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liam f1 wind turbine Energy talk

Could Silent Wind Turbines Generate Half Your Energy?

The Archimedes is a new renewable energy start up from Holland, looking to solve the problems associated with wind turbines. Find out more... more

energy prices going up Energy talk

UK Energy Prices and trends 2014 released

The release seems to indicate energy prices could be rising in 2015 due to factors like coal plant closures and renewable contribution. more

see fined by ofgem Energy talk

SSE The Latest Energy Supplier to Be Slapped by Ofgem

Ofgem has continued with its clampdown on the Big Six energy suppliers, this time handing SSE with a £750,000 fine for failing to meet a three month deadline. more

edgbaston energy efficiency initiative Energy talk

Edgbaston to Invest Energy Efficiency Profits Into Green Projects

Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, the home of Warwickshire Country Cricket Club, has shown how sports teams around the UK can play their part in energy efficiency projects. more

Ofgem Logo Energy talk

Ofgem to Investigate Excessive Direct Debit Surcharges

Business and home energy customers should not be charged for opting not to pay their bills via direct debit, figures from within the industry have agreed. In news that has come to the delight of the energy comparison team here at Love Energy Savings, MP’s will look to cap the amount consumers are charged for choosing to pay their gas and electricity via card payments and other methods. more

energy comparison Energy talk

What Information Do I Need to Compare Business Energy Prices?

As you may be aware already, the business energy team here at Love Energy Savings has been doing a lot of research into why a huge amount of UK companies have still not compared energy prices and switched to a cheaper supplier or tariff. With the bottom line being so important to most businesses, we cannot fathom the reasons why people are refraining from getting away from their overly expensive gas and electricity deals. more

energy comparison sites Energy talk

More businesses than ever are choosing to compare energy prices online

With an average of over 40,000 monthly Google searches related to comparing energy prices, the market has seen fantastic growth this year. We look at what that means for you and your energy prices. more

Business Gas And Electricity Energy talk

How Do We Source The Best Business Electricity Prices?

If you have compared your energy prices with Love Energy Savings before, then you will already be well aware that we find the best electricity prices on the market to save your business the maximum amount of money possible. Many of our customers ask us how we are able to compare energy prices in such a short amount of time and ensure you get the best deal and whilst we’re not going to give all our trade secrets away, we have decided to do a little Q&A… more

The Ofgem inquiry into the Big Six Energy talk

E-On Given £12m Fine for Mis-Selling to Vulnerable Energy Customers

The Ofgem inquiry into the Big Six energy suppliers took its first scalp this morning, as E.On have been ordered to pay no less than £12 million to home and business energy customers in compensation for a wide range of misdemeanours. In addition to this, 500,000 customers will be contacted in order to inform them that they are to be issued with a refund. more

Npower Energy talk

npower Top The Big Six Complaints Table

Following yesterday’s report regarding record levels of complaints against the Big Six energy suppliers, we can confirm today that the biggest culprits are nPower. Customer service, particularly with regard to billing appears to be the suppliers’ main shortcoming as they lead the complaints table by some way, with Scottish Power in second place. more

TELCA awards Love Energy Savings talk

Love Energy Savings announced as finalist in the Energy Live Consultancy Awards

<img src="/media/155391/telca_shortlist.jpg " title="TELCA awards" rel="593,373" style="float: right;" />We’re proud to announce Love Energy Savings is a finalist in the prestigious Energy Live Consultancy Awards, for Energy Consultancy of the Year! A lot of hard work has gone into the result and we've got big things planned for the future... more

opus business electricity prices Energy talk

Opus Energy Launch Brand New Advertising Campaign

Opus Energy has boosted its already high standards when it comes to customer service, billing and low prices with a brand new advertising campaign to be implemented across the UK. more

ovo community energy Energy talk

Will Ovo’s Community Energy Initiative Start a Local Power Revolution?

Yesterday’s announcement regarding Ovo Energy’s local power challenge has raised the issue of locally produced power here at Love Energy Savings, so we thought fit to let you know exactly how it works and the methods by which Ovo are looking to really make Community Energy work as an alternative. more

£33bn for fracking Energy talk

£33bn Investment Needed to Commence Shale Gas Production in UK

Following yesterday’s news that minsters are looking to relax trespassing laws in order to boost shale gas production in the UK, a report has suggested that around £33 billion would be needed to get implement the process. more

energy switchovers in two weeks Energy talk

Gas & Electricity Providers Vow to Slash Switchover Times In Half

The UK’s business and home energy suppliers have promised to ensure that the time it takes to switch provider is halved before the end of 2014. The move has come following Energy Secretary Ed Davey’s efforts to drive down the time it takes for customers to move to a cheaper tariff and the MP still remains hopeful that this can be whittled down to just 24 hours before long. more

carbon capture and storage Energy talk

EU funded CCS technology looks set to start revolutionising our energy infrastructure

The EU looks set to award the UK almost £250m for a project to reduce our carbon footprint. A carbon capture and storage facility is set to be built on a new coal-fired power plant in Yorkshire. It may lead the way for fracking - But will it reduce our energy bills? more

ofgem order british gas payments Energy talk

Ofgem Takes Action As British Gas Business Ordered to Pay £5.6m Back to Energy Customers

The commercial unit of British Gas has made payments of £5.6 million back to business energy customers, after it admitted to significant errors regarding renewals and its switching process. more

Energy Ombudsman Reports Energy talk

Energy Ombudsman Reports 224% Rise In Complaints Since Turn of Year

An already turbulent year so far for the energy sector took another turn for the worse this morning, as the energy industry’s ombudsman released some damning figures with regard to customer happiness. more

google nest thermostat Energy talk

Smart Appliances Given a Boost as Nest Thermostat Hits the Shelves in the UK

You may well have read our January article regarding the best new smart home appliances for 2014 from CES. Well the wait is now over, as Google Nest has teamed up with nPower and will be available in the United Kingdom for roughly £179. more

big freeze energy bills Energy talk

Don’t Wait for a Price Freeze to Deal With Your Electricity Bills

If you are a business owner or domestic electricity customer who is somewhat concerned about what they are paying for their electricity at present, then you do not have to wait for any potential price freezes or the Ofgem inquiry in order to reduce your outgoings. more

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