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UK Business Water Suppliers Guide

Daniel Hill |

June 2021

Business Water Suppliers

Since the deregulation of the water market, it has never been easier to switch business water suppliers. The new, deregulated market is in its infancy. There are not as many business water suppliers to choose from as there are business electricity suppliers. In the coming years, business owners can expect to find a wider choice of suppliers and more competitive rates. 

Here are all the water suppliers you can choose from in 2022. 

Affinity Water Business Water Supplier

Affinity Water is one of the largest water suppliers in the UK. It has 3.5 million customers but only focuses on drinking water. It is not suitable for people who want comprehensive business wastewater services. Some business owners might remember Affinity Water as Veolia Water East or Veolia Water Central. 

This supplier covers Northwest London and the Home Countries including Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Enfield, Brent, Ealing, Barnet, Harlow, and Hillingdon. 

Affinity Water Prices

We recommend Affinity Water for business owners who value transparency. You can find a breakdown of 2022/2023 water charges on the website. You can also measure current charges against the price of wholesale water from 2016 onwards.

Affinity Water Trustpilot Reviews

Affinity Water has a rating of 2.9/5 stars on Trustpilot. Despite having over 3.5 million customers, this business water supplier only has 139 reviews. The majority of customers might be happy with the service and do not feel the need to leave a review. 

Only 35% of customers think that Affinity Water is excellent, whereas 48% think that it is bad. Excellent reviews mention quick meter installations and customer service representatives who have brilliant technical knowledge. Negative reviewers mention misinformation and overinflated bills. 

Anglian Water Business Water Supplier

If you want to switch water suppliers, look no further than Anglian Water. This supplier combines comprehensive services with social responsibility. It is involved in many community projects and won the title of Community’s Responsible Business of the Year in 2017. It has even launched a £1 million Positive Difference Fund to support front-line COVID-19 relief. 

Anglian Water delivers business wastewater and drinking water to the biggest geographical area in England and Wales. It supplies water to businesses all over East Anglia and East Midlands, all the way from the River Humber to the River Thames. It provides water to hard water areas. You should contact the company directly to find out more about the quality of the water in your area. 

Anglian Water Prices

Like Affinity Water, Anglian Water publishes scheduled changes to its prices. You can find a detailed run-down of business water prices for 2022/2023 on the website. Business water suppliers calculate their costs based on the requirements set by the business water regulator, Ofwat. 

Anglian Water Reviews

Anglian Water has a separate Trustpilot account for its business and domestic water supply customers. It has achieved a score of 3.8/5 stars on Trustpilot. Worryingly, this rating is out of an average of just 9 reviews. 33% of customers think that the service is excellent and mention customer service representatives by name. An overwhelming 56% of customers think that the service is bad, and mention endless letters and difficulties in contacting the company. In most cases, Anglian Water replies to the reviews and offers solutions. 

Bristol Water Business Water Supplier

Bristol Water delivers 300 million litres of water a day! It was first established in 1846 as Bristol Waterworks Company, which makes it one of the oldest suppliers on our list. It promises to improve the community and the environment for its 1.2 million customers. 

Bristol Water is a business water supplier that campaigns against plastic pollution. It has installed a water fountain in Millennium Square that saves over 8,000 single-use plastic bottles from going to waste each month.

Bristol Water Prices

Business customers can find details about wholesale business water charges on the website. You can find information about Bristol Water’s Retailer Promise on the same page. 

Bristol Water Reviews

This supplier has an average of 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot. Despite its wide reach, Bristol Water only has 13 reviews on Trustpilot. 100% of customers rate the service as excellent. Reviewers mention the reliable live chat function and the brilliant customer service representatives. Most reviews get a quick, succinct reply. 

Cambridge Water Business Water Supplier

Cambridge Water claims to help business owners ‘waste not one drop’. Like a lot of the other suppliers on our list, Cambridge Water strikes a balance between ‘human and environmental needs.’ It seeks to improve and maintain the environment to deliver high-quality water to future generations. Natural England, RiverCare, and the Environment Agency are just a few of the groups that Cambridge Water works with. 

This supplier services East Anglia. It delivers drinking water but does not take responsibility for business wastewater. Any wastewater becomes the responsibility of Anglian Water. 

