier based in Northampton and Oxford. more

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