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How To Speed Up Your Business Broadband Connection: 9 Top Tips For A Stronger Internet Connection

Daniel Hill |

January 2022

Lady With Tablet

Problem with your business broadband connection? To help you on your way to a more efficient service, we’ve drawn up a quick guide to help you get your business broadband connection working more efficiently.

Whether you're a large or small business, a solid fibre broadband connection is crucial to productivity. So much so that a slow connection can severely impact your employee's work.

Upgrade To A Leased Line

Many companies do not realise that the type of business broadband they require is called a leased line. This is an expensive business broadband option and is commonly used by larger companies that deal with sensitive information and whose revenue may be impacted by a slower fibre broadband connection.

A leased line connection runs directly into your business premises from the exchange. This means that your employees will not suffer from any peak time slowdown that people commonly experience with home broadband. Many large corporate offices and call centres use a leased line connection and are a business investment, especially if you plan on staying in your business premises for many years to come.

Boasting a connection speed of up to 1GBPS and an incredible 99.9% uptime, leased lines are ideal for businesses as they offer a highly reliable internet connection. Should your connection become unreliable, you will have priority customer support with a leased line.

But what about if you're a smaller business? We have some simple and quick fixes to get you back online.

Upgrade Your Business Broadband

Businesses grow and requirements change. It may be a simple case of your company having outgrown your current deal. Small businesses commonly have this issue as when they start, they just want to get online, however, as they grow, requirements change.

The majority of business broadband deals come in the form of monthly business broadband deals; it is quite easy to upgrade a current package. If you're coming to the end of the contract, you may want to compare business broadband deals to see if a new provider could offer you a better deal with more broadband speed.

There are lots of business broadband deals to choose from with some of the top providers including Virgin Media Business Broadband, BT Business Broadband Contracts, Vodafone Business and more.

Switch Broadband Providers

If you would like to test the market and compare business broadband packages, you may be able to secure a cheaper deal. Look for providers who offer exactly what you need including a static IP address, phone line deals and unlimited UK calls are common requirements of a small business.

Switching providers may seem time-consuming but searching out cheap broadband deals can bring large savings.

Before you compare business broadband, you should make a list of requirements for your business. This ensures you're not hooked on anything your business doesn't need. Many small businesses require:

  • Line rental
  • Dynamic IP address
  • Static IP address
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Multiple phone lines included
  • Advanced internet features
  • High upload speeds
  • Excellent customer service (it's worth looking on Trustpilot)

For growing businesses, advanced features such as VoIP, calls and lines and traffic management policy may be required.

There are lots of great business broadband package offers to choose from and providers are always launching fresh deals to entice business customers. So, why not take advantage of this competitive market by switching to the best business broadband provider? Your new super-fast broadband and phone deal awaits!

Want to compare business broadband packages? You can compare broadband deals here

Invest In A 4G Router

Internet speed and reliability are impacted by technical and environmental factors alike. Perhaps your slow internet speed is largely down to your location? If this is the case, it may be worthwhile exploring business mobile deals and 4G router options. With an incredibly intelligent and extremely robust infrastructure, with a 4G mobile network, downtime is much less likely - great news for any business or registered office.

And as well as improving your internet speed, using a 4G router often proves a much more cost-effective solution, too - particularly for businesses in rural locations. Traditional broadband lines are restricted by line type and speed, and unfortunately, unless you can afford a leased line, you’re stuck with poor speeds. 4G has the power to speed up your connection as well as cut costs.

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router

Upgrading your business broadband package is one thing, but unfortunately, without a decent router, your internet connection will continue to suffer. Wi-Fi routers tend to get forgotten about, but in fact, these can affect your internet speed, too.

With more advanced traffic handling capabilities and higher transfer speeds, a new, modern router will also benefit from better bandwidth sharing and further range. 

Get A Wi-Fi Survey

If you haven’t already, then now would be a great time to have a full Wi-Fi survey completed. Wi-Fi surveys are great for increasing business broadband speeds and will establish the best possible placement for wireless access points and routers. Whilst you may never have thought about the location of your router, it can have a huge impact on business broadband speeds.

A Wi-Fi survey works by producing a specialised heatmap of your premises, identifying how your APs perpetrate their signal and locating the best possible spot for them. This can help ensure every device in your property maintains a strong internet connection throughout your premises.

Upgrade Your Business Broadband Wi-Fi Structure

It may be worth installing a full Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide a fast and robust connection to your premises. Lots of small businesses continue to rely on one single router to provide broadband services for their entire office, and while this sort of setup works fine for home broadband, it isn't suitable for businesses, and unsurprisingly, this can make for a very slow, sluggish connection. This is a common business broadband issue when a company has grown quickly.

A Wi-Fi infrastructure within your office can result in a strong signal throughout the building, elevating productivity and presenting all staff with equal speed and bandwidth. This will accelerate how fast web pages load, upload speeds and more. Many providers will offer this service free when you choose a business broadband deal with them.

Keep Bandwidth Per Device Limited

Assigned bandwidth is where your business broadband bandwidth is shared equally between each of your devices. Distributing the bandwidth between multiple devices helps ensure that no single device is dominating the speed, alleviating the issue of a slow network speed for others. This may fix any speed issues you're experiencing with your broadband and phone within the business.

To effectively limit bandwidth, try installing a solution that shares and limits the bandwidth of all devices automatically. If this doesn't immediately fix the issue, it may be time to switch to a more advanced business broadband solution with faster broadband speed.

Switch To An Ethernet/LAN Connection

A wired ethernet connection or LAN is often considered a faster solution to Wi-Fi, but this isn’t the case. The biggest difference between the two is the range and latency. If you choose to upgrade all your business connections, you can minimise latency and help make for more efficient internet browsing.

A wired internet connection also has the potential to extend your broadband range. Small businesses that rely on just one router may not require a complete Wi-Fi infrastructure, and so switching to a wired connection may pose a greater alternative. This connects devices without having to worry about the Wi-Fi range. 

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In his spare time, Daniel can be found catching touchdowns playing American Football and spending his Sundays watching the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL. 

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