Cambridge Water Prices

Cambridge Water could be more transparent about its wholesale charges. It is much easier to find a brochure about the company’s intended prices via a simple Google search rather than on the website itself. 

Cambridge Water Reviews

Cambridge Water has 2.2/5 stars on Trustpilot. This is out of an average of just 9 reviews, which makes for an overall rating of poor. It has achieved 0 excellent reviews. 22% of customers rate the service as poor, whereas 78% of customers rate it bad. Bad comments talk about the website being down and poor treatment of vulnerable customers. If you want to switch water suppliers to Cambridge Water, it is a good idea to do some further research on the company. 

Hafren Dyfrdwy Business Water Supplier

Hafren Dyfrdwy is the result of a merger between Dee Valley Water and Severn Trent. It supplies over 70 million litres of water every day to over 250,000 customers in North East Wales and the North West of England.

Like a lot of the business water suppliers on our list, Hafren Dyfrdwy gives customers tips on reducing water consumption. These tips are more tailored towards domestic customers, but business owners can still benefit from enforcing water consumption rules in the workplace. 

Hafren Dyfrdwy Prices

Hafren Dyfrdwy’s wholesale prices are easy to find on the website. This supplier will either charge you by meter or assess the volume of water that you consume. You can find detailed information about water charges in the wholesale prices booklet.

Hafren Dyfrdwy Reviews

Despite having thousands of customers, Harfren Dyfrdwy does not have any reviews on Trustpilot. Business owners who want to switch water suppliers should avoid companies that do not have reviews. Hafren Dyfrdwy has recently changed its name from Dee Valley. This change might suggest that management is attempting to curate a new public image. We are unable to say whether or not Dee Valley had positive or negative reviews.

Dŵr Cymru (Welsh Water) Business Water Supplier

Dŵr Cymru has over 1.2 million customers and is the sixth-largest water company in England and Wales. It promises priority services to vulnerable costumes and is proud to be a not-for-profit water company. It does not have shareholders, meaning every penny of profit goes back into water services. 

Dŵr Cymru provides business owners in Wales, Hereford, Worcester, and Gloucestershire with a range of business wastewater and drinking water services. 

Dŵr Cymru Prices

Dŵr Cymru provides customers with comprehensive information about the price of business wastewater and drinking water costs. Browse through the forms on the website to see which services suit your needs. Prices vary depending on lots of factors including the number of employees in your business.

Dŵr Cymru Reviews 

Dŵr Cymru is alike a lot of the business water suppliers on our list because it is rated average on Trustpilot. It has achieved 2.9/5 stars. 60% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 30% think that it is bad. This ratio is far better than some of the other suppliers we have reviewed. Excellent reviewers talk about first-class customer service and very quick response times. Bad comments mention broken promises and incompetent meter readers. Whilst the company replies to some comments, not all dissatisfied customers receive help or a resolution.

Essex and Suffolk Water Business Water Supplier

Essex and Suffolk Water offer business customers freshwater services. It is part of the Northumbrian Water Group and was founded in 1994. In total, Essex and Suffolk Water services over 1.8 million domestic and business customers. It supplies water to Essex, North Suffolk, and South Suffolk. 

Essex and Suffolk Water Prices

Like a lot of the business water suppliers on our list, Essex and Suffolk Water have a prices page. Business owners can find details about wholesale charges for the current year on the website. You can also find detailed documents containing prices from the past few years.

Essex and Suffolk Water Reviews 

People who want to switch water suppliers should take notice of online reviews. Essex and Suffolk Water have one of the best Trustpilot ratings of all the suppliers on our list. It has an average of 3.8/5 stars on Trustpilot, but only has 46 reviews. 46% of customers think that the service is excellent, and an equal amount think that the service is bad. Excellent reviews claim that they always get a callback, whereas bad reviewers mention long wait times.

Northern Ireland Water Business Water Supplier

Northern Ireland Water is one of the newest business water suppliers that we have surveyed. It began trading in 2007 and delivers both business wastewater and freshwater services. In 2020, Northern Ireland Water reached its goal of investing over £3 billion into reducing leakage levels and improving the quality of its water.

Northern Ireland Water supplies over 800,000 domestic and business customers with water. Its services reach homes and businesses all over Northern Ireland. Despite its relatively recent introduction to the market, it is one of the most well-known suppliers in Northern Irland. 

