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big six refund energy customersEnergy talk

Are You One of Three Million Home Energy Customers Due a Refund?

If you are a home energy customer scrambling around for a bit of extra cash, then you may well be in luck as three million households are set to get a refund from their energy supplier. more

future of british wrestlingLove Energy Savings talk

"The Future of British Wrestling" - Love Energy Savings Catch Up with George Ramm!

As you may be well aware George Ramm, British Commonwealth Games Athlete, is Love Energy Savings ambassador. The young wrestler has experienced a fantastic summer of sport, which he updated us on when we caught up recently... more

opus energyLove Energy Savings talk

5 Reasons For Working In The Energy Sector

opus guide to energy sectorWorking in the energy industry probably hasn’t crossed the minds of a lot of people, but deciding to do so could be one of the best career decisions you could make. It can lead to a rewarding and enriching experience, and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. I work as the HR Director, for Opus Energy – a business energy supplier based in Northampton and Oxford. more

smaller energy firms on the riseEnergy talk

BBC The Latest to Report on Rise of Independent Energy Suppliers

Well, we may have called it first, but the BBC has finally latched onto the fact that the Big Six energy suppliers are losing their grip on the gas and electricity sector. As any regular readers here at the Love Energy Savings News Centre will already be well aware, the likes of npower and British Gas are losing customers to some of the smaller, independent suppliers and there are now statistics to show just how many. more

EU FlagEnergy talk

New Vacuum Cleaner Rules Take Effect in the EU

High powered machines such as vacuum cleaners have been banned in the EU, with the legislation taking effect from yesterday. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has rubbished claims that performance will be compromised significantly and has stated that the move will “make an important contribution to reducing emissions”. more

rise of small energy firmsEnergy talk

Big Six Exodus Hits 2 Million Energy Customers

The ever increasing levels of customers complaints and the rise of the smaller, independent energy suppliers has led to in excess of 2 million gas and electricity customers leaving the Big Six. We have been reporting on this developing trend here at Love Energy Savings throughout the summer months and this is now becoming more than just a blip for the likes of npower, British Gas et al. more

has the energy sector been over regulatedEnergy talk

Is Over Regulation Part of the Problem with the Energy Sector?

It's well known that there are issues in the energy industry in terms of high prices and monopolisation, specifically by the 'Big Six' suppliers. Is this the fault of over regulation? more

rise in energy billsEnergy talk

Why Has The Last Decade Seen Such a Rise In Energy Bills?

Recent statistics from the regulatory body Ofgem show that the average household spends £1,320 a year on its gas and electricity bills. Love Energy Savings take a look at why bills have skyrocketed over the last ten years... more

switch energy suppliersEnergy talk

Switching Energy Suppliers With Outstanding Debts

At Love Energy Savings, our mission is simple – to get you on the best energy tariff for your needs. We pride ourselves on offering a free, no obligation service that allows you to change your supplier and start making significant savings, with the least amount of hassle. more

Ofgem LogoEnergy talk

Has Ofgem Weakened Competition Between Energy Suppliers?

According to a group of former energy regulators, excessive regulatory measures have weakened the competition amongst energy suppliers, leading to higher energy prices. more

home energy efficiencyEnergy talk

How To Improve Energy Efficiency In The Home

According to a recent survey, homeowners are more concerned about meeting the cost of their energy bills than paying their mortgage or rent. more

energy pricesEnergy talk

Forthcoming Winter Could Herald Rise In Gas & Electricity Prices

It is thought that a combination of the milder winter and the continued exodus of energy customers to smaller energy suppliers, could result in further price increases by the Big Six. more

energy comparison instructographicLove Energy Savings talk

Energy Comparison Made Easy at Love Energy Savings

With up to 70% of businesses still yet to compare energy prices online and save instant cash on their gas and electricity, Love Energy Savings have put this handy instructographic together. more

british gas profitsEnergy talk

British Gas Profits Fall Contrary to Ofgem Forecast

Contrary to the opinion of the regulator Ofgem regarding the profits of British Gas, the home and business energy giant as reported a sharp fall in its profits following the warm winter of 2013/14. more

energy sector probeEnergy talk

Full Energy Sector Probe Launched in The United Kingdom

As has been expected here at Love Energy Savings and among the entire energy sector for some time now, a full inquiry into the energy industry has been launched. It is hoped that this probe, an extension of the one initiated by Ofgem earlier in the year will help to reduce energy prices and improve levels of customer service dramatically. more

electricity prices to doubleEnergy talk

National Grid Say Electricity Prices Could Double Over Next 20 Years

The National Grid has stated that future increases in the price of electricity will most likely be attributed to the amount of coal fired power stations being closed across the country. In addition to this, the subsidising of wind farms is said to be a heavy burden on the energy industry. more

fracking national parksEnergy talk

Fracking Should Be Allowed In National Parks Says EA Chief

Oil and gas fracking poses a minimal risk to the environment and should be allowed to take place in Britain’s national parks, according to the outgoing head of the Environment Agency. more

10NBT 4Energy talk

Which Suppliers Lead The Energy Best Buy Standings?

Love Energy Savings take a quick look at the Energy Best Buy standings for July 2014 to see who are the movers and shakers are at present. more

biomass boilerEnergy talk

Could a Biomass Boiler Save You Money on Your Energy Bills?

There is a new kind of boiler available which could not only help you to save money, but to make money too. Biomass boilers are part of the renewable energy drive being encouraged and funded by the UK government and the savings you could make compared to your conventional boiler are quite phenomenal. more

compare green energyEnergy talk

Government Accused Of Overpaying For Green Energy Contracts

The UK government has been criticised for spending approximately £16.6 billion on long-term green energy contracts, without seeking the best value for money. more

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