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Big Six Faces More Backlash for Energy Prices Energy talk

Big Six In Hot Water for Failing to Pass On Domestic Energy Savings

It hasn’t taken long. No sooner have we completed the first week of 2015, that we have the first reports of the Big Six energy suppliers in trouble for letting down home energy customers. more

New EU Energy-Saving Regulations Energy talk

Could the EU’s New “Sleep Mode” Reforms Put Our Energy Worries to Bed?

The EU has introduced even more regulations on domestic appliances in an attempt to reduce energy consumption. Will an automatic sleep mode be enough? more

Capacity Market Auction Takes Place Energy talk

What Is Being Done To Keep The UK Fully Powered Up?

Energy suppliers are bidding against each other for government payments to keep their power plants open during peak energy times. more

10 Gifts You Can Buy With The £252.81 Energy talk

10 Gifts You Can Buy With The Cash You Save On Your Energy

Our customers save £252.81 on their energy bills annually by switching energy suppliers. We take a look at 10 gifts you can buy from the money you’ve saved. more

business new years resolution Business talk

5 New Year’s Resolutions Your Business Should Be Making

Now Christmas is just around the corner, the time has come to start thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions. Although these are rarely adhered to, it certainly does no harm to at least have a think about the things you can do differently in 2015. more

£4.6 million fine for suppliers Energy talk

Energy Suppliers Hit With £4.6m Fine For Not Helping Customers

Ofgem has continued its clampdown on malpractice within the energy industry with a combined fine of £4.6 million for SSE, Scottish Power and GDF Suez. more

eco friendly santa Energy talk

5 Ways Santa Claus Can Help The UK Meet Its Climate Change Targets

We’re feeling exceptionally festive here at Love Energy Savings, and while we’ll make no excuses for gorging on mince pies, incessantly listening to Band Aid and parading around in our Rudolph jumpers in the coming weeks, we must stress that the process of saving our customers money on their energy bills never stops. more

business energy savings Business talk

Infographic - The Countdown Is On! How Much Money Can You Save for Your Business?

Can you cut your business electricity costs? With the end of the financial year getting closer, what can you do to reduce your outgoings? more

2 days until small business saturday Energy talk

How SMEs Can Save Energy Over The Christmas Break

As we mentioned in our last blog post, the 6th of December is Small Business Saturday, a day to support, celebrate and champion the UK’s 5 million small businesses. more

british gas £11.1 million fine Energy talk

Ofgem Hits British Gas with £11.1 Million Energy Efficiency Fine

Energy efficiency is an issue we harp on about a lot here at Love Energy Savings and today has seen an unprecedented fine dished out to the UK’s biggest energy supplier, British Gas. The firm had been given a deadline for insulating a quote of British homes and they failed to adhere to this, resulting in this latest reprimand from the energy watchdog. more

small business saturday Energy talk

Small Business Saturday - How SMEs Can Save Energy This Year

As part of Small Business Saturday, we discuss how SMEs can save money by switching energy suppliers. more

eon split into two Energy talk

Which Energy Supplier Could Be Abandoning Fossil Fuels for Renewable Energy?

It’s renewable energy time again here at Love Energy Savings, with the news that one of the UK’s more prominent energy suppliers could be looking to ditch fossil fuels in favour of more renewable sources. more

Gym2 Energy talk

How Can Gym Owners Cut Their Energy Bills This Winter?

Gyms are notorious for using large amounts of energy, so how can gym owners make savings on their business electricity bills in the coming months? more

Rsz Fraking Energy talk

First UK Centre for Fracking Training Confirmed as Blackpool and The Fylde College

It’s been a while since we covered fracking here at the Love Energy Savings News Centre, following a summer which saw the topic covered a great deal as well as our popular Ultimate Guide to Fracking. In the last week, news has emerged that Blackpool and The Fylde College has been confirmed as the official UK college and training centre for fracking; a move that makes a lot of sense with much of the shale gas drilling to date taking place in the area. more

Scottish Power Vows to Clean Up Act Energy talk

Scottish Power Vows to Resolve Issues Following Ofgem Sales Ban Threat

Scottish Power have vowed to fix their customer service issues amid the threat of a sales ban from the energy regulator, Ofgem. The supplier have taken the criticism on the chin and accepted that current standards are not acceptable and in a refreshing move, have promised that remedying the situation is at the top of its agenda. more

energy efficiency business Energy talk

Will You Get More Business If You Are Energy Efficient?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a phrase that you often hear bandied about in business meetings these days - but is there a positive relationship between customer engagement and sustainability? more

Love Energy Applaud SSE Energy talk

Love Energy Savings Applaud SSEs Transparency Regarding Customer Complaints

If you are a regular reader here at Love Energy Savings, then you will already be aware of how seriously we take transparency with energy customers. Whether this is from ourselves or the many energy suppliers we work with, it is our goal to ensure that gas and electricity customers start to get a fair deal. more

halloween horror Energy talk

How To Avoid a Halloween Energy Bill Horror Story

Halloween is upon us and here at Love Energy Savings we can’t think of anything more terrifying than a monstrously large energy bill rampaging its way into your home or business. more

energy suppliers halving times Energy talk

Calling All Renters! Have You Switched Your Energy Supplier?

Households across the UK have been on a crusade to save money by switching energy suppliers this winter, but it seems many people in rented accommodation didn’t get the memo. more

energy saving Energy talk

How Will You Save Energy When The Clocks Go Back?

Love Energy Savings discusses ways that households can save energy during the extra hour of darkness once the clocks go back on October 26th more

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