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Do I Need a Leased Line for My Business?

Leased Lines Business

Leased lines may be suitable for businesses who require constant access to business critical applications. This means your business must evaluate the potential earning loss should your internet connection go down.

There are lots of pros and cons to having a leased line. Some businesses will benefit from having a leased instead of a dedicated line. Our broadband experts have compiled everything you need to know about leased connections. 

Whilst internet access is essential for most modern businesses, the needs of a smaller business is often different in comparison to enterprise level organisations.

What Are Leased Lines?

A leased line offers businesses a dedicated data connection. The word ‘dedicated’ refers to the fact that the bandwidth you agree on with your supplier is reserved for your business only. This means you are guaranteed consistent upload and download speeds without any downtime.

Leased lines do not necessarily come with an internet connection. It might be useful to think of these types of lines as pipes. Pipes can carry lots of different types of data such as phone calls, internet connections, and VPN traffic. 

A site survey may be required to determine if a leased line connection is suitable or even possible.

What Is the Difference Between Leased and Dedicated Lines? 

It is a common misconception that leased and dedicated lines are 2 different types. In fact, ‘dedicated line’ is just another term for a leased line. 

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) broadband is the most common alternative to leased broadband. ADSL broadband offers consumers and businesses the cheapest option on the market. More often than not, this type of broadband is the slowest.  

What is the difference between super fast business broadband and a leased line?

Leased lines come with a much more premium service and are typically required when businesses want secure internet access. Whilst a leased line is more expensive, the business will benefit from:

  • Maximum speeds (for both upload and download)
  • A connection exclusively for your business. The bandwidth is reserved for your business 24/7 and will not slow down during peak hours.
  • Higher service levels - leased line providers offer guarantees should your internet access go down. This means you will be back up and running within hours, not days.
  • Data will be transferred through full fibre connections rather than copper wiring.
  • Consistent speeds - leased lines offer the exact download speeds quoted, whereas upload and download speeds are 'up to' and vary for business broadband connections.

The dedicated service comes with a bigger price. Leased lines are much more expensive than business broadband. So it isn't for everyone. Installation of a dedicated leased line may also take around 30 to 90 working days after your initial site survey.

Who Are Leased Lines Better For? 

Leased lines are ideal for businesses who meet the following parameters:

  • Internet access is business critical - outage would lose significant amounts of revenue
  • Multiple users requiring 24/7 access
  • Require a super fast and reliable connection

Whether you operate a small or medium-sized business, you will benefit from a leased line with high speed internet. This type of broadband is best suited to businesses that need consistent and dedicated bandwidth for a range of data-driven activities. 

When Are Leased Lines Typically Used? 

Businesses that want to do one or more of the following activities use leased lines.

  • High quality internet connectivity
  • Reliable and future proof phone calls
  • Allow their staff to connect to their work PCs when they are at home
  • Connect to PCs and tablets in different branches/ offices

Advantages of Leased Lines 

There are lots of advantages of purchasing this type of line. 

  • The bandwidth on dedicated lines is consistent. Whereas consumers and standard business broadband users are subject to slower bandwidth speeds at peak times. Businesses can expect consistent bandwidth speeds with a leased line. 
  • Leased connections have symmetrical speeds. Businesses who use this type of line can upload data and download data at the same speed. This is particularly useful for employees who need to send large files, upload large files to your website, or use their work PC from home. 
  • 24/7 support ensuring your business always has reliable internet access

Disadvantages of Leased Lines 

It is important to consider the disadvantages of purchasing a leased line before you take the plunge. 

  • Installation can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Some businesses will wait for more than 3 months to secure a leased line. Other common lines take less than 2 weeks to install.
  • This type of line costs far more than ADSL connections. 
  • Installing a leased line connection can be complicated. Whereas ADSL connections can be linked through your existing circuit, leased lines require a new circuit. 

Speed and Security of Leased Lines 

Businesses can choose from a range of different speeds. 2Mbps, 10Mbps, and 100Mbps are the most common speeds. Organisations that have a more comfortable budget can access connections of 10,000 Mbit/s, which equates to 10 Gigabits per second. 

In most cases, a leased line will be secure enough to protect your data. However, they are not encrypted. Most businesses can use leased broadband without an issue. If your business information is highly sensitive, we recommend using an encrypted line. 

How Much Would My Business Lose if the Internet Went Down for 1 day?

In the modern world, businesses depend on their internet connection to make money. Just 60 minutes without an internet connection can affect the world’s economy to the tune of £1.5 billion. 24 hours without an internet connection will cost the UK’s economy £1,651,923,599. 

Compare Your Business Broadband

It might surprise you how much you could save by comparing your business broadband. Whether you want to scope out a leased line or save a few pounds on your existing broadband, we can help. We compile the best deals on the market to bring you the cheapest, most reliable broadband. Put your details into our comparison site and see how much you could be saving within minutes.  


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