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What Is the Difference Between Leased Lines and Business Broadband?

Daniel Hill |

January 2022

Leased Line

Dedicated internet access has become essential to growing companies across the UK. Due to the rise in business-critical applications, often business broadband does not have enough speed and reliability to manage all aspects of modern business. This is why many companies are turning to leased-line broadband. 

The choice between leased lines (which are also known as dedicated leased lines) and broadband can seem confusing. Misinformation is everywhere, especially when it comes to business essentials. 

Lots of people do not realise that there is a difference between business broadband and leased line broadband. Broadband is more common in many businesses, however when speed and security are crucial many do not know a dedicated connection can set you apart from your competitors.

In this article, our experts ask what the difference between leased and business broadband is.

What Is Business Broadband?

Business broadband is a high-speed internet connection. It operates on an Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL line). This type of internet connection promises fast downloads but fails to deliver impressive upload speeds. 

The difference between download and upload speeds is striking. Customers can secure 40Mbps download speeds, but only 1.5Mbps upload speeds. Most domestic consumers are satisfied with ADSL speeds because they only need to stream box sets. Of course, large businesses that employ hundreds of people need far better speeds.  

Broadband consumers share their lines with others. The contention ratio (a term that shows just how many people you share your line with) in the UK is between 20:1 and 50:1. During peak times broadband customers will experience slower speeds.


What Are Leased Lines?

Unlike broadband, business leased line connections operate on synchronous lines. You will receive the same transfer speed for data in both directions, which means that you can secure consistent upload and download speeds. 

Leased line broadband is unique to your business. Whereas broadband customers share their line with others, leased line customers do not have to. Contention ratios are not an issue. Business owners who invest in leased connections do not have to worry about peak-time slow periods. 

When Are Leased Lines Used? 

Dedicated internet access is most common among businesses that have many communication needs. Here are a few examples of businesses that could not live without leased line broadband.

  • Call centres that need a range of fast communication services.
  • Digital marketing agencies that need good internet speeds.
  • Companies that sell time-sensitive products i.e. ticket releases.
  • International businesses depend on reliable video calling.

Any business owner who values fast connectivity should invest in a leased line. This type of line works well in conjunction with VoIP phone services

What Is the Difference Between A Leased Line and Business Broadband?

The main difference between business broadband and leased line broadband is that they are designed for different purposes. Broadband used to be the only option available for residential and commercial consumers alike. Then, leased lines emerged as a business-forward approach to connectivity. 

Business owners can receive tailored services with a leased connection.

Broadband cannot compete with leased lines in terms of speed and reliability. In fact, many leased line broadband packages come with dedicated support desks that are available 24/7. More and more business owners are making the switch from broadband to leased internet. Keep reading to discover some of the plus points of this business-focused approach. 

Why Do Businesses Need a Leased Line?

In simple terms, a leased line offers companies more reliable dedicated internet access. This is because a leased line connection goes from your internet provider straight into your business premises.

Here are some of the main selling points for businesses. 

  • Faster upload and download speeds allow - especially useful when a millisecond could make a huge difference (if the business makes money trading online)
  • Your business will not experience a slow down during peak hours with dedicated internet access
  • There is no usage cap on the number of data businesses can transfer
  • You will get a dedicated account manager and better customer services priority to ensure your business remains online

Businesses do not necessarily need leased lines instead of broadband. More traditional businesses that do not depend on the internet for profit will be able to succeed without a leased connection. However, with more and more people relying on the internet for their products and services, it makes sense to factor internet speeds into your plans for growth. 

Explore Business Telecoms 

At Love Energy Savings, we offer business customers a range of tailored super-fast telecoms services, including a reliable leased line and business broadband service. If you are searching for a reliable service, look no further.

We can direct you to the best package for your business. Browse through our comprehensive business mobile, leased line, and business broadband deals.

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Leased Line FAQs

  • Does A Leased Line Connection Make A Difference?

    A leased line makes a big difference for a business that operates completely online or if they have many employees. An ethernet leased line will offer more reliable internet access with a fully managed service.

  • How Much Does A Leased Line Cost?

    A leased line is not for every business. It should be viewed as an investment for rapidly growing companies that would benefit from dedicated internet access. Leased line costs can be anywhere from £150 to over £1,000 a month.


     Each situation is unique, and you should always get a quote before you dismiss leased broadband based on the expense alone. You can read more about the cost of a leased line package here.

  • Who Are Leased Lines For?

    Ethernet leased lines are ideal for businesses who meet the following parameters:

    • Internet access is business-critical - outage would lose significant amounts of revenue
    • Multiple users requiring 24/7 access
    • Require a super-fast and reliable connection
  • How Long Does It Take To Install A Leased Line?

    Installation of a dedicated leased line may also take around 30 to 90 working days after your initial site survey.

About the author

Daniel has been writing for over 10 years and has a passion for helping businesses and households reduce their utility bills. He has a wealth of experience in professional services, so he knows the importance of business efficiency.

In his spare time, Daniel can be found catching touchdowns playing American Football and spending his Sundays watching the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL. 

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