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Ofgem Logo Energy talk

Has Ofgem Weakened Competition Between Energy Suppliers?

According to a group of former energy regulators, excessive regulatory measures have weakened the competition amongst energy suppliers, leading to higher energy prices. more

home energy efficiency Energy talk

How To Improve Energy Efficiency In The Home

According to a recent survey, homeowners are more concerned about meeting the cost of their energy bills than paying their mortgage or rent. more

energy prices Energy talk

Forthcoming Winter Could Herald Rise In Gas & Electricity Prices

It is thought that a combination of the milder winter and the continued exodus of energy customers to smaller energy suppliers, could result in further price increases by the Big Six. more

energy comparison instructographic Love Energy Savings talk

Energy Comparison Made Easy at Love Energy Savings

With up to 70% of businesses still yet to compare energy prices online and save instant cash on their gas and electricity, Love Energy Savings have put this handy instructographic together. more

british gas profits Energy talk

British Gas Profits Fall Contrary to Ofgem Forecast

Contrary to the opinion of the regulator Ofgem regarding the profits of British Gas, the home and business energy giant as reported a sharp fall in its profits following the warm winter of 2013/14. more

energy sector probe Energy talk

Full Energy Sector Probe Launched in The United Kingdom

As has been expected here at Love Energy Savings and among the entire energy sector for some time now, a full inquiry into the energy industry has been launched. It is hoped that this probe, an extension of the one initiated by Ofgem earlier in the year will help to reduce energy prices and improve levels of customer service dramatically. more

electricity prices to double Energy talk

National Grid Say Electricity Prices Could Double Over Next 20 Years

The National Grid has stated that future increases in the price of electricity will most likely be attributed to the amount of coal fired power stations being closed across the country. In addition to this, the subsidising of wind farms is said to be a heavy burden on the energy industry. more

fracking national parks Energy talk

Fracking Should Be Allowed In National Parks Says EA Chief

Oil and gas fracking poses a minimal risk to the environment and should be allowed to take place in Britain’s national parks, according to the outgoing head of the Environment Agency. more

10NBT 4 Energy talk

Which Suppliers Lead The Energy Best Buy Standings?

Love Energy Savings take a quick look at the Energy Best Buy standings for July 2014 to see who are the movers and shakers are at present. more

biomass boiler Energy talk

Could a Biomass Boiler Save You Money on Your Energy Bills?

There is a new kind of boiler available which could not only help you to save money, but to make money too. Biomass boilers are part of the renewable energy drive being encouraged and funded by the UK government and the savings you could make compared to your conventional boiler are quite phenomenal. more

compare green energy Energy talk

Government Accused Of Overpaying For Green Energy Contracts

The UK government has been criticised for spending approximately £16.6 billion on long-term green energy contracts, without seeking the best value for money. more

Green Energy Projects Energy talk

Yorkshire Green Energy Project gets £238m Grant from EU

The White Rose project has now been confirmed to receive a development fund of £238m for its construction. The project will pump CO2 from the nearby Drax power plant under the North Sea reducing UK carbon emissions. more

SSE Energy Supplier Energy talk

Energy Supplier SSE giving back £4.5m to Community Projects

SSE has invested over £4.5m in projects around the UK in the last year. Should energy suppliers be made to reinvest more in local communities? more

Energy Comparison Company Logo Love Energy Savings talk

Compare Energy Prices and Win £1,000 with Love Energy Savings

To be in with a chance to win £1,000 compare energy prices and switch tariff with us throughout July! Don't worry we do the hard work for you! more

fracking methane risks Energy talk

BGS Methane Study Suggests Fracking Threat to UK Drinking Water

As our regular readers will already know, we are extremely interested in Fracking here at Love Energy Savings. Whether it is to be the saviour of our energy independence or the scourge of the British countryside and a potential disaster, the jury is most definitely still out. The latest debate to emerge following some rather concerning reports from America, is whether or not its implementation could have an adverse effect on our drinking water. more

Stadium View Energy talk

Could St Mary's Stadium Become Europe's First LED Lit Sports Arena?

If you read with interest our feature last month regarding Warwickshire County Cricket Club’s commitment to energy efficiency, then today’s announcement from St Mary’s in Southampton is well worth a read. more

aurora challenge renewable predictions Energy talk

Government Green Energy Estimates Inaccurate Say Aurora

Following Love Energy Savings’ recent analysis of whether or not green energy subsidies are really worth it, research has been published which suggest estimates regarding its viability and implementation in the United Kingdom are way out. more

Npower Energy talk

npower faces £10m fine and selling ban over poor service

<img src="/media/9193/npower_logo.jpg" class="img-responsive" title="npower energy supplier logo" style="float: right;" width="145" alt="npower logo">Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, has warned the company that if it does not meet monthly targets on late billing then it will be banned from selling to new customers and fined up to £10m. more

big six energy suppliers Love Energy Savings talk

SSE Join Love Energy Savings' Panel of Trusted Suppliers

As any home or business energy customer who has compared energy prices online with Love Energy Savings will tell you, we are very proud of our network of suppliers. We only do energy comparisons with the most reputable and cost-effective energy providers, which allows us to give you the amazing energy prices you will find right here on our website. more

turbulent relationship energy suppliers Energy talk

Just How Turbulent is The Relationship Between Energy Suppliers and Their Customers?

Love Energy Savings has delved into some recent research regarding the strained relationship between UK energy suppliers and their customers, and the results are very interesting indeed... more

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