Northern Ireland Water Prices

Northern Ireland Water has published its water prices for the coming year on its website. The page has an in-built quick search function, and further information about measured charges, unmeasured charges, trade charges, and large user tariff charges. 

Northern Ireland Water Reviews

Northern Ireland Water has very few online reviews. It has an average of 2.8/5 stars on Trustpilot which has come from a total of 3 reviews. All the reviews are listed as bad, making Northern Ireland Water the only business water supplier on our list that has no positive reviews. Reviewers complain about threatening messages and drinking water that tastes like chlorine. 

Northumbrian Water Business Water Supplier 

Northumbrian Water began trading in 1989. It has a total of 2.7m domestic and business customers. It operates in the North East of England and the South East of England. In the North of England, it covers the English counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, and parts of North Yorkshire. In the North, the company trades as Northumbrian Water. In the South, the company trades as Essex and Suffolk Water. It is important to check the reviews for Essex and Suffolk Water if your premises are located in the South of England.  

Northumbrian Water Prices

Northumbrian Water offers both business wastewater and freshwater services. If you employ Northumbrian Water for both services, you can ask for separate bills. 

You can find details about business water charges for 2021/2022 on the website.

Northumbrian Water Reviews

Northumbrian Water has recently closed the website that was linked to its Trustpilot page, meaning new and existing customers cannot leave a review. Lots of business water suppliers close previous pages and rebrand when they have unfavourable online reviews. The few reviews that are available mention poor responses and long hold times. 

Scottish Water Business Water Supplier

Scottish Water helps over 2.4 million domestic and business customers ‘be prepared for winter’. This supplier provides both business wastewater and freshwater services. It also invests in the environment. 

From 2015 to 2021, Scottish Water pledged over £3.9 billion to improve Scotland’s water and wastewater infrastructure. The team at Scottish Water are currently working on a project that connects Ayrshire and Glasgow water supply systems through a new 30-mile pipeline. Scottish Water is a popular choice for business owners who want to invest in the longevity of the natural resources that they use.

Scottish Water Prices

Business customers have to search through the website to find relevant water price documents. The business charges page does not contain relevant documents, and only directs customers to the business hub. The business hub only contains general documents. Business owners who want to find clear, concise price lists in a pinch might struggle with Scottish Water’s complex website. 

Scottish Water Reviews

Like most of the business water suppliers that we have surveyed, Scottish Water has more bad reviews on Trustpilot than excellent reviews. It has 2.3/5 stars on Trustpilot, which gives it an overall rating of poor. Only 29% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 71% think that it is bad. Many customers mention the poor online portal. Positive reviewers are quick to thank customer service representatives by name. None of the reviewers on Trustpilot has received a reply. 

Severn Trent Business Water Supplier

Severn Trent encourages individuals to ‘be a water-saving hero’. You can find water-saving tips on the website as well as a long list of community endeavours and charitable contributions. Severn Trent partners with Water Aid, and has provided 28 million people with clean water and 29 million people with decent toilets since the partnership began in 1981.

This business water supplier covers lots of areas in the UK. If you want to switch water suppliers and your business premises are located anywhere from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, or from mid-Wales to the East Midlands, you can depend on Severn Trent. 

Severn Trent Prices

It is easy to find Severn Trent’s wholesale water prices on the website. Severn Trent is happy is explain how it charges for business wastewater, surface water drainage, and highway drainage. 

Severn Trent Reviews

Severn Trent has an average of 2.4/5 stars on Trustpilot. This poor rating is the result of 35% of customers thinking that the service is excellent and 57% of customers thinking that it is bad. Excellent reviewers mention quick meter fittings, but some bad reviews contradict this. A lot of other bad reviews mention unexplained bills and poor practices when fixing leaks on residential streets. 

South East Water Business Water Supplier

South East Water focuses on providing people in the South East of England with drinking water. It sources its water supply from more than 250 boreholes, 6 reservoirs, and 6 rivers. Like a lot of the business water suppliers on our list, South East Water is investing in the longevity of its operations and the environment as a whole. It has pledged to invest more than £433 million to develop new resources and to lay new water mains before 2025.

South East Water has over 2.2 million customers that receive water through 9,000 miles of pipe. It supplies water to homes and business premises in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire. 

