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5 weird and wonderful interview techniques

Today’s employers need to think outside the box with their interviews to hire the best candidates. We look at some weird techniques companies are using that you might try yourself. more

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7 green initiatives that will future-proof your business

From paperless offices to green hosting, how will the conservation initiatives of the future change how we run our businesses? more

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Why do businesses save money when they switch energy provider?

Not sure how switching your energy supplier can save your business money? We break it down in detail to show you why it’s easier than you might think. more

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Energy theft: are you in danger?

Energy theft is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening crime. Ensure you can notice the signs and prevent it from happening to your home or business. more

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Love Energy Savings receives £25 million investment from LDC

Leading Business Energy provider, Love Energy Savings, received £25 million investment from LDC, part of Lloyds Banking Group. more

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5 unusual energy-saving tips for your business this autumn

If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to change your energy habits to combat the extra demand that autumn puts on your bills. We outlined some of our favourite energy-saving tips to help you think outside the box. more

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How smart meters can transform the way your business saves money

Smart meters are now in 11 million UK homes, and soon they’ll dominate the way businesses pay their energy bills. We evaluate the pros and cons of using a smart meter in your business. more

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New research reveals that most UK workers aren’t ready for salary transparency

New research from Love Energy Savings reveals that the majority of workers are against sharing salary information throughout the business. We examine why this might be, and why salary transparency might still be the future. more

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New research shows that Gen Xers are more passionate about development opportunities than Millennials

A new study conducted by Love Energy Savings suggests that employees in their 40s and 50s are even more passionate about development opportunities than Millennials. Find out why here. more

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The top 5 time-saving apps for retail managers

We’ve put together a list of our favourite time-saving apps that are guaranteed to transform the way you use your time to get the important things done faster. more

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3 costly myths about switching your business energy supplier

Misconceptions about switching stop businesses from switching their energy provider, and it costs them money. We debunk the 3 most common myths so that more businesses can start saving today. more

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Clean up your energy bills with these quick tips

Summer is a fantastic time to revisit the way you use energy. We put together our top tips to help you clean up those energy bills for big savings while the sun is out. more

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10 things that every new business owner needs to know

Building a business from scratch is tough, so we picked out 10 things we believe every new business owner needs to know to give them a head start. more

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A landlord's guide to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) is a regulatory requirement that applies to all private residential properties. Find out what you need to do to ensure you're covered. more

Get A-Rated Appliances To Cut Costs Energy talk

The 10 easiest ways to save energy at the office

Reducing the amount you spend on energy doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 10 easy changes your office can start implementing today. more

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How to Keep Your Pre-pay Meter Costs Down

Millions of people in the UK have to use a pre-pay meter for their energy usage. We look at how you can keep what you’re spending to a minimum. more

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Why your small business needs branding and how to build it

Branding isn’t just a buzzword. We rounded up expert advice to show you how branding can take your business to the next level. more

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The 5 key areas of your business you need to invest in

We spoke to some experts to get their advice on where you should put your money in order to see your business grow fast. more

Top Tips For Business Networking Business talk

Why Your Business Should Actively Network

Building and sustaining connections is essential in enabling SMEs to maintain and improve their business development objectives. But why do so many believe they don’t know how to go about it? more

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How to create a Customer for Life strategy for 2018

Customer retention is good for your business, and in 2018, it’s more vital than ever in helping you succeed. So, how do you go about turning those one-off window shoppers into brand ambassadors? more

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