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UK Energy Suppliers Energy talk

How Much Money Are You Giving to the UK Energy Suppliers?

You would need to have had your head well and truly in the sand not to have seen the furore surrounding the UK’s energy suppliers and their profits, particularly the Big Six. This has been the case to such an extent that the regulator Ofgem has called for an inquiry into their profits and any malpractice that may have occurred. This is all well and good, but just how much of your money has ended up in the coffers of the major energy firms? more

george ramm update Love Energy Savings talk

Sharples Based Wrestler George Ramm Celebrates Fantastic Spring

As you will most probably already be aware, Love Energy Savings is delighted to sponsor Commonwealth and Olympic Games hopeful George Ramm. The young wrestler is destined for great things and has been letting us know how his training has been going in preparation for a huge summer ahead. more

Big Six Energy Suppliers Energy talk

Big Six Inquiry Sends Ripples Through UK Home and Business Energy Sector

A tumultuous week in the domestic and business energy sectors has culminated in claims of the 'lights going off in Britain' from British Gas, being waved off as "special pleading" by The Labour Party. more

International Happiness Day Love Energy Savings talk

Love Energy Savings Mark International Happiness Day with Donation to Bolton Lads & Girls Club

How have you been spending International Happiness Day 2014? We have been doing quite a bit here at Love Energy Savings HQ, with fantastic home and business energy quotes being the order of the day. In addition to this and in the real spirit of the day, we are delighted to announce that we will be donating £10 from every single home energy switch to Bolton Lads & Girls Club! more

Debbie Halls-Evans Wins The Taste Love Energy Savings talk

Bolton Girl Debbie Halls-Evans Wins The Taste

Despite being the nation’s favourite business and home energy price comparison service, Love Energy Savings has always been keen to support our home town. For this reason, we were ecstatic this week, to see local mum of three Debbie Halls-Evans take home the title after winning The Taste. more

Business Electricity Prices Energy talk

How Exactly Do Love Energy Savings Find The Best Business Electricity Prices in the UK?

If you have used our service before or perhaps know someone that has, you will know that Love Energy Savings are the experts when it comes to saving home energy and business energy customers a fortune on their utility bills. Just how do we do this we hear you ask? Below you will find the answer to some of the more commonly asked questions we get here at the UK’s favourite energy comparison site… more

Love Energy Savings Sponsor Olympic Hopeful George Ramm! Love Energy Savings talk

Love Energy Savings Sponsor Olympic Hopeful George Ramm!

Love Energy Savings is delighted to announce the sponsorship of local wrestling starlet George Ramm. The venture has been highly publicised in areas of the media such as The Bolton News and really emphasises vision and ambition of our team… more

Ofgem Logo Energy talk

Energy Suppliers Failing to Adhere to Ofgem Rules on Refunds

Following last week’s announcement that up to £400 million was owed to UK business energy and domestic energy customers, Love Energy Savings can reveal that many suppliers are delaying repayment of these funds. more

Is energy price comparison a means to an end? Energy talk

Is energy price comparison a means to an end?

<img src="/media/113721/wind_power_plants.jpg" width="177" height="108" alt="Wind _power _plants" title="Wind _power _plants" rel="800,532" style="float: right;" />Best energy price comparison? Best gas or electricity price? Yes please. But at what cost? more

Cost effective business energy for a hotel Energy talk

Cost effective business energy for a hotel

We look at some of the things you can do to help you maximise your business potential and find cost effective business energy. more

Ofwat rejects water price rise Energy talk

Ofwat rejects water price rise

Thames Water has had it's bid to increase the price of water by 8% rejected by Ofwat. A win for consumers in the UK. more

5 Hairstyles you wont see in 21st Century Business talk

Top 5 Hairstyles you will not see in the 21st Century

This hairdo was and is the antithesis of the short back and sides – its reputation precedes it. If you hear the uttered words ‘mullet’ you will know someone is referring to an ultimate illustration of kitsch. more

charities paying for image Energy talk

Are charities paying too much for business energy?

Is it true that charities are paying out several million pounds in unnecessary taxes for business energy? more

Crash Landing 63011 960 720 Business talk

Top 3 Environmental Aviation Disasters

Passenger jets are now more sophisticated than ever, but the past decade has not seen a significant reduction in aviation accidents. Is the technology becoming too complex in our search for the perfect passenger vehicle? more

save money on business energy Energy talk

Why you should review your Business Energy Renewal Prices

We’ve put an infographic together with all the facts and figures to prove to you how easy an energy comparison is with Love Energy Savings, and why you’re doing your business a disservice by accepting your supplier’s renewal prices. Click on the image on the right and have a look. more

Ovo Energy Logo Energy talk

End of roll over energy contracts give SMEs better deal

The big 6 have announced they are scrapping roll over business energy contracts. SMEs will roll over to renewal rates but be able to switch at any time. more

love energy broadband Love Energy Savings talk

Find a priority business broadband tariff with our new service Love Broadband Savings

Our new site is designed to find your business a fast, reliable and cheap business broadband package. There are plenty of options suited for all business types from home offices to multi-sites. more

bolton lads and girls club Love Energy Savings talk

Love Energy Savings patron of Bolton Lads and Girls Club

The business gas and electricity utility brokerage is passionate about job creation and opportunity. more

fight climate change Energy talk

Save money by being green and fighting climate change at home

Managing your utilities is a simple and easy step to being green and helping fight climate change. Just a few small changes can make a big impact to the environment and save you a few extra pounds. more

electricity theft Energy talk

Utility companies called to address electricity theft

Ofgem has proposed new rules for utility companies to do more to combat electricity theft, a third of which is apparently due to cannabis farms. more

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