South East Water Prices

South East Water has published detailed information about its prices and charges for business water in 2021/2022. You can find information about charges for business wastewater and drinking water on the website. In an effort to improve business water services, South East Water has created a Five-Year Customer Commitment plan which it continues to fulfil. 

South East Water Reviews

South East Water has only amassed 64 reviews on Trustpilot. It has an average of 2.4/5 stars on Trustpilot, which has earned it an overall rating of poor. 64% of customers think that the service is bad, whereas only 25% of customers think that the service is excellent. Excellent reviews mention quick response times and helpful customer service representatives. Bad reviews talk about poor services for vulnerable customers and inflated bills. 

South West Water Business Water Supplier

South West Water is part of Pennon Group PLC. It began trading in 1989 when the water industry first became privatised. It has over 1,300 employees and services over 800,000 homes and 70,000 business premises. Community and environmental initiatives are a large part of its focus. South West Water has planted 100,000 trees in the South West and has invested thousands into restoring peatland on Exmoor, Dartmoor, and Bodmin Moor. 

South West Water delivers business wastewater and drinking water services to premises all over Cornwall and Devon and in small areas of Somerset. 

South West Water Prices

Like all other business water suppliers, South West Water is subject to the rules and regulations set out by Ofwat. You can find detailed information about indicative wholesale water charges that meet Ofwat’s regulations on the website. 

South West Water Reviews

South West Water has 2.4/5 stars on Trustpilot, which gives the supplier an overall rating of poor. It only has 60 reviews, despite having thousands of customers. People who want to switch water suppliers should pay attention to reviews, but a low number of reviews might suggest that the majority of customers are pleased with the services. In most cases, customers only leave a review for essential services like water when they have had a bad experience. 

55% of customers rate the service bad, whereas 33% of customers rate the service as excellent. Negative reviewers claim that their properties have been damaged due to maintenance tasks, whereas positive reviewers mention friendly customer service representatives by name. 

Southern Water Business Water Supplier

Southern Water is a business water supplier that offers comprehensive services. It is ideal for business owners who want both business wastewater and drinking water. In 2018 it used customer, stakeholder, and employee feedback to create a new set of principles and goals for the company. It wants to provide water for life, enhance health and well-being, and protect and improve the environment. 

Southern Water serves over 4.6 million customers in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight. 

Southern Water Prices

Southern Water has published indicative wholesale water charges for 2022/2023 on its website. You can also view detailed information about wholesale charges over the last few years. 

Southern Water Reviews 

An overwhelming majority of Southern Water’s Trustpilot reviews are negative. It has an average of 1.4/5 stars on Trustpilot. The average is compiled from 291 reviews, which is a large enough group to suggest that the average represents common customer experiences. Only 10% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 85% think that it is bad. The 

Positive reviews mention representatives by name and applaud their quick response times. Negative reviews claim that raw sewage is being released into their area and that the company does not provide vulnerable people with adequate support. Southern Water stands out from the other business water suppliers on our list because it replies to all negative reviews and offers solutions. 

Thames Water Business Water Supplier

Thames Water is one of the most recognised names on our list. It services over 15 million customers, making it the UK’s largest business wastewater and wholesale water supplier. It pledges £1 billion each year into improving its network and infrastructure. One of the projects Thames Water is working on is called Thames Tideway Tunnel, also known as the Super Sewer. This new sewer will be completed in 2024 and will intercept at least 94% of the sewage that overflows into the tidal Thames every year. 

Thames Water delivers water to business premises in Luton, the Thames Valley, Surrey, Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire, far west Kent, and some other parts of England. 

Thames Water Prices

You can find all the information you need about wholesale business water rates on the website. Like a lot of business water suppliers, Thames Water publishes indicative wholesale changes for 2021, 2022, and 2023. This supplier has one of the clearest, easy-to-use price pages that we have come across. 

Thames Water Reviews 

It is no surprise that Thames Water has the largest number of reviews of all the business water suppliers that we have surveyed. Over 1,150 customers have created an average of 1.4/5 stars on Trustpilot. An overwhelming 87% of customers report that the services are bad, whereas only 7% of customers think that they are excellent. Excellent reviews claim that it is easy to switch to this supplier, but lots of bad reviews contradict these claims. Bad reviews mention unexpected bills and disappointment at a lack of contact options. All reviews receive a reply, suggesting that Thames Water wants to improve its customer services. 

