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Guide to Reducing Business Waste Water

Shaun Starr |

March 2021

Business Waste Water Treatment (1)

We all like to save money. It’s vital for all businesses to maximise profits and reduce overheads – especially in smaller companies.

However, many of the easiest ways to reduce business costs aren’t those you might think of. Utility bills are a universal outgoing, but most businesses only think about reducing the cost of their electricity and gas.

They never consider how much money their business wastes in ‘Waste Water’. But what is Business Waste Water, and how can your business waste less of it?

What is Business Waste Water?

Almost all businesses produce waste water. This doesn’t just mean water that you are ‘wasting’ or overusing, but rather any water that you have used at all.

Businesses of all sizes produce used water – even if it is just the water that runs down your plughole as you make a cup of tea. Waste water refers to the water that you have used. This could be as simple as the water that flows down sinks or is flushed from toilets. It could also mean water that you have used in your manufacturing, or in agricultural processes. Whatever your business does, you will almost certainly produce some waste water.

How are Business Waste Water charges calculated?

Any waste water at your premises must be collected and treated. This cost of this will be covered by a standing charge added to your business water bill. As with an energy standing charge, this covers the cost of maintaining your supply and dealing with waste water.

Your business waste water charges will take into account:

  • Surface water
  • Foul sewage
  • Trade effluent
  • Highways drainage

How to reduce Business Waste Water usage

There are many ways that businesses can reduce the amount of water that they use. Almost all businesses use more water than they need to. The issue is that most of us don’t realise how much water we are using. Familiarising yourself with what your water bill means – and how much water you use – is a good start in reducing the amount of waste water you produce.

Educating staff on water usage

Every business is made up of individuals. It is individuals who can most easily help a business reduce its waste water. Informing your employees on best practices for water use (and acting on this advice yourself) can reduce your water usage.

This can be simple steps around the an office such as only using taps as much as you need or only using dishwashers when they are full.

Water saving devices

People are only one part of reducing business waste water. Make it easier for your staff to reduce their water consumption by fitting utility fixers to your water-using devices. In the same way, an energy-saving lightbulb reduces the cost of lighting, fitting water-saving flushes can reduce your water usage.

Track your water usage

It is helpful to know exactly how much water you are using. A smart water meter can help you understand your use habits. Fitting a smart meter can often provide real-time evidence on how and when you use water. This should help you recognise areas of potential improvement.

Carry out a business water audit

Having a plan is the best way to reduce your water use. While you can help your business yourself, it is often better to get a professional to help.

A waster water auditor can inspect your property and your practices, and give you expert advice on how to help reduce your usage.

There may be ways you are wasting water that only an expert would recognise. These might be tiny cracks in your pipes or inefficiencies in your production methods. An audit can help you determine a plan to reduce your business waste water over the years to come.

If your business spends more than £1,000 a year on its water bills, you could even receive a free water audit with Love Energy Savings.

Switching could save you money

No matter how much you reduce your wastage, you might still be paying too much for your water. Businesses can change their water supplier – although many do not realise this. At Love Energy Savings, we specialise in helping businesses like yours find a better deal for their business water supply.

To find out how much you could save, simply request a business water quote.

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About the author

Shaun is an English Literature graduate with a passion for creating content to help save households and businesses money. He has a wealth of experience in professional services, so he knows the importance of business efficiency.

In his spare time, Shaun likes to get jamming with his band playing drums and guitar.