United Utilities Business Water Supplier

United Utilities is responsible for more than 1.8 billion litres of water per day which they supply to more than 3 million homes and 200,000 business customers. Business wastewater services are also available. They have invested £200 million into improving Davyhulme, Oldham, and Royton Wastewater Treatment Works, as well as many more millions into improving communities and infrastructure.

United Utilities supplies water services to areas in the North West including Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, most of Cheshire, and small areas of Derbyshire.   

United Utilities Prices

Business owners can easily find details of wholesale water prices on United Utilities’ website. Potential customers can browse through wholesale prices from as far back as 2017/2018. People who want a clear overview of what their expenses might look like before they switch water suppliers should consider United Utilities. 

United Utilities Reviews 

United Utilities has an overall rating of average on Trustpilot, meaning it has better reviews than the majority of business water suppliers on our list. It has a rating of 3.3/5 stars on Trustpilot. Out of 444 reviewers, only 40% think that the service is excellent, whereas 54% think that it is bad. 

United Utilities replies to all reviews, whether good or bad. Excellent reviewers applaud the great customer service representatives. Negative reviews claim that the company does not provide adequate support for vulnerable people whose lives have been impacted by poor water services. 

Wessex Water Business Water Supplier

Wessex Water supplies 2.8 million customers with water services. This supplier claims to be ‘for you, for life.’ It pledges to protect and improve the environment whilst providing domestic and business customers with excellent value for money. Business owners can depend on Wessex Water for both business wastewater and drinking water services. 

Covered areas include Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire, as well as parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire. 

Wessex Water Prices

Finding information about Wessex Water’s wholesale business water prices is not as easy as it could be. Once business owners have found the wholesale prices page, they can also find a list of documents that detail prices from 2022 and even indicative prices for 2023. 

Wessex Water Reviews 

Wessex Water is rated excellent on Trustpilot. It has the best reviews of all the business water suppliers that we have surveyed. With a rating of 4.7/5 stars on Trustpilot, it is undeniable that business customers are pleased with the services that they receive. 86% of excellent reviewers talk about quick switching processes and brilliant customer service. Only 4% of customers have had a negative experience with this supplier. Wessex Water has replied to every single negative review and offered follow-up solutions. 

Yorkshire Water Business Water Supplier 

Yorkshire Water promises customers that ‘the future of water is in safe hands.’ It supplies business wastewater and drinking water to over 140,000 business premises. In accordance with its bold claims, Yorkshire Water is working towards 5 big goals. These goals include creating tailored services, protecting the environment from pollution, and becoming the benchmark for transparent services amongst other business water suppliers. 

Yorkshire Water supplies water to West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire, part of North Lincolnshire, most of North Yorkshire, and parts of Derbyshire. 

Yorkshire Water Prices

You can find documents that detail wholesale business water charges for the current and upcoming years on the website. Yorkshire Water goes one step further than a lot of suppliers by outlining alternative eligible credit agreements and alternate payment terms on the wholesale prices page. 

Yorkshire Water Reviews

Similar to a lot of the business water suppliers on our list, Yorkshire Water has a low number of reviews despite having thousands of customers. It has a low score of 2.2/5 stars on Trustpilot, making its overall rating poor. 33% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas the majority of 59% think that it is bad. Excellent reviews talk about quick callback times, but lots of negative reviews claim that response times are terrible and a few customers cannot get hold of a representative to begin with. 

Why Switch Water Suppliers?

Business owners switch water suppliers for lots of different reasons. Switching suppliers is the easiest, most effective way to save a lump sum of money. When the water market was deregulated in 2017, business owners gained the ability to choose a supplier that suits their needs. Owners no longer have to choose the water supplier in their region. This change has created a lot of competition between suppliers, which means that contracts are far more competitive. Now, business owners might lose money if they stay with the same supplier year after year. 

Finding the right business water supplier can boost your social profile and catch the eye of environmentally-conscious customers. When switching providers, you will want to consider both water and wastewater services. Businesses must pay for sewerage services alongside business water services.

Comparison generators like ours will supply you with a list of compatible suppliers in less than 60 seconds. Simply put your postcode into the online form and let us handle the rest